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*sigh* Folks, don't sign up with your names and addresses for a protest. Don't do the work of a fascist government for them.

I got jumped in my crappy little newbie spaceship by 5 NPC ships. Survived!

14 hours done. I have no idea how people do 24 straight for extra life. They must have bladders of steel. Didn't buy the farm on my NMS permadeath game. Nobody was watching. :)

Doing extra life this year and am 13 hours in. I have no clue how folks do it all in one day. Pee in a bucket? Pizza delivery?

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I really dislike it when "open source program" is "crappy, hard to use, ugly" in people's minds.

Hey, folks, daily reminder that self-care is a good thing. Have you had food, water, meds, and contact with another mammal? It's OK to tap out of the news cycle. They want you scared, because scared people do stupid things.

How y'all doing? Did you have food, water, meds (if you need 'em)? Shit's fucked. Shit isn't going to get less fucked, but self-care is a good thing.

Hrm. Is there a way to promote my Extra Life page without A.) attracting trolls and B.) being really obnoxious?

Not too concerned about yarn, since that's all in tubs that haven't been opened.

Fuckety-fuck. :/ Moths ate my knit gloves. They don't seem to have attacked anything else. I've got other knitwear in the freezer as we speak.

I almost feel sorry for folks who install Slackware current as their new OS, completely new to Slackware and don't bother to read the README about how it's testing, not a rolling release...

Hearing about the mass layoffs at Trion. I love video games. I know some awesome people who work in the industry. But...I have to admit, the industry is trash and treats people like trash.

How can I, as a gamer, help this? Support companies that treat their employees well? only play indies?

Confidential to my trans friends: if you need a bathroom buddy, I'll happily powder my nose.

Damn. Gigantic blowup in the linuxquestions slackware forum. :(

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