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Let's give this a second try.

I'm Matt, I front a /#rock/#grunge band called Hearse Pileup.

I'm a with a keen interest in . Fight Club makes me feel like an but I'm not sure.

I like software and media. I'm interested in getting more involved in the scene, specifically supporting activists with my music. I don't see enough and scene is dying.

Looking to meet like minded and !

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The smell of plants apparently reduces stress, just another reason to plant more flowers and food plants in the city :)

My herbs are looking lovely though; the thai basil is pretty much in a position to start being used in some dishes and I have plenty of regular basil too.

The Kabochas have had a bit of a rough ride; the ones in pots have been fighting some kind of mildew and wilt. I plan on re-potting them to see if that helps. Meanwhile the one that's been planted in the ground is taking over the garden!

Many fruit have shrivelled on the vine as the plant has matured, however I now have a couple that look like they're going to hang around!

Any advice welcomed on treatment.

The chillis are doing ok, I'm impressed by the flavour. I think they're suffering from not being cut back before being overwintered. Many are spindly and defoliated. The most healthy of them are the ones that got injured and cut back.

I haven't harvested anything from my serrano pepper yet, but last years' crop from the same plant was disappointingly mild in the spice department. I'm going to wait for at least one of these to turn red and see what happens.

Garden update! My tomatillos are starting to really bear fruit. The most amazing thing is how resilient these little blighters are. They've been blown over by the wind, chewed up by snails, had bit fall off as a result...

The bits that were knocked off the plants were dutifully put in water, grew roots, and were repotted meaning that from 18 seeds I've now got a yield of 20-21 healthy plants!


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Hey, so I've just discovered I've missed my 1 year #MastoAnniversary. It was on 11th August last year that I joined, as part of the Aug18 Birdsite exodus.

1 year - πŸŽ‰ 🎈

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some surprising sustainability 

(Could I get a boost @GwenfarsGarden? I know you're connected a pretty big gardening network! πŸ˜… )


Anyone have experience growing ? They're not meant to be spicy (well maybe 1 in 20), but I bought some seeds from a garden stall in Barcelona that seem to almost exclusively hot chillies. They're also more... balloon shaped? Than the padron plant I received from a fellow gardener (which also is not spicy). They look kind of like halfway between padrons and habaneros... any ideas what might be going on?

Gardening update! @alice_swaggen just sent me some progress on my and . We've beenhaving a problem with the fruit turning yellow and rotting on the vine, but this big boi looks like he might hang around!

The tomatillo fruit are finally closing back up their paper lanterns to mature; getting excited now!

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I had a dream that my boss and my landlady were scraping leftover food they didn't want from their plates to mine... do I detect a little symbolism there??

It's out 7 year anniversary and my wife made me this awesome card πŸ˜ƒ

It's the first time I've seen her try pixel art and I think she did a pretty good job! Also fuck capitalism ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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cities feel... wrong. from the constant pressure to spend money to seeing people who fell through the cracks treated like garbage to the huge footprint of all the near and far mines, factories, pipelines, international shipping, and supply chain infrastructure that keeps them going

Well, the RSS feed is fixed, now to get the API sending webhooks so that I can start on the writing bit! πŸ˜…

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