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Some fucking patent troll is suing @gnome, and they are fighting back, to help all of Free software, who might be victims if the troll wins.

I've gotten so much from Gnome trough so many years, and given so little back. But here it is easy to give, so I did, and I tried to make up a little bit for all I've gotten.

And you should too!

Read more:

Give to the defense:

Please boost, they are fighting for all of us, at least we can spread the word

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Maybe mh, maybe neurodiversity 

@klaatu hey, wasn't one of your podcasts at It' longer that.

Wait, Metallica got their start in LA? I thought they were like from frigging Oakland.

For fuck's sake. Wanting a stable distribution of Qt5 is hardly petulance. It's "Slackware is going to be in a world of hurt, because nothing uses qt4 anymore." Or: I really dislike the majority of posters on linuxquestions.

pyqt5 doesn't exist as a package that won't interfere with the pyqt4 that slackware ships with. I really wish slackware would move to qt5, because it's a pain in the ass to not have it now.

Wondering if it's really worth the effort to get Frescobaldi working, when command line lilypond works great. Better, even, because I have access to vi keybindings.

what is with the entitled assholes finding the slackware linuxquestions forum? Yeah, no, dude. I'm not installing Debian or Ubuntu just to figure out why you're using 100MB of RAM more with Slackware. And 100MB? Christ. RAM is cheap. If you're running out, either get more for what you do, or figure out where the leak is.

Legendary Defender of Ascalon Update: level 10. My God, this is a slog.

I guess it depends? I'm having more fun with it than Trove, for instance. And I'm not bagging on Diablo III--I've got a crapload of hours into it, as well.

Maybe I'm weird, but I'm enjoying Cube World. It's got some things that need tweaking, but I like the gear and progression system. I mean, come on, like other games aren't similar? you move to a new area, you have to farm new gear with different mobs. It's not a strange concept.

And for the comment that you've seen it all if you've done one region, that may be true, but if you've done one Greater Rift, you've essentially seen all of Diablo III, too.

breast cancer and gendered crap 

So I've been working my way through legendary defender of Ascalon in GW1. I blew through all the quests and stalled around level 8. Rerolled and am rapidly cheesing my way to 10 by farming "Charr at the Gate." Its fun like skyblock is fun: its using mechanics to progress in a parallel manner.

And that's not getting into the host of shit that's distributed by ads.

I think what pisses me off most about the "adblockers are immoral!" stance is that it's essentially saying that I have a moral obligation to watch ads about low testosterone and crappy cookware, if I'm watching broadcast TV. Or that I have to read and consider every piece of junkmail that comes into my mailbox.

One tweet of mine is apparently "raging," yet they're the ones completely filling my mentions. Have a mute.

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