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Sorry, folks. I'm just a bit salty today.

Dissing a public figure, even one I thoroughly despise, by deliberately screwing up their name to something offensive is such a 3rd grade move.

I refuse to bag on my nieces' generation to appease them, too. Divide and conquer.

If y'all are going to pipe up and say you (as a Boomer) aren't like that, maybe you should check your friends, because there *are* a lot of y'all like that out there.

I swear to God the next Boomer who passes around a copypasta like this is going to invoke my ire:

Who has two thumbs, some potato salad, and no more fucks to give? This person, right here.

Sweet relish shouldn't hiss when opened.

My potato salad: 1.5 lbs new red potatoes, green onion, bacon, couple hardboiled eggs, avocado (if it doesn't suck) sauce 1 cup mayo, few spoonfuls of sweet relish, 1 TBL dijon mustard, 1 TBL vinegar, 1 TBL of sugar (if using cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar I leave out), salt, pepper to taste. Boil potatoes until fork-tender, of course. I don't bother to skin.

I really hope it's not a migraine. I have 2 pounds of potato salad to make tomorrow.

Big storm moving through, which causes big pressure changes. I always feel tired and weird. Migraine coming on, or? Been having sinus issues for a day or so.

Gah. Mastodon's privacy takes some getting used to.

Trying to work out the logistics of potato salad, the summer, potentially public transit, or 7 hours of down time. I don't see how to make it happen without dry ice.

Being back on Mastodon makes me realize just what a dumpster fire shitshow twitter is.

We'll see how long I stay public. A stalker relative made me go protected on twitter, and the last 18-24 months made me stay that way.

@artsyhonker Hello! I'm a composer, too. I've done a lot of stuff that might be considered sacred, but hasn't been used liturgically. :)

Hello. New mastodon, because the old one crashed, I'm told. I was @garpu