"Edge of 17" is the most generic film I've watched in a while. It's just a stupid twink's coming out smh

I wish neurons worked liked organisms undergoing natural selection. My three remaining brain cells would be so mf strong

Huh, apparently Gab is getting 10,000 signups per hour since Trump's Twitter ban

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So, a) what happened to Gab? b) where will the Nazis from parler move to?

Hahahaha I legit don't understand half the song in English, the translation is just kinda bad tbh the connotation of words and phrases are utterly lost.

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Wtf?? RBD has albums in portuguese?? "Fique em silêncio" sounds so odd to me.

Reacting to Mongol Invasion of Europe like "wtf? based!"

Currently obsessed with Mexico city for absolutely no reason.

We need to expose the twink to history teacher pipeline

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