Climate change 

Quotes from "Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change". From my perspective, who better to draw compelling narratives out of complex multivalent systems than game designers?

Might have finally aged past the “final exam is tomorrow and I haven’t studied” nightmare.

Just had the “GDC is tomorrow and I haven’t prepared my talk” nightmare 🤦‍♂️

10 years ago today I moved from Montreal to Austin to begin my career as a professional game developer. Four games shipped, here's to many more! 🥳

Thrilled to reveal all the accessibility features we’ve been developing for The Last of Us Part 2. We strove to remove as many barriers as possible and really push the boundaries of accessibility in games, particularly for blind and low vision players.

Trying to teach my daughter French has turned into a regular vigorous debate about the names of body parts.

⚜️ “Tes oreilles”
😤 “No! Ears!”

This super glitched-out "new game plus" run of Final Fantasy 6 from AGDQ is astounding, even for a game that has a reputation for being quite broken.

Oh dang, add "A Short Hike" to the list of games set in Canada. 👍

Us: Let’s take our toddler to the Natural History Museum, she loves animals and dinosaurs in books.

Toddler: Big open spaces! Benches! Stairs! People!

Trying something new: here's a Let's Play of "Remembrance Island", a Fortnite custom map commissioned by The Royal Canadian Legion for Remembrance Day.

So I downloaded Fortnite just to try this, but for some reason the entire level is set at night and you need a flashlight to see anything? Does creative mode have an unintended day/night cycle?

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As a Canadian history buff I’m deeply intrigued by this, but quite skeptical about the weird aesthetic mix. I suppose for education there’s value in “meeting people where they are”?

Toddler’s first trick or treat. She ran inside the first house because she wanted to see their cat 😭

Climate change, depressing 

Reading a 2008 book about climate change projecting how we really need to be well on our way to decarbonizing the economy by 2020 ☠️

Watched Chernobyl months ago, but really enjoyed this companion podcast series with show creator ‪Craig Mazin‬. Great stories from both the historical research and the craft of storytelling & production.

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