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Links added for working STM32F4 code for 8-bit PCF8574 I/O and HD44780 LCD drivers.
Q: Why are drivers so damn hard to find for micros other than Arduino platform?

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Me shyly holding out a piece of paper and a pen to Judge Alsup

"Could... you make it out to Sarah"

My voice cracks a little as I ask

"And could... could you also reverse a string in Java right beneath that"

Twitter <-> Mastodon bridge: mastodon-bridge.herokuapp.com/
My full sign-in was: gareth__@mastodon.social
It doesn't list lost of folks I've already connected with though so not sure how complete.

Sooo no Twitter import means no social graph means manually adding 100's/1000's of unverified accounts.
I'm not sure how this bird will fly.


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