Thank you Infosec-handbook for taking a comprehensive look at /e/'s privacy!
"While /e/ looks promising, it isn’t Google-free by now."
Agreed, and we will reply and address most of the points you are listing.

The quest for better on our mobiles continues!
This week, /e/ is getting supported on 3 new devices:
- Samsung Galaxy J7 (Exynos) "j7eltexx"
- Xiaomi Mi 3 / Mi 4 "cancro"
- Google Nexus 5X "bullhead"

Download at:


You know what? /e/ will soon offer you a new feature: self-host your /e/ drive! (images, mail, calendar, contacts..)

The feature has shown up in the latest /e/ ROM builds, and soon, we are going to release a docker image with everything ready to install a self-hosted /e/ server.

To users of those devices: Moto E (condor), Moto G (falcon), Moto G 4G (peregrine), Moto G 2014 (titan), Nexus 4 (mako), Nexus 5 (hammerhead), HTC One m8 (m8), Wingtech Redmi 2 (wt88047)
Please read the following before OTA updating /e/!

I was told it was a pretty interesting book. Something to read over the week-end!

@jz ;)

/e/ has been downloaded thousand times for testing, and we are now more than 500 users using ungoogle /e/ mobile OS and online services beta for every day use!

Support the project!

50MB online test account can be unlocked to 5GB for 99€/year at:

Let's meet at to talk about privacy on smartphones! 2018 was the year concerns over data moved into the spotlight.
Next step is giving consumers’ back control over data. Join the /e/ team at Nexedi's booth, Hall 5, Stand 5B1, Station 25.

Good user data privacy shouldn't mean a bad UX!
We are adding application applet support to /e/'s BlissLauncher!

All details at:

Better user data privacy shouldn't mean a bad User Experience... We are improving our /e/ BlissLauncher with application applet support. Stay tuned!

Just casually saw you support d855... 15min later my trusty g3 is breathing new life. Thank you :)

DNS resolution is a key aspect of our user data on Internet. Using it's very hard or even impossible to choose a DNS provider.
So we are adding this to our default settings in /e/ with our upcoming V1!

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