Will your favorite Android apps be available in the /e/ V1 application repository?
Check it now and let us know: we can probably add it! community.e.foundation/t/appli

We have received the @Puri_sm Librem5 development kit.
I think that Librem5+/e/ would be a perfect fit.
Anybody interested in porting it?
Big challenge, but we can help! e.foundation

What is the best, most cost-effective and reliable S3-compatible online storage service in the EU?

For you, @apple users, who think that your is protecting your data ...
Time for a change!
We need privacy by design and with /e/ (e.foundation)

@Techcrunch @riptari @Privacymatters

How private/secure is your messaging app?
A quite comprehensive comparison is available at:

iPhone and Android smartphones are sending a lot our personal data to Google. Happy New Year 2019! Let it be the year of our data recovery!

Julia Reda: « In January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software »

Dear /e/ followers,

this is the end of the year, and I have a personal message for you available at:

I wish you a Happy Holiday Season! 🎄 🎉 👾

Here is an interesting reading on how to replace FCM/GCM notifications by an alternative system, with more control and better privacy:

I think that more and more, we will have to strongly differenciate the respect of privacy laws/TOS, and the respect of privacy.

Contrary to what some would like us to believe, these are NOT the same.

‪✨⚡️🍰 Today the /e/ mobile OS is adding support for Sony XPERIA XA2 and 3 other devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (3G), Yu Yunique, and Google Pixel XL2.‬
‪Download and test now at: gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/
‪Report issues at: community.e.foundation

Which Xiaomi devices do not require the annoying @xiaomi unlock process?
For now I know only one: Xiaomi Mi A1.
Any others?

Should we replace the current default /e/ SMS app by Silence ? By QKSMS?

Read the pros and cons and join the discussion at: community.e.foundation/t/new-t

Towards /e/ V1.0, Android application installer, first plans for post-V1, /e/ devices, how you can support the project... read our latest newsletter online!
(and thanks to our great community of volunteer, it's available in 5 different languages!)

Today, /e/ beta, the ungoogled and privacy-focused @Android mobile ecosystem is adding 4 new supported devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S9
- Samsung Galaxy S9+
- LG G3 International (d855)
- HTC 10 (pme)
Download and test at: gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/
…and spread the news! :)

Hiring! ☀📢👥

e.foundation is hiring a communication/community management assistant for 2 months or more.

e.foundation recrute un/une assistant(e) communication / community-management pour 2 mois ou davantage.

Telecommuting OK, urgent.

=> Email contact: join@e.email + CV + motivation

To all /e/ users!
Tell us everything you love and what you’d like to see improved in /e/ by taking our first satisfaction survey. We’ll do our best to take all feedback into account.
And of course it's completely anon: mydataismydata.ecloud.global/2

Want to work for the /e/ project?
=> I'm recruiting a sysadmin/devops 👨‍🦰👩‍🦰💻👾💪
Remote is OK.
gael@e.email or PM me


"Google's first GDPR privacy violations filed by 7 EU countries" Time to move to the /e/ Foundation mobile ecosystem! e.foundation


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