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Let's give this a second try.

I'm Matt, I front a /#rock/#grunge band called Hearse Pileup.

I'm a with a keen interest in . Fight Club makes me feel like an but I'm not sure.

I like software and media. I'm interested in getting more involved in the scene, specifically supporting activists with my music. I don't see enough and scene is dying.

Looking to meet like minded and !

Hi , I've come to the realisation that I've lost a lot of sources for cool content online...

So can anyone here any good services for websites? Particularly ones with feeds? I'm trying to my content discovery process. I'm looking at atm (previously ). Any and all welcome!

(sorry for the hashtag overload but I'm trying to cast my net wide)

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“This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.”

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What's your favourite food and drink to throw at right wing politicians? I'm a big fan of the traditional classic, a raw egg, but I think a sourdough starter would be an interesting take on things.

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Ugh, I hate whatever it is in my genetics that makes me sweat profusely when I eat spicy food. I really like spicy food, but anything that's sort of medium-hot upward makes me look like I can't handle it 😅

The Kabocha are doing really well! I've now got two in the ground, and two have been repotted into much larger pots. I've also moved my coriander and am starting to harden it off. I'm still pretty behind in the chilli department, but I think I may have overfed them and given them nutrient burn ☹️

Also I'm pretty sure I stepped in fox poo. On the plus side it looks like my carrots and parsnips are growing!

Tomatillos are sprouting! They're planted pretty late, but I'm hoping I still get a nice crop 🤞🤞

It's taken years, but with the discovery of /r/BreadTube I've finally become a redditor 😂

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Wow, Xochitl "en fuego" tortilla chips certainly aren't pulling any punches. They're surprisingly hot!

Sorry for the facebook link, but I would be remiss not to give a shoutout to my band @hearsepileup's show coming up this bank holiday Sunday on the 26th!

It's been a while so I'm looking forward to dusting off my guitar and once again wrecking my vocal chords for anyone interested 😄

Whilst trying to break my creative block, earthrise really caught my attention for some reason; so here's my interpretation of it:

My half finished entry for . Having a bit of creative block ATM and can't seem to find the botheration to complete this one...

Anyone got some tips on relieving muscle strain? I pushed it too far with the pushups and now this twinge under my shoulder blade won't shift.

Oooft that was an intense period of work.

I've set up an alt-account to live toot my reactions to watching Game of Thrones for the first time, starting all the way from episode 1!

Ugh, still waiting on my tomatillo seeds to arrive. I can't take the anticipation! 😅 😂

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