Any people well-versed in making Vietnamese coffee? How coarse should the coffee be ground? I'm hearing espresso and French press, which are opposite ends of the grinding spectrum. :/

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:drake_dislike: too many people want to be artists and we need to gatekeep harder

:drake_like: capitalism has produced a society that undervalues creative work and forces people to work long hours, leaving little time to pursue creative interests. people attempt to square this circle by pursuing art as a living, but capitalism is only interested in profit and paying workers as little as possible, forcing artists to pursue only commercially viable projects and fight over crumbs at that

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Oracle's Java is GPL'ed now? Time to get right with one's deity (or deities) of choice.

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Although maybe it didn't change? Kinda tired, so I'm not sure what changed. (Blood/death/reaper, here. Greatsword, mostly.) So wish they'd come out with a vulkan or DX11 build for the next expansion, so I could use vulkan. :)

Huh. Reaper's Shroud is kinda nuts now. I like. :)

Oh hell. Couldn't log into my GW2 account. (Yes, I'm using TFA.) Turns out I had characters typed at the end of my email by accident.

Huh, Reaper changes. I tend to play a minony Reaper, though. (I'm not into the current reaper fashion. I gotta have pets.) Pets > all.

Good day to nope the fuck out of the internet.

It's always a good day when the cat pukes on the PS4.

Question: is there a writer on FOSS or FLOSS that's less problematic than RMS or ESR? (Not that the writings are problematic, but the people are.)

Someone help me out with an argument. "Free Open source software" and "Free/Open source software" means the same thing? And the Unity editor is neither? (It's free...up to a point. It has never been open source, however nifty.) Friend on facebook is trying to convince me that the 2nd "F/OSS" isn't the same, and I can't find a reference for it that doesn't point to FOSS/GNU.

See, this is why I prefer the term "libre."

Is there a mod that helps with roller beetle mount motion sickness? I love roller beetle racing, but it, alas, doesn't love me. :(

And I would totally bake Arena Net cookies, if they released a version of the GW2 client that utilized dx11, so I could use dxvk.

I love roller beetle racing, but I'll be damned if it doesn't trip my motion sickness hard. :(

One year ago we brought this boi to his (hopefully) forever home. He was scared and missed his human, but discovered we were fun after observing us for two months.

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