I'd love something like a instance that's for sharing (basically like an clone), with an app too.

Or perhaps a mode in Mastodon (and its apps) itself? …and, of course, better photo handling by default too.

(BTW: There should be a way to differentiate between sharing a photo you took and some random graphic, naturally.)

Also, all the animated gif avatars on the public timeline thing are annoying and distracting, I wish there was a way to turn them off.

I reported a bug about this ages ago, and it was closed, but I still see animated gifs with no way to disable them :(

There are NO checkmark verifications on this instance or any other. People just put emoji in their display names for a joke

Remember the Code of Conduct everyone (on Mastodon)
Reports will be dealt with (compared to certain other places)

Dear everyone I see tweeting that they don't want "politics" on Mastodon:

I was driven off of Twitter by Nazis because of "politics". I still get daily rape and death threats.

Newsflash: most people's lives are directly affected by politics. Don't try to silence women and PoC because you'd rather let people suffer than be heard.

OK, so, I guess "federated" doesn't actually mean "can easily move my account from one instance to another" yet? :( github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

While testing @garrett (xyz); I notice there's a bit of a delay between instances right now. I guess that's due to server load?

Not sure if I should keep @gar8 here or switch to @garrett (the xyz instance)

slight political reference 

Machine learning image processing is getting more and more interesting. The new one of the day is CycleGAN, which can do:

- photos to art
- art to photos
- horse to zebra
- zebra to horse
- apples to oranges
- oranges to apples
- winter to spring
- spring to winter
- photos to specific artist styles
- etc.


I genuinely don't see the point of joining a new social network just to carry across all the bad habits from the old one. It's like, this is a chance to have a fresh start, to build a nicer set of communities - embracing that, because it's the one thing Twitter would never allow, seems more vital than ever in this political climate.

@randygarcia: Yeah, I commented on the no-search thing earlier and got a nice reply @ icosahedron.website/users/gadi and they linked to mastodon.social/users/datapup/ with more of a conversation about search vs. hashtags

(that all said, I wish would support hashtag searches like the web UI does)

@gar8 Search is something which people have wanted to carefully plan out and weigh pros and cons of different specific implementations and limitations before shoving it in.

See this discussion, e.g.: mastodon.social/users/datapup/

Whose idea was it to call it "the fediverse" and not "the herd"?

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