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Gaël Duval

En obligeant à regarder une vidéo informative hébergée sur YouTube, Bercy permet au géant américain d'aspirer un grand nombre d'informations personnelles.

I actually don’t care a lot about @facebook. Facebook is a small parenthesis in History. Youngest don’t use Facebook anymore. The real concern is Google, because they own all floors of the rocket.

Chrome is... scanning your Windows PC. Anybody using Windows on Mastodon? 😇

The recent case of “Cambridge Analytica” proves that serious abuses with personal data have become a reality.

eelo is more than tech, it’s a societal project for Freedom and Democracy!

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Indian intelligence agencies unveil a list of apps reportedly used by Chinese gov to spy users. "the Army has given a warning to all its officers to cease using these 41 apps, especially WhatsApp"

Sorry @Airbus this is real shame, short-view decision. You have the power to invest massively in open source and free us from these proprietary solutions. DO IT! "Airbus CIO: We dumped Microsoft Office not over cost but because Google G Suite looks sweet"

@Searx_engine is the best meta-search engine I know, with a focus on , and it’s open source!

One option for would be to have @signalapp as default SMS/IM application, and @telegram as additionnal IM app. What do you think?

Thank you @WirelessWeek! « Two New Mobile Operating Systems in 2018? »…

More Privacy, the Google way: send me all your personal data, more securely with your explicit consent:

Default eelo mail application will be based on K9-mail. We have started to work on its UI to make it more attractive and simple

Aujourd’hui l'hebdo LePoint fait sa couv sur les données personnelles et la reprise de contrôle ! Et à l’intérieur une petite surprise :)

2 hours left for the campaign, and we're close to 400% of the initial target...
It seems that the user's data privacy question is getting some real momentum.