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Heyyyyy, DuckDuckGo, if you keep autosuggesting "hot" after every woman's name I type into the search box, you and me are gonna go some rounds.

*Last* week at read-to-littles, the lesson was on "near" and "far" using a book about birds to explain it and when the teacher asked at the end what the book was about and the kids got hung up on "birds" she would give them a "hint" by belting out the "My Heart Will Go On" line and they just weren't getting it and she did it about ten times because she likes to sing (I could *hear* the teachers in the other classroom rolling their eyes) and what I'm saying is IT'S STILL IN MY HEAD.

I'll take the sentiment in the spirit it was given though, and just appreciate that he really wanted me to stay.

Read-to-littles day went pretty well today: last-week's-meltdown girl was crying uncontrollably during toy clean-up time and when I came over to check on her she... held out her shoe. And let me put it on. And then caught her breath and smiled at me. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

And my little friend who holds my hand during nap-time was so upset that I was leaving "early" that he told me if I left he would kill me which, yeah, still working on helping him express himself appropriately.

Okay if we're asking for new modes of follow-requesting I would like to put in my vote for "follow this person but send them a notification" which would only appear when they followed you a long time ago and you've interacted regularly and you just now realized you weren't actually following *them* this whole time and it's embarrassing and you need to casually sliiiiide into their followers and pretend you've been there all along.

(I should have known it was BS when it didn't let you pick "good transit service" as a priority)

One of the local papers has a little interactive that lets you pick the "best town" based on several factors. I picked "short commute" among three and it happily informed me I should move to Woodbine on Cape May which is literally the furthest from Philly you can get in South Jersey.

Anything that lets you pick "short commute" should probably let you specify where you're commuting *to*.

Reminder: an embroidery machine is a 3d printer.

(I mean so is a regular sewing machine, but the embroidery machine has the whole computer-controlled part going on.)

Wasn't gonna list it until tomorrow but then Etsy lost my draft for a little while so I went ahead and made it live so I can yell at them if they lose it now because I've paid my fee. 😁

#dragon #art #artwithopensource #plushie #mastoart

Oh, Nextdoor public safety department, never change: "Poll: Did you know that patios, terraces, porches, balconies, and courtyards are the leading locations for home grill fires?"

Uh, yeah, because those are also the leading locations for home grills. πŸ™„

I suspect our landlord (who is not a top-notch handyman) installed the sliding glass door here himself, because it's inside-out: the screen door is on the inside. Why does that matter, you might wonder? Well, it's been open and the light is on and now if we close the glass we have to do it fast and then re-close the screen or we will have a house full of moths.

(Which, the cats see this as *all* upside.)

Something on an embroidery site made me remember one of the *positive* interactions with the little guy at Head Start: apparently he brought a sleep mask in, as the kids sometimes do for nap time, and it was a Spider-Man mask. So he brought it with him to the playground, where he discovered that it was not actually all that much fun to use for dress-up. πŸ˜† πŸ•ΆοΈ

"It's not possible for you to block a follower or to block people from liking your posts and pages. It's only possible to remove them, which it sounds like you've already done. Unfortunately, this does not prevent them from coming back."

It is 2019, Wordpress, why the WHY would you add social-media features to your site with no form of blocking?

(Your *paid* site, may I emphasize.)

So I posted the cut-and-sew pugs to the Spoonflower group on Flickr, and predictably got a few likes and generic comments, and when I peeked at the profiles sure enough it was folks trying desperately hard with photostreams full of Spoonflower and Shapeways and other "passive revenue stream" hustles. πŸ˜”

I can't bring myself to game the thing properly; I just post my stuff and follow local crafters and a few remaining Wichita folks and fave their pictures when they strike my fancy. If sales happen as a result of that, they happen. So far all of my social-media-referred sales have been via my account which is kinda funny because that has always been my "here's where I'm gonna post all my behind-the-scenes stuff because I don't have to worry about Maintaining The Image."

Instagram (which I'm on for biz purposes) is interesting: if you post something with a popular hashtag like "plushie" or "pug" or "cat" you get faves by all sorts of accounts that are "by" someone's plushie, or pug, or cat.

Some of them are insta-faves (meaning they have software that's camping that hashtag and auto-faving), others happen more (ostensibly) organically.

What a weird ecosystem.

Pugs are going up in the shop tomorrow morning. Gonna cautiously try a little made-to-order.

If you use the coupon MASTOPUGS, you'll get 20% off through the end of May.


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