I can't believe planned obsolescence is a thing.

Life would be so much more chill without business majors.

Me when. I see somebody cute:
OMG omg OMG should I kms? Should I kms??


I love Trevorspace! 💖

It gave me such a healthy space to grow up as a person. Online communities have shaped who I am and have made me grow so much. <3

Drank me 2 beers and was still too shy to go up to anyone. Some cutie held me for a hot 5 secs and [Get access to this story, and every story, on the web and in our apps with our Basic Digital subscription.]

Chimpanzees eat other monkeys wtfff like they be eating that ass that monkey dicc mmmhhh am such a slut for nature

There is literally no reason why guys should ever be under 6' 4". hit the gym dumbass

hi, i'm dansup. I made a website the other day, check it out pixelfed.org/

"jacking off" of course, refers to the removal of the british flag during the decolonization process

This beatch replied YES to a date AFTER LEAVING ME ON READ after a week. What the fuck??? And it is an unenthusiastic 'yes'

This is just the *fake nice* way of saying no and I am not falling for it.

imma fuccin' dieee😭

It's Friday and this boy has left me on read since Monday.
I've been duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled, bequandled.

Train: "doors opening on the left"
Me: okay how do I make this political

This guy I am interested in is so subtly flirty with me, checks in on me out of the blue, and is always so physically affectionate... But sometimes he leaves me on read and gives me dry replies like days after out of nowhere. I am so confused...

JK, it's now 4 AM and I haven't slept a second... I wanna dieeeeee

I've never been excited about being tired and drowsy before, but after a week of insane insomnia (3-4 hrs of sleep per day for a week) it def makes sense.


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