On MLK Day, I’d like to highly recommend the graphic novel “March” by John Lewis. I was awe-struck by the courage of the SNCC and the freedom riders. It also explores the complexity of the disagreements within & between various civil rights movements. goodreads.com/book/show/298443

Finally cancelled my NYT subscription. Here’s to being less informed in 2019 🎉

I’m way behind on 2018 games, but the two I actually finished & completely adored were Celeste and Hollow Knight on the Switch 🍓🐞

Applying level design to parenting: turning off the lights in a room to make my toddler not want to wander in there.

Riot announces a new jungler champion named Neeko.

Top comment on the thread: “Neeko, it’s your cousin, let’s go bowling!”

A fact that is obvious in retrospect but that I hadn’t considered before: there are TLDs for countries that don’t exist anymore. Soviet Union (.su), Yugoslavia (.yu), East Germany (.dd), Czechoslovakia (.cs) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.su

"Valiant Hearts: The Great War" by Ubisoft Montpellier is a game that humanizes the war, and conveys a nuanced anti-war message while honouring the common soldiers and civilians who sacrificed and fought. youtube.com/watch?v=qq0r0zpj35

The "Blueprint for Armageddon" podcast series. Dan Carlin has a particular talent for inviting listeners to experience historical events from the perspective of those who lived them. What was their world view? What motivated their decisions? What are the first-hand accounts from primary sources? dancarlin.com/product/hardcore

Barbara Tuchman's "The Guns of August" is a gripping narrative that covers the decision to go to war (where the momentum of war plans & events on the ground overtook leaders) up to the "Miracle of the Marne" which forced the stalemate and led to years of trench warfare. goodreads.com/book/show/407790

On the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, here some history nerd recommendations to learn more about the First World War. Lest we forget.

My contribution for — here's a very early prototype of the train combat sequence that was later developed for chapter 9 of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. gangles.ca/2018/10/04/blocktob

Spotted the old Canadian flag while reading a Richard Scarry book to my daughter. “Best Word Book Ever” was published in 1963; Canada adopted the maple leaf flag in 1965 🇨🇦

"So you're really into bronze, huh? Name your three favourite alloys."

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