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Free advice to dudes and dude-presenting folks: don't follow-and-DM ladies and lady-presenting folks with yer zero-post account. You gotta make some public posts (yes, even if it feels like no one is listening to you yet) to show you're a real human being. Then you participate in a *public* conversation. Then maybe you can DM.

(j/k never DM)

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I didn't want to do the massive amounts of homework required to figure out Disney so my sister (who did it last year for the cut-short trip) set everything up. She was in the conference for the first three days of the trip, so I took the girls solo.

Not sure if it was commentary on not being able to go with us or vengeance for the planning, but the first FastPass she assigned us was It's A Small World.

Also, mad props to Crayola for allowing the crayon-making demonstration to be given by a not-particularly-passing-in-voice transgender woman. I *really* hope it wasn't just an employee cross-dressing as a prank because I recorded a little of her as inspiration for my daughter.

On the way they were musing about how many kids just added all the colors possible (they assumed you'd have pigments but in fact you just pick from one of a dozen or so colors) and labeled the resulting brown "poop."

It remains unclear whether I would have been gifted with a brown crayon if pigment-mixing was in fact the thing. πŸ˜†

At the Crayola Experience there are machines that let you create your own "color" so each of my nieces made me one.

(also I didn't point out that it looks to me like there were blue LEDs inside)

Went into a Star Wars store in Disney Hollywood Studios and while we were resting in the air conditioning a dude's wife pointed out the Rey lightsaber (price not displayed...) and he spent a long time falling down the rabbit hole of what it meant that she was going to have a white light saber ("I mean, we saw white kyber crystals in that other store so we knew it was possible") and I was like my dude, if she points it out *and* listens indulgently, it is true love.

Weird coincidence during this vacation: at one point we decided to turn around and go back to a beach access, and the spot we turned around in was... the Phillies' spring training location.

Me: well at least my niece wasn't logged into GoogleTube to forever taint my profile/suggestions with The Noodle Incident

Also me: has texted my sister enough about it (and it wasn't that much) that Swype suggests "n*des" for approximately every other word now

Dude just SPRINTED up and almost cried when they told him the plane wasn't here yet. "No (gasp) that's good (gasp), I thought (wheeze) it was gone."

Customer service agent just announced the delay (less specifically) but dudes would rather stand there awkwardly than admit they were overenthusiastic.

lol at the biz dudes who are bragging on their positions in the Southwest cattle call and the rest of us commoners are sitting in the cheap seats discussing the current schedule of the hardware (25 minutes from gate arrival) and just letting them stand at attention at the A1-A5 pole.

Also, news update: the air conditioning in the Southwest terminal is about ten degrees colder than the rest of the airport and downright breezy. STAHHP

Guy ahead of us at a Disney gift store was lamenting his zero gator count so it is not just me. Clerk has been here three years and not seen one so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

A couple from the UK asked us for directions at the shuttle bus so now, back at the hotel pool, nieces have adopted faux accents possibly learned from Peppa Pig.

I'm at the Crayola theme park
I'm at the club
I'm at the combination Crayola theme park and club

Today's agenda involves a potential meet-and-greet with a color.

Even the eleven year olds are mocking this.

Dear Orlando: Setting your thermostat to 68 for the winter is not supposed to be a thing if it's still just air conditioning.

I truly did not expect the answer to "what is inside the Epcot sphere" to be "a 1976 Chevy Vega" but, well, it is. Might be a '77 but since I learned stick shift on a '76 it will always be that one to me.

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