Train: "doors opening on the left"
Me: okay how do I make this political

Train: "doors opening on the left"
Me: *makes it political*

This guy I am interested in is so subtly flirty with me, checks in on me out of the blue, and is always so physically affectionate... But sometimes he leaves me on read and gives me dry replies like days after out of nowhere. I am so confused...

JK, it's now 4 AM and I haven't slept a second... I wanna dieeeeee

I've never been excited about being tired and drowsy before, but after a week of insane insomnia (3-4 hrs of sleep per day for a week) it def makes sense.


When you are trying to jerk off but your roommate literally exists

Meditate on weekdays 🧘‍♂️
Medicate on weekends 🔥🌿💨

Just received an email about Uber's "commitment to safety and respect for all." My knee jerk reaction was to wonder what shitty thing they've done/how many people died.

The reason “for sale: baby shoes, never worn” is sad is because they found out their baby is a “barefoot is legal” person.

Feeling cute,
Might overuse the term "emotional labor"

Capitalism doesn't need rescuing!! It's not worth rescuing!! Dumb centrist motherfuckers and your band aids-fix approach to everything.

Fuck all those people trying to "rescue capitalism," rescue the people instead.

why the FUCK would i build a police station in my animal crossing town wtf

Racial and climate justice go hand in hand. Low-income and POC communities are usually hit first and hardest by the impacts of climate change. No efforts to address climate change should leave marginalized communities behind.

4.5 Billion people have ALREADY been hurt by climate change and carbon dioxide levels just keep getting higher and higher. We must take our democracy back from fossil fuel executives because we need a Green New Deal now!

Slapping the suffix -cracy to literally anything to create a new nickname for capitalism

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