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Matthew Gallant

Wrote a new post about applying the book "Thinking in Systems" to game design:

"Revolutions" podcast just wrapped up their fascinating series on 1848. If you enjoy history, the most recent episode is a great 40-minute condensation of the entire seventh season.

Folks who compare Celeste to Super Meat Boy are doing it a disservice imo. It’s more puzzle than reflexes; reminds me a lot of The Swapper (2013). It also portrays mental health struggles in a very raw & honest way. It has such a truthful warm kind positive vibe… I love this game.

Hearthstone friends: I'm enjoying this druid combo deck. Hadronox + Cube + Witching Hour = so many Lich Kings.

Shudderwock! Allegedly game-breaking on expansion day zero, might have to try it before it gets nerfed.

Recently finished "Thinking in Systems: A Primer" and absolutely loved it. It belongs with "Understanding Comics" and "The Design of Everyday Things" in the pantheon of books that aren't about games but still teach game design.

Two books I've been reading unexpectedly collide:
• Systems reveal themselves through their behaviour.
• Characters reveal themselves through their behaviour.

Wrote a new post looking at Breath of the Wild through the lens of Clint Hocking's “improvisational play”:

I really wish Mastodon had a cleaner interface. I'm only interested in the "home" column, but it's crammed into ¼ of the screen. The entire page is also slightly too wide, so I get a tiny horizontal scrollbar on Firefox OSX.

🍳🥘 STIR FRY BLUES (a cooking game I made for Space Cowboy Jam) now runs in WebGL. RIP Unity web player.

Wrapped up Horizon & Night in the Woods today (two early GOTY contenders), ready for GNOG & Prey next week 👍🎮👌

Been playing a lot of Clash Royale, so I wrote about a design decision they made that I think is quite ingenious:

Gave my opinion for this article; if we've ever talked game design over a pint, then you can likely guess my answer.

Spent the weekend in Joshua Tree National Park. The desert landscape is otherworldly, and surprisingly colourful in the springtime.

Snagged a beautiful hardback copy of "The Guns of August" on my trip (Leakey's Second-hand Bookshop in Inverness, incredible store). However, I've been so jetlagged at night that I'm only making it through one paragraph at a time 😴