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Brain: "No Man's Sky Crashed while playing! It means your computer is dying!"
Me: "It ran out of RAM. I had chrome going in the background, and that eats RAM by the gig."
Brain: "It's dying! You're fucked!"
Me: "I killed the PID, everything was copacetic."
Brain: "DOOM!"

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This is the cat who runs and hides whenever someone he's not sure of comes into our place. But outside is OK? Not sure how that works.

Ralph was charming someone through a window. All I could hear (I was in a different room) was "Hi buddy! Hi! Hello pretty boy! How ya doin'?"

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The moral of the Neverending Story is that the best way to deal with bullies is to get a dragon and then run their asses down with your dragon

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Answered my own question. You don't lose frigate missions when you switch galaxies. Do bring a stack of ferrite dust with you to the next galaxy, though, if you're doing the main storyline.

I didn't, and had to punch rocks and trees, like in minecraft.

No Man's Sky question: if I change galaxies with 3 hours to go on a frigate mission, will the mission complete in the next galaxy?

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If you need to be an asshole to code, then maaaaybe you aren't as good as you think.

All kidding aside about getting right with one's deity (or deities) of choice, I hope Linus is sincere in his apology and gets the help he wants/needs. That doesn't sound like the email of a happy/healthy person.

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