Ricardo Wurmus, the musician behind the #Guix release song (also former co-maintainer and fantastic hacker), writes about #music production on Guix System with #FreeSoftware, and about the making of that wonderful song in two days! 👇

Hear hear, #GNU #Guix is 8 years old *and* version 1.2.0 is out today!


Do not miss the release song and all the niceties!

If you want to make your own website, for free, message me. I'll help you get it online, I'll help you find places to host it. I'll help it live forever.

If you have media you produced and you need help archiving or documenting it, I'll probably help with that too (time permitting, but it probably will.)

If you want to help build a thing that will serve as a viable community alternative to youtube, and might outlive it, HMU.

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Our Lizardarium seems to be proving fit for purpose! We're providing sanctuary to quite a few skinks now... And possibly quite a few more if you look at this female we found this morning...

Oops - here's a better pic that's in focus (couldn't tell on my phone).

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It's and my neighbour Phoenix came by for some cuddles and a catnap.
He's sitting on the windowsill behind my head, looking over my shoulder as I post this...

The first version of Emacs 

its/src/emacs1 at master · PDP-10/its https://github.com/PDP-10/its/tree/master/src/emacs1

Friendly reminder that Linux and Mesa and Weston maintainers have all accepted bribes to implement Digital Restrictions Management in the Linux graphics stack

@cypnk @TheGibson

I want to make both "Sparen", and the silly Sp- Space prefix game a thing. Feel free to let loose with the hounds of boosting, or whatever it is that makes such memetic silliness sticky enough to become well and widely known.

👮‍♂️Одиночные пикеты были единственной ненаказуемой формой уличного протеста.Теперь они становятся почти столь же преследуемым занятием, как участие в митинге.За 8 лет количество частей в статье КоАП 20.2 выросло до 10, а максимальный штраф вырос в 150 раз!


This is an extremely cheeky eclectus parrot that LANDED ON MY ARM.

(I shrieked)

Lemme give you some context. Margot (the #birb onthe left) wants headscratchies, she gives Sombra (the virgin on the right) her head. Sombra knows that girls like big wings, dances and singing, but what to do with the girl after she surrenders - he has no idea. So, Margot have been giving her neck to scratch for something like half an hour, and then saying something like "Серёжа, ты чего такой тупой то?!" goes scandaling in frustration

But this is HP we're talking about, so words have no meaning. Last month, HP notified its "free ink for life" customers that their life had ended, and they were being moved to a new afterlife where they had to pay $0.99/month, forever, or else.

This Darth Vader "Pray I don't alter it further" shit is the most on-brand HP thing ever


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Time for me to be annoying again!

The online #Guix Day #conference will take place on November 22, and you have until November 6 to send your proposals!

If there is any subject on which you want to give a talk (15 to 45 minutes, it's up to you), please send your proposal to `guix-days@gnu.org`!

If you do not want to give a talk, but are willing to lead a discussion session on a specific topic during the conference, send us a message too!


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