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Gaël Duval

‪I wonder if using 8 different smartphones isn’t the pinnacle of schizophrenia ^^

‪#/e/ ‬

Thank you!
"How Eelo is Building a Google-Free Android for the Masses"

"Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android"
Thank you for the interview, Andrew Orlowsky! @theregister

♫If I had an co-founder,
I’d co-found in the morning
I’d co-found in the evening,
All over this web.♫
(on the air of "if I had a hammer"!)

Read the rest below!

What? Microsoft Windows source code is not on GitHub? 😅
I didn't know why I felt that we should publish source code through our own online repository instead of GitHub. Now I know why. !

😡 "Facebook accused of conducting mass surveillance through its apps

Company gathered data from texts and photos of users and their friends, court case claims"

It looks like May, 25th will now be known as the TACU day! (« Terms And Conditions Updated » day)

"e Foundation" is now live.
Our non-profit organization will host eelo assets and fuel the development of . Read more at:

Would @google have plans for global social engineering? 😱😱😱
"A leaked internal Google video shows a creepy vision of how data could be used to direct human decision-making"

Early google years are now far, far away...
"Google erases 'Don't be evil' from code of conduct after 18 years."… via @ZDNet

In many cases,we have made really easier and quicker to install than a Linux distribution.

Yes, @google is under investigation in Australia for large scale Android user data harvesting. Not a surprise, but thank you Oracle for raising issues! W
e need more than ever. … … via @techradar

Thanks to our awesome team of translators, our website at is now fully available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian!