Like, if 3 months without caffeine couldn't make it... how else am I supposed to break the dependence? I actually doubt I am ever going back to a time where I was functional without caffeine. Like holy crap, I've gotten so much done today, much more than I've done in the last month.

Okay, so month 3 without caffeine and I broke the streak today... Seeing how energized and focused I am after experiencing the most lethargic months of my life, I doubt I am actually gonna be able to fight my caffeine dependence.

Orcas can steal fish off of fishermen's lines, and have been repeatedly observed outsmarting peoples' attempts to fool them with decoys or multiple boats. They also get visibly excited when they figure it out. Wild orcas will play with and mess with humans; they've been observed intentionally moving things that a human wants out of the way, and have thrown ice at humans in a snowball fight. Wild orcas have never killed a person (they have in captivity, because they get angry when separated).

Woowww, I've been doing the OK gesture all this time without realizing some lib newspaper already claimed it as part of the alt-right.

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I HATE amber alerts... What the fuck do they want me to do? Go out there and look for that kid? No thanks, I am watching Netflix.

ling my ao over a manhattan brunch place calling regular ass coffee β€œhot brew”

Oh no! The birds outside are imitating car alarms as mating calls and I hate it.

@skyfaller I've been reading a lot about Ted Nelson today and I am wondering what would've happened if he would've taken CS 35 lol. So much for the liberal arts

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Woke up thinking about Harambe 😒 rest in piece my big dude

Rich people shouldn't survive climate change no matter what. Even if that means species extinction.

γ€€γ€€πŸŒ 🦈 🍣🍣
πŸ£γ€€γ‚ く わ γγ€€πŸ£
πŸ£γ€€γ  い す き γ€€πŸ£
γ€€γ€€πŸ¦ 🍣 🍣 🦐

When your positions are basically trash but you have millions of dollars of spare cash.

You ever think about how many incredible artists are alive right now? There's straight up millions of teens and twenty somethings just posting their shit on the internet for free that would have made them the most famous singer or painter or whatever in any previous age

I’m a centrist; I believe both sides have valid ideas, both Communism and Anarchism.

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