Screen reader stuff is going fairly well. It would be possible to do this with c2s, but instead I've just made an endpoint for the speaker, which is then very minimal.

I would suggest adding a #TTS endpoint to the #ActivityPub actor specification and something in activitystreams representing the fields returned from the endpoint.

So in #Epicton the TTS endpoint returns json containing a "say" field which is the text to be spoken. This can be specially prepared, such as replacing mentions with "mentions [name]" and other semantics. So the client side can also be minimal and doesn't need to do any processing on the received text.

Буквально сегодня закрылась некоммерческая кинокомпания и анимационная студия "Вверх".

Они занимались короткометражными фильмами и полнометражными анимациями.

Студия находилась на метро Автозаводская, чуть глубже в промзону.

Только что я вернулся оттуда.

An observation from 2019 recently uploaded. A Grey Baron (Euthalia anosia) spotted in Johor, Malaysia. A rare butterfly, it looks very different from the other Baron butterflies usually found in Singapore.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Malaysia #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

Mi legis, ke chi tiu pozicio ne estis malvenkita por homo, HAL mensogis ekde la komenco.


We can never win if we try to resist on the terms of these forces. On terms of slickness, network affect and viral growth.

What we have to do is begin conversations about how FOSS is inherently political, and how using it (when the communities around it are good and not toxic *pissed off stare at lots of FOSS communities*) can be an inherently political act of resistance.

I was annoyed that some drive would fsck on every boot and that led to an interesting trip down system settings and all the way to the real-time clock.

Yesterday as I was coming into the house I saw a large #Puriri #moth sitting on the concrete path and quickly came back with my cellphone to take #photos

I was going to keep it, temporarily, in a jar, but discovered that the poor thing was 'lost' and was laying eggs on the concrete. So I changed plans and took and placed it on the trunk of a nearby Puriri tree where the eggs might possibly survive.

I went back a little later with my scale ruler intending to measure the moth but found it gone.

Беломорско-Балтийский каналl, Республика Карелия | Belomorcanal, Republic of Karelia, 2013.
(c) Alexander Aksakov

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I made a little spreadsheet to combine the polls by @hafnia from the other day.

< 20 7.40%
20s 32.53%
30s 33.43%
40s 16.38%
50s 6.97%
60s 1.44%
70s 0.72%
80s+ 1.13%

.ods file:
Original polls:

Листал галерею, нашёл фотку месячной давности. Птичка ползал по всяким пыльным закоулкам типа за диван и под кроватью, нашел старую резинку,ппока играл с ней надел себе на шею и не мог снять без моей помощи. Это было настолько мило, вот какого хрена я не снял его на видео?

Непопулярное мнение.
Фразу "95 процентов людей - идиоты" никогда не произносят люди, которых стоило бы записать в оставшиеся 5%.

Meanwhile the caterpillar brigade continues. I haven't collected any more eggs but the cuttings from the Swan plants that I use to feed the caterpillars must have eggs on them and from these I am still getting a smaller number of smaller caterpillars.

Here's the latest batch. They shed their skin five times between when they hatch from the egg until they form into a chrysalis, each such stage being called an instar so the adult butterfly is the eighth stage of development.

#monarchs #photo

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Сухарики освящённые с чесноком "Double Effect" от вампиров.

Probably the unknowingly smartest move I made in my career was adopting Emacs as my editor. Lead to my interest in FOSS philosophy, exploration of lisps leading to deeper exploration of CS, not to mention being the world's most productive development environment.

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