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(I mean, progressive enough that I was gonna apply even though I think I gave up on tech.)

Found a job that would be a nice get-back-into-the-tech-market but their anti-spam technique is to have you send your email with just the word "implore" in the subject line and you know what, I'm not that desperate.

(It's an otherwise progressive company, I dunno why that strikes me so wrong.)

A play in two acts:

github.com/Akron/Sojolicious 😃

"Latest commit ca39133 on Aug 7, 2016" 😭

The kids are not alright: billypenn.com/2017/10/16/pats-

(Seriously, skip Pat's *and* Geno's and have you a John's Roast Pork or a Gooey Looey's. Even as a Philly n00b I know this.)

Christmas for my nieces: done.

(Probably. I have the stuff to make them American Girl compatible dolls, might finally get around to that as well.)
mastodon.social/media/_esAIPcW mastodon.social/media/NLYZFslH

Dollar Tree has monster googly eyes. Sadly not self-stick, but that's what tape dots are for. mastodon.social/media/0Tw5Uesi

This whole instagram account makes me want to call up Mom and ask if she ever sold her knitting machine (because obviously I need another time- and space-consuming hobby...) instagram.com/jessicadance_mak

I gotta say, naming your adware company Invidi (which I assume is short for "invidious") is some pretty solid branding.

In case you thought the antique was the only amp we had. Look! We also have a semi-antique. (We might even have the remote around here somewhere still.) mastodon.social/media/hGWPgaYW

What's good, Mastodon? I'm a games writer from Philadelphia. I'm currently the Reviews Editor for 148apps.com. I joined this service months ago, but wanting to stand in solidarity with the Twitter has prompted me to actually try and use this thing. Is there an active contingent of gamesfolk here?

Other things: Loves cats (and dogs). Runner. Eagles fan. Beer nut (NOT snob).

Follow and I'll whisper to myself "Welcome to the show."

Reminder: you can use the Mastodon Bridge to connect up with Twitter friends who've come here (and registered):bridge.joinmastodon.org/ as well as using the hashtag to find new friends.

It's a Friday the 13th, which means that it's time for JSONVORHEES to magically appear in Pickaxe.Club. Which has PvP turned on, but generally doesn't see much inter-player conflict... until JSON shows up and starts killing people. All in good fun, of course. And he always makes them a nice gravestone.


... the result being, I did my first binge-watch yesterday, which kind of calls into question the whole "podcasts make Karen more productive" concept.

Innocuous but LONG post on podcasts and sitcoms Show more

I mean, John Williams >> Beethoven, fight me, but still.

Literally I was thinking "well, must be a classical piece that got used in a film somewh... oh. Oh. Right."

Well, time to turn in my "longhair classical music fan" card. Had the GPlay "epic film scores" channel running, which is a mix of actual film scores and those for-commercials-and-trailers types. Took the dog out, came back in and caught a little bit of something familiar and went "huh, they're mixing classical music in too?" and went in by the speaker and heard it properly.

Empire Strikes Back finale.



Husband is taking son to Markiplier live tonight. Not sure if that makes him a great dad or an awful one (he's not sure either). 🙃

(Follow Rob if you're into or . Also pens and bags and stuff.)