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Free advice to dudes and dude-presenting folks: don't follow-and-DM ladies and lady-presenting folks with yer zero-post account. You gotta make some public posts (yes, even if it feels like no one is listening to you yet) to show you're a real human being. Then you participate in a *public* conversation. Then maybe you can DM.

(j/k never DM)

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Online grocery shopping status: local store's website is mostly unresponsive. πŸ˜”

(I have been putting things in my cart as they go on my list, but I guess if they're that overloaded I'll use paper.)


Oh, I just remembered the WORST thing the store was out of: cinnamon, of all kinds.

At least I still have stick cinnamon, and a Microplane-knockoff.

For the next six minutes my brain will be going in a circle of "I'm thirsty. I should get something to dri... oh right, I have iced tea brewing, I should surf the internet. But first, I'm thirsty. I should..."

We didn't get the corn tortillas and our cornmeal has gone bad, so for I guess I will figure out if you can make tortillas out of Jiffy cornbread mix.

The good news is, our grocery expenses were cut by $30-40 in things that weren't available...

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Product substitution was... interesting. Decaf diet coke cans got substituted as regular (non-diet) caffeinated cans which is hilariously wrong, non-decaf diet coke cans got substituted as 2-liters. 🀷

Seltzer was just not even there, and didn't come up in the list of substitution questions. At least I have iced-tea fixins now.

Hershey Kisses substitution was a smallish bag of Hershey Drops, so Carl has his chocolate fix.

The best news: I ordered some Vintage seltzer and that appears to be in stock. (And also some teabags for Peacock Room iced tea.)

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Also: no chocolate chips, so clearly everyone else is working on their Quarantine Fifteen by baking cookies too.

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The best part was: decaf Diet Coke is out, do you want regular? (Sure.) Later: Regular Diet Coke in cans is out, do you want me to check for 2-liters? (Uh... yeah. Not clear whether I'm going to end up getting any decaf even if they have any.)

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The grocery folks are not so slammed they can't call about substitutions. Still quite a bit of shortage happening, in some weird areas. I ran out of mirin; she says basically that entire aisle is gone. (Because people are afraid to go to Asian groceries now? I dunno.) Pork sausage is a no-go (this happens often in normal times; I guess it's not a priority with the largely Jewish customer base...) but the pork shoulder is in and she'll check for plain ground pork.

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Here's the still where you can see the most dolphins, including a parent/child pair in the middle. There were a couple dozen dolphins following the boat at any given time, some in the first wake and some in the second.

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Was looking through my old photos for something else and came across this animation GPhotos made so here, let me bless your timeline with some dolphins having fun with a boat wake back in 2015.

Dark pattern: unsubscribed from a charity's marketing list some months back.

Today I got the confirmation, in the form of "Do you still want to hear from us?" with tiny print at the bottom saying "You have been unsubscribed."

Probably *technically* follows CAN-SPAM etc. requirements. πŸ˜’

(So far in our household there have not been any "six weeks later we'll be bonded" incidents; this is not *that* much different than our day-to-day life.)

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Many, MANY years ago, my then-future husband came to my church and there happened to be a presentation on marriage, with an emphasis on blended families. The only thing either of us really took away from that was the story about how if you really want to blend a family, go on a long road/camping trip together. You coop everybody up in a car together, fight for 90% of the time, there are disasters, "but six weeks later you're BONDED."

(Yes I'm listening to Sam Sanders read quarantine stories.)

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Sourdough starter is eating all my flour. Not sure this was the best idea for Life With Limited Groceries.

(Luckily there's plenty to do with the discard.)

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