So #Tux the #Linux Penguin has been keeping me company during all this. I was shown this crochet pattern;

But as I can't crochet, I commissioned a friend of mine to make him for me! And she enjoyed doing so so much that she's added him to her etsy store.

So, if anyone else would like to have a computer buddy, whether you make him yourself or not, now you know where to go!

A group led by Stanford med researchers have just published a paper describing a data-collecting "precision health smart toilet," which uses an array of four cameras, some of which do user-identification based on butthole photography ("analprinting").


Last night I witnessed a miracle of nature: a Monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis. The most astonishing feat during this process was when the creature attached a little black rod { cremaster } to the foundation of silk which it has previously laid securely on the branch of Swan Plant, on which it had been feeding, just before shedding the last of its former skin.

I have photos and videos of this but need time to process them. Here's a sample of them.

#chrysalis #photography

Amazon is an "essential business" because it sells things like sex toys and hammer drills (don't mix these up!). But they also sell books. Your local indie bookseller is likely NOT an essential business, so they are now fighting Amazon with both hands tied behind their backs.


A Sapphire Flutterer (Rhyothemis triangularis) spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore, on 4 April 2020. My first photos of it. 🙂 This was at the pond near the entrance, which was buzzing with dragonflies today.

The Sapphire Flutterer is an uncommon local dragonfly with distinctive purplish blue patches on its wings. I knew what it was the moment I saw it.

On iNaturalist [ ].

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Dragonflies #Odonata

For those of you who are fans of JG Ballard:

"Ballard’s oeuvre is filled with enforced quarantines and self-isolations, with riots breaking out among the bored middle classes...His 1977 story “The Intensive Care Unit” takes place in a world where humans live their entire lives in contented isolation, interacting with others, even their own immediate families, solely via cameras and screens."

I'd like to propose an NZ Friday virtual drinkies event, starting at 5pm today (NZ DST). The venue is all welcome - no software install required, just a modern browser (or Safari if you're on iOS :) ) like Chrom(ium|e), Firefox, Brave. Charge your glass, don headphones (& clothing, it's a family show!), fire up your webcams and join us! We're keen to stress test our BigBlueButton... so far our max in a session is 40+, but we're going for 100-200...

OERu joins forces with COL, UNESCO (IITE) and ICDE to establish an #OER support group to assist institutions transitioning to online learning during the #COVID19 crisis. Please join our #OER4Covid support group:

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I have spent the last couple of days going out and distributing food. Into the bastis that I didn’t even know existed. Where the distress and fear is palpable. Where the landlord have people standing by to ensure that the lockdown is completely enforced. Where you can smell the hunger by the absence of the smells from the kitchen as you walk past narrow corridors....

This issue propagate in ICC profiles and turns all noses to red! Many artists already infected! Read how I solved it here:
#krita #icc #PleaseShare

There's a kind of strawberry which looks like someone gave it the wrong colour palette. They're called pineberries, because they taste a bit like pineapple.

In partnership with our friends at @kde we are thrilled to be embarking on this new endeavor. The configurability of GNOME paired with the simplicity of KDE - all rolled into a single package. Introducing KNOME, built using QTK3 and Kutter.

lol moscow government introduced a "social monitoring" app that generates a qr code you should show to the authorities so they determine if you follow quarantine rules. of course it:
- requires every permission possible
- sends collected data over unencrypted http
- has no security, people on twitter posting generated qr codes for unlimited movement
- uses some SaaS from an estonian startup which has servers in germany for facial recognition, violating the law that data of russian users has to be stored in russia
- cost $3m to develop

Yes, NZ Parliamentary services - we have legitimate security concerns about Zoom. It's not like Zoom's our only option. An onshore, open source, community-run BigBlueButton's is available now, gratis. Just send us an email at - happy to help out democracy thrive without being compromised by overseas interests.

@closeuprussia @rf @russian_mastodon История человека, история времени, данного человеку, история людей вокруг него, история страны в деталях, которые исчезают из общего сознания людей, а ещё спокойная и все равно мучительная попытка понять себя и меру вещей — вот что такое этот текст. В нем есть глубина, его можно прочитать несколько раз — не о всех текстах можно сказать такое. И фотографии. Но о них не надо говорить. Их надо увидеть.

Abolish copyright.

You can charge for material things - paper, ink, packaging material, the time of the workers to prepare it. You can even charge for bandwidth, server upkeep, and electricity. But information has no material cost and therefore cannot be sold.

Exercise civil disobedience: it's your obligiation as a good citizen to be a pirate. We can negotiate again when they change the law to make copyrighted works enter the public domain within our lifetimes.

From Debt: The First 5000 Years, p.79
David Graeber, Melville House Publishing:Brooklyn, NY, 2011

[I]n the Danish writer Peter Freuchen's _Book of the Eskimo_. Freuchen tells how one day, after coming home hungry from an unsuccessful walrus-hunting expedition, he found one of the successful hunters dropping off several hundred pounds of meat. He thanked him profusely. The man objected indignantly:

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