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The decals are in great shape but the finish is super crazed. The table is heavily worn, so I wonder if the original machine wore out and got replaced by one that never got used but sat in the sun or something.

you can only watch 5 tv shows for the rest of your life, as many times as you want. which ones do you choose?

Somewhat related to the previous: it's very obviously a Good Ole Boys Club; "he was a member of Square Circle Sportsmen's Club" shows up in a lot of old-farts obituaries if you do a search for it (and no website does because, again, old farts).

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I updated the list of sponsors: joinmastodon.org/sponsors

You can get your name on that page on Patreon: patreon.com/mastodon

New speakers are getting broken in, husband put YouTube Red on the 80's channel so it's playing constant music videos in there by itself and 17yo keeps getting hung up staring in the TV in confusion whenever he walks through.

Yeah, kid, we didn't understand half of them at the time either.


:that "i have no idea what i'm doing" dog only it's surrounded by RCA cables and HDMI cables and speaker wire:

Finished Brust's Vallista last night and I have so many questions.

"Today's" should really be "Ongoing" there. 😩

Today's fun project: figuring out if any Perl libraries for ActivityPub/Linked Data Signatures/MagicSignatures/etc. exist and are current.

I suppose I should document my findings in case anyone else is stubborn enough to want to do this sort of thing in Perl.

Update: CEO sez "Yeah, you're right, it's a little off. We're gonna change it. Thanks for pointing it out!"

(I still didn't apply because calling it out *and* applying would be awwwwwkward.)

(I mean, progressive enough that I was gonna apply even though I think I gave up on tech.)

Found a job that would be a nice get-back-into-the-tech-market but their anti-spam technique is to have you send your email with just the word "implore" in the subject line and you know what, I'm not that desperate.

(It's an otherwise progressive company, I dunno why that strikes me so wrong.)

A play in two acts:

github.com/Akron/Sojolicious 😃

"Latest commit ca39133 on Aug 7, 2016" 😭

The kids are not alright: billypenn.com/2017/10/16/pats-

(Seriously, skip Pat's *and* Geno's and have you a John's Roast Pork or a Gooey Looey's. Even as a Philly n00b I know this.)

Christmas for my nieces: done.

(Probably. I have the stuff to make them American Girl compatible dolls, might finally get around to that as well.)
mastodon.social/media/_esAIPcW mastodon.social/media/NLYZFslH

Dollar Tree has monster googly eyes. Sadly not self-stick, but that's what tape dots are for. mastodon.social/media/0Tw5Uesi