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Most Jersey restaurants are BYOB rather than having (v. expensive) liquor licenses; tonight at the local Japanese place I saw a new one: table next to us pulled their bottle out of their bag: a great big bottle of La Choy low sodium soy sauce.

(Don't think they had to pay a corkage fee on it.)

Little weirded out by the fact that anytime I visit NYT's mobile site my browser asks if it can have access to my microphone and camera. πŸ˜’

Also: intellectually I knew that *all* of America was into trucks and utes and not cars, but somehow in my gut apparently I expected fewer pickups out here. At least there are fewer with Confederate flags in the bed (though I think the local substitute is the blue-line flag).

One thing I *have* noticed though: even the cars are more Italian in South Jersey. Whole lot more Fiats, a fair number of Maseratis and Ferraris, the occasional Lambo.

Ended up behind a pickup truck at a couple of stop lights, and whenever it stopped it threw blue oil smoke... In perfect smoke rings. And I'm like, that can't be accidental but you're gonna tell me you did that instead of replacing a gasket?

Subtoot: Posting pictures of your 4K monitor, taking with your non-4K camera and displayed on my decidedly-not-4K monitor, really doesn't accomplish the task of showing how cool your 4K monitor is.

Also: Wegmans has non-Chinese pine nuts in their Italian section! I will report back if I end up with pine mouth from these. 😝

OKAY IT'S UP! You can't vote for it until Thursday but you can add it to your favorites or whatever. Or you can buy it, I think? Assuming I poked all the right checkboxes.

Oh YouTube finally removed all the alt-right content?

We have our house to ourselves again (at least until the inspection). Cats are disappointed that we let total strangers crawl around in the crawl space, the attic, AND the garage but will not let *them* explore there. (Actually one cat *has* been in the crawl space and reports that it was Extremely Disappointing.)

And now we enter a new period of interesting smells. We've had "PVC pipe sealant," and then "brazing the gas lines" and now it's "breaking in the new furnace" smell.

<returns from half-day errand excursion>
<checks birdsite>

Well, that's a whole new level of 2018 right there.

<closes birdsite>

Woke up this morning with a distinct memory of clearly enunciating my PGP passphrase and then my Lastpass one into a levitating glass sphere(?) so I guess I'm glad I don't (a) talk in my sleep and (b) have an Alexa or anything like that. 🀫

Update: furnace is installed, ducting is in, furnace has power... motherboard is not lighting up. I told the guys they didn't have to stay late, it's not gonna get that cold and they have to come back tomorrow anyway to install the outside part and thermostat. "Yeah but we worked really hard on it and we kinda want to see it work." Well I can relate to that.

(They did have to give up, though. Hope they bring a spare mobo tomorrow just in case.)

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