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@MarkLundeberg@twitter.com "This creates the perfect conditions for doing complex off-chain smart contracting. And best of all, those multi-signatures will appear on the blockchain as P2PKH, i.e., indistinguishable from regular payments."


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A proposal for reusable addresses in .
(BTC has reusable payment codes, but they never took off in usage)

"We found little correlation between the number of public CCTV cameras and crime or safety".
World’s most-surveilled cities:
12/Abu Dhabi

Trolling and fake news are today what spam was a generation ago. Twitter and FB should have a spam folder/feed instead.

"Twitter and Facebook have taken steps to block what they described as a state-backed Chinese misinformation campaign."

This is why you *must* use @uBlockOrigin@twitter.com .

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Still can't believe news websites allow their ad networks to blatantly spam readers with fraudulent ads like this. (Pop up ad, "close" does the opposite of close, and it leads to a fake apple website)

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People in are hoping for violence to deescalate, but with videos like this of , there's little hope.

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A video footage obtained by Lam Cheuk-ting showed how 2 officers assaulted a man in a hospital. It’s very disturbing: facebook.com/LamCheukTing.O…

Earlier this morning, HK leader dismissed the need to set up an independent probe to look into alleged police misconduct

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This is the kind of psychological warfare that the people in are experiencing through social media. The fake news image is from Saturday, before the large (1.7 million people) that took place on Sunday.

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China cries foul over Facebook, Twitter block of fake accounts reut.rs/2HgvWg3 "Overseas Chinese and students “of course have the right to express their point of view” says official, who actively blocks the expression of dissenting opinions within the mainland.

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We designed Apple Card to put privacy and security first. Thrilled to offer it to iPhone customers in the US starting today! apple.com/newsroom/2019/08/app

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"It hurts my soul to hear that we're viewing red meat as detrimental to climate change," said Ottawa farmer Amber Payne. "I look at it as a solution to fix many global problems."

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Apple's R&D budget is now the same as Spain's

as in, all private and public R&D in the entire country of Spain, the 13th largest economy in the world, home to 47 million people


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So many worrying stories this morning. The triad knife attack on two women at a Lennon Wall. Cops torturing a helpless man at the hospital. But this... how can a British consulate staff member be missing for TEN days, and we only now hear about it? twitter.com/krislc/status/1163

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Singaporean media reports that the three main public universities in the country have stopped student exchange programmes with their Hong Kong counterparts, following an advisory issued by the Singapore foreign ministry on deferring “non-essential” travels todayonline.com/singapore/nus-

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