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Free advice to dudes and dude-presenting folks: don't follow-and-DM ladies and lady-presenting folks with yer zero-post account. You gotta make some public posts (yes, even if it feels like no one is listening to you yet) to show you're a real human being. Then you participate in a *public* conversation. Then maybe you can DM.

(j/k never DM)

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Today in headlines so good I'm not gonna spoil it by reading the article: "Yummy."

(Lazy Sunday morning for the headline writers too, I see.)

uspol, FB, Nazis, saying the quiet part loud. 

"Right-wing populism is always more engaging," [...] the content speaks to "an incredibly strong, primitive emotion" by touching on such topics as "nation, protection, the other, anger, fear."

"That was there in the [19]30's. That's not invented by social media β€” you just see those reflexes mirrored in social media..."

Is that... did that FB exec just say "sure, we'd have pushed Nazism to make a buck then too"?

Either NYC doesn't have very many Amber Alerts, or they only hit us with the ones that have some kind of South Jersey/Philly connection.

I bet Apple Watch data shows a pulse spike when those go out. πŸ”Š

AHAHAHAHA the open_lxde subroutine just... doesn't open a browser. So if you comment it out and replace it with the open_generic call, it works. IT WORKS

this has bugged me ever since I upgraded to Deb10.

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(Debian 10, LXDE desktop, update-alternatives are set, $BROWSER is set, Chrome is default browser but it also happened when I used Firefox (hmm, I wonder if Firefox has fixed that bug yet?))

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I love Linux on the desktop with ONE exception: links in stuff like the Slack and Discord apps try to open all links as "/home/silver/https..." so I have to manually copy the link into the browser.

I'm not even sure what it's trying to do. I mean, it's not launching the browser, it's trying to open a file on my drive. Why?!

I am scared to look and see if this indoor Ring drone is a real thing.

Hashtag alll-the-nope.

Just signed up to be a poll worker in a pandemic, in case you wondered how pissed off I am about *gestures* _all this_.

At some point it wandered back to the shrubby corner we call the "thicket," and I startled it out of there just now when I went to refill the bird bath. Soon as it heard the water running it froze, and it was racing back to the thicket before I was even inside the sliding glass door. Shouldn't be too long before it decides it's safe to get a drink, but I'm not camping by the window to wait.

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(It's lying in the moss under those trees directly past the birdbath, chewing its cud.)

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The screens on that window roll up, and I spooked it because they're spring-loaded (and olllld) and there's no quiet way to unlatch them. It took off to another part of our yard where I couldn't readily take its picture any more.

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Good morning from my inability to hold a camera level and this deer's complete acclimatization to suburban life.

RIP my irises though.

If you haven't seen older ones, start at the beginning because they definitely escalate.

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Exercise status: decided my hip was recovered enough to ride the stationary bike. Forgot to check the resistance and the kid had it set pretty high. Turned it down a few minutes into the ride but now my hip is complaining. πŸ˜”


It used to look like this, so converting it to "pinwheel" crossings was... an improvement? I can't actually tell.

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