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- /e/cloud can now be self-hosted
- /e/ smartphones can be ordered! (in Europe)
- join something big!

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😀 It's been in the pipe for a while, it's now available!

You can now manage and host your mail, drive, etc. for your family or corporate, using a single identity on your own custom domain, and connect it with your/e/OS smartphone.

Check it out at:

📢🎁 Hi /e/ supporters and users!
Today, we announce the first release of /e/OS "Pie" on two smartphones!
- OnePlus 6 "enchilada"
- Google Pixel "sailfish"
Download, test and report your experience!

📢🎁 Hi /e/ supporters and users!
Today, we announce the first release of /e/OS "Pie" on two smartphones!
- OnePlus 6 "enchilada"
- Google Pixel "sailfish"
Download, test and report your experience!

It's really amazing; they've got a fully functional Android that's Google-free, even with an app store that has almost all the regular Android apps. I hear they'll be shipping to the USA soon, right @gael ? Also, you can download it yourself for the phone you currently have!! https://e.foundation/get-support/

I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!!

And now, I can add that i´ve finally managed to install a Google-bloat less Android OS, /e/ !

(I still need however to entirely configure it, and reconfigure my old phone for my sister. Because... She had the only phone who had a /e/ build, and so... That the one i´ve used there 😅️)

Hi there @gael btw !

First little steps are being made into the #FOSS world: laptop is running #fedora #linux in dual boot and setting up my #refurbished S7 with /e/ os. Both not my daily drivers yet, but I hope so to be soon

@e_mydata @gael @fedora_fr @fsf

#FreeandOpenSourceSoftware #FOSS #fedoraredhat #fedora30 #e #eelo #e_mydata #mydataismydata #ungoogle #unfacebook #uninstragram #takingbackcontrol

I just received my /e/ phone. It works like a charm! Now I control my device, not the opposite. Great work @gael

I just posted a detailed review of my new /e/Phone. community.e.foundation/t/i-bou

I was a supporter from the start, back when it was called eelo, when it was just a guy named @gael, a blog post, and a sketchy-looking Kickstarter.

18 months later, they've built a solid, privacy-focused, Google-less Android running on 80+ phones, a consumer-friendly environment, a bucketful of default apps, their own App Store, a Personal Cloud, and now they're selling phones.


Using the /e/OS application installer you can find... the TOR browser.
It hides your IP address and lets you surf on the web, and the Onion web, with more


Just installed @elementary on new laptop. I must say it's far closer to what I'm expecting from a desktop OS than Ubuntu! At least no purple backgrounds and icons look better.
However my feeling is that if was 25 now I would still probably start a new Linux distro 😅

Renewed stock for the /e/OS smartphones!
S9 and S9+ are back - more than 100pcs ready for new orders.
Sending new notifications to people who registered at e.foundation/register-now-for- since May!

Google-medewerkers luisteren mee met Nederlandstalige opnames | NU - Het laatste nieuws het eerst op NU.nl

and that is why we should all start using /e/, the new operating system for mobile phones that uses an Android that is Google-free!! Order the first phones with /e/ on it here:
@/e/ Foundation @Gaël Duval
Nederlandstalige opnames die met de virtuele assistent van Google worden gemaakt, worden beluisterd door mensen die door Google worden ingehuurd om de audiofragmenten te analyseren. Google bevestigt dat woensdag in een reactie aan NU.nl, na onderzoek door het Vlaamse VRT NWS en de NOS. squeet.me/display/962c3e10-415

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