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Karen🥨👵🏻🌲🏖️ @gamehawk@mastodon.social

Installing Perl libraries on the 3B+ and the Zero has definitely brought home the difference in their speeds. 🐰 🐢

Yeah, I should quit dinking around with the hardware and put together some software to go on it, but tiny computers are just so absurd.

Think I'm gonna turn the Zero into a USB dongle. I'm logged into it now (not posting from it, though) just like that because why not.

Aaaaaand once again I have gotten a microSD card stuck in the SD-card reader. "Ohhh, it'll be fine this time, I don't need to mess with putting it in one of the half-dozen mini-SD adapters on my desk" I said.

(It is supposed to have a little spring that pops it back out when you push on it. It rarely works. The minis don't go in flush, but the micros do.)

Building Atom from the repo while running Masto and TweetDeck in the browser is enough to lock up the Pi in case you wondered. (It still responds a little now and then so whenever Atom is done I expect it'll be back. Hopefully.)

Remember I said Olivia is emphatically not a lap cat? Turns out if you have a keyboard in the recliner that changes everything.

Well, so far the touchscreen display is upside-down (and that matters; the Pi only goes in one way, and the case has a built-in stand, even though the thing looks like a tablet from above), and Mastodon doesn't seem to detect Chromium-on-a-tiny-screen. But otherwise I'M TOOTING FROM A STANDALONE PI! (on wireless and with its own display).

Son got a clicky keyboard, evidently feeling the need to escalate the arms race (I have a vintage buckling-spring). ⌨ 🔊

The nice thing about the new Pi is that I can just stick the SD card from the old Pi in it and not have to wait for the image to burn on the new SD card (which is for the $3.14 Pi Zero, because how could I turn down a $3.14 Pi Zero? And also a $3.14 Google Voice kit which I dunno what I'm gonna do with because I'm sure not putting a[nother] surveillance device in my house on a whim).

(Yeah, I know Riz doesn't really look that much like Anil but Anil was soooooo excited about that character that I will forever associate him with Anil to the point of being surprised to see Riz instead of Anil whenever I see him.)

People hate on Rogue One by saying "name one character" but we had no trouble naming everybody. L-R:
"Not-so-shouty dude"
"Sniper dude"
"Crossbow dude"
"The girl"
"Crossbow dude's friend"
"Anil Dash"
"Shouty dude"
(Darth, storm troopers)
Moff, probably not a grand one
(More storm troopers)

Turns out this is super awkward without a mouse. How is it all our spare mice are PS/2?

(Or have no batteries.)

Mastodon will never catch on; I can't find Brian Fung.

(*Footnote: turns out "quarter water" rhymes in certain Philly-area accents. And Costco is known for its 25-cent vending machines for chilled bottled water, which I had not previously known.)

Went to Costco today, and (thanks to the snowplow mountains) there were carts all over the lot and the corrals were inaccessible. So when I passed an older lady in handicap-adjacent parking who had just finished unloading hers I offered to take it with me.

The greeter saw this, so my "reward" for the good dead was a ten-minute harangue on what a kind person I was, and how she keeps quarters so when she's not on door duty she can buy "quarter water"* for people she sees being kind.