Maybe it only bothers me because there is only one line of text. None of the attachment types look great in that view when there is only one line, because of how it aligns with the avatar. Usually a bit more text helps it...

Fixed intermittent issues on caused by another Hetzner router issue causing a network split and taking out one of the PostgreSQL replicas.

Wew lads, yo. I'm your resident dumpster fire

I could swear I only seen one wizard on the TL the whole dang day

I no longer have a twitter account from which to tell notch to shut the fuck up

So hey, is anyone starting any art-specific servers? The "I am an artist" category on only lists 2 that are actually themed around art (one if you discount photography), and is invite-only so there is definitely a need here

the only version of microsoft windows with consistent visual design was 95. also it didnt really do much. thats why its my favorite version

A spooky egg.

;3 you might have seen this big boi making his rounds

Somebody at Spotify thought it would be a good idea β€” in the year of Cambridge Analytica β€” to make a campaign using what appears to be actual user-generated playlist titles and songs.

From Inktober! She was one of my favorites and she sold!

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