Oh yeah. Playing Animal Crossing, too.

Been watching "Dark." it is...very dark. (cw: suicide for that show.) My German's coming back, though.

Yay! Now everything's showing up for me. (Older toots.)

So what's something good going on today? :)

Hrm. So I haven't logged in in awhile. Only things I see are from an hour ago. Nothing before then. As intended?

pandemic shit 

We're still here. We're still OK. We're staying in as much as possible, but our state is rapidly opening up. Our cases were the lowest in the nation, but are steadily rising again.

Good morning. I really do need to check here more often. How are y'all?

Hello. Have y'all had food/water/meds, if you need meds? :)

Good morning. How're y'all doing? Hanging in there? Hydrated?

@klaatu So how're you getting by? Hanging in there?

Anyway, we're here. We're still healthy, aside from allergy sniffles. (Which respond to claritin.)

covid-19 toilet paper joke 

From a friend's mother-in-law:

You know why there's a shortage of toilet paper? Because when one person sneezes, 10 other shit their pants.

How are y'all? Have you had a food/water/meds? It's OK to tap out of the news, if you need to. It's OK to go enjoy dandelions in your yard (from a safe distance.)

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RIP Nate Woods 

The state of Alabama conducted a ceremonial lynching of an innocent black dude today. May Nate Woods rest easy.

White supremacist america is disgusting.

@brinstar Not when my box and my phone died earlier this year. Being an adult sucks.

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@brinstar I'm seriously making grabby hands towards the Animal Crossing switch. Another $300 isn't in the budget, though.

How y'all doing tonight? Did you have a food? A water? Meds, if you need them?

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