White liberals be like "I just don't think most of this country is ready for more radical policies." okay, Melissa, your vietnam war veteran uncle isn't "most of this country" and the planet is literally burning to ashes

Yall ever just text "omw" to someone you haven't talked to in years with 0 context?

Not a college staff person emailing with the title "Fire Drills in the Age of Corona"

Hegel didn't get bullied enough in middle school and it shows

Reading Hegel makes sense if you literally just ignore what sounds like nonsense because a) it s fluff. b) it is indeed nonsense.

Petition to bring the rupi kaur poetry memes back

I need the opposite of a liberal arts education right now. Like, I wanna unlearn critical thinking so that I can enjoy this life amd not be paralyzed about the current state of affairs

Learning meditation not despite thinking that I can't shut down my inner monologue, but rather because I can't shut it up and every day my internal monologue just sounds more and more erratic and chaotic. I feel like I am genuinely going insane.

At whoever invented asparagus: dude get that shit off the market, we all know what you are doing. This shit has been going on for far too long

I like podcasts because a) white men get to do their favorite thing which is talk out of their ass with 0 forethought b) The rest of us don't have to listen to them. Win-win situation.

Am sorry yall, but this is where i put my twitter drafts. Cancel me

So "late stage capitalism" probably isn't the best name for itself. It doesn't mean that capitalism is bound to end soon. You can't just kick back and relax and stream the revolution in 4k while waiting on your focaccia to finish baking.

i s2g some of yall's poc parents chose names for yall specifically to piss white people off and tbh i love it

Upon further analysis of Lenin's "State and Revolution" Jacques Lacan determined that there are indeed "whores in this house"

The level of existential dread I am feeling right now

I can't stand the way I look in this zoom call holy shit

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