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Gaël Duval

Interesting survey I saw at LinuxInsider:
"If you could have a magic wand, which technology would you eradicate?"
#1 Personal data collection
#2 Facebook

Dear Elon,

Since the 90s, you have been a world changer with great projects like Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop and OpenAI. And I’ve noticed you have released Tesla patents into the public domain, and have open-sourced the Hyperloop and OpenAI projects...

Read at:

Maybe I should write a letter to Elon Musk about supporting . He's been open sourcing Hyperloop and OpenAI, putting Tesla patents into public domain. We need all forces for good!

Is TechCrunch going to cover our cause and the project? :)

Let's suggest them the news!

It's going to be our liberation year: Happy New Year 2018!

@wired interested in covering ?

Sense of humor? 😀
"Open source software is more vulnerable to cyber attacks from malicious minds looking to gobble on data"

The map of incoming web traffic at Interesting!

Does anybody has contacts at Wired magazine?

The past week has been amazing for I wanted to share a few thoughts with you all eelo supporters and backers! Read below:

eelo: il fondatore di Mandrake promette un ecosistema Android senza Google

Eelo: The Latest Linux Mobile Attempt, Led By Mandrake's Founder (not my preferred screenshot of Mandriva's desktop though ^^)

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I'm leaving @apple and @google. This is , a new project to provide privacy-enabled smartphones and web services to humans. The kickstarter campaign is now open, support eelo!

Mandrake Linux的创始人正在开发Eelo 一个开源的移动操作系统

Neuer Android-Fork "eelo" soll Smartphones von Google befreien,101193.html

Eelo : une alternative open source à Android est en cours de développement par le créateur de Mandrake Linux - L'OS sera axé sur la confidentialité