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Karen🥨👵🏻🌲🏖️ @gamehawk@mastodon.social

Welp, now I've seen the new Star Wars movie.

It was... a thing.

My review of the new birdfeed threads feature:

"Expect another wave of migration to the fediverse."

Feeling pretty justified in my decision to wait and see on Patreon.

(Still gonna move stuff to other sites once I'm sure the creators have settled on them, but not rushing to it.)

Me, coming in the house, "It got cold. I should have worn a coat."

<checks weather>

Okay, wind chill 19F/-7C, that's fair. I mean, or at least a sweatshirt. Something more than a long-sleeved tee, anyhow.

(But for the wind, it's not bad - hanging right at freezing, which if I'm only going from the house to the car and the car to the restaurant, that's not worth a coat. But that wind is right *brisk*.)

Also it should be "Toronto Maple Leaves" instead of "Leafs." Autocorrect agrees with me.

In case you wonder where the Flyers (hockey) stand in the hierarchy of local sports teams, we're in a Buffalo Wild Wings and it's pretty empty.

Increasingly, I think the product that needs to be built is a little turnkey thing that can be dropped onto a $5 DO droplet or equivalent, and that you just link to alllll your silo'd accounts and it preserves everything for you. storify.com/faq-eol

<wakes up>
<blows nose>
<stops nosebleed>
<sets up humidifier>

I think I can declare it officially winter here. 😜

Good morning, snow.

As is typical with barely-winter-yet snows, it'll probably be gone by this afternoon since the temp will get well above freezing. We don't even have to shovel - sidewalks and streets are self-clearing, though they're still a little wet (and probably icy in spots). Of course, the cars have snow caps much like the birdbath does, so we probably won't try the streets out anytime soon.

Me, glancing at the back window, "Wow, the snow really makes it bright out th... oh."

There's a sports complex across the road behind our complex, and now that the leaves are off the trees we can suddenly see the field lights. Apparently they're playing football over there tonight... ?

@Gargron Can you remove 2FA for @Whaddaguy (Easi1yAmused on birdfeed)? He had to restore his iPhone and can't access it. (I can vouch for his identity IRL although that leaves open the question of who vouches for *me*...)

Not sure what our total accumulation is; it's only just starting to stick on our (untreated) street or brick patio because it's hovered at freezing all day. It's supposed to keep snowing until 10 tonight.

(Also yes, my phone camera gets vaguely Impressionist when the lighting is like this. 🤷‍♀️ )

Pre-accumulation picture. Yes, we still have leaves in the backyard. Also suddenly we have a big red barn of a neighbor house: if you look closely, you can see we had small trees that very accurately blocked the view of this house all summer... until the leaves fell. And nobody in this neighborhood (including us) has window coverings on their back windows. Hi, "new" neighbor!

@Gargron Heck with this Patreononsense, can I just paypal you $60 for the year?