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Nowadays, news tends to be behind paywalls, while fake news is free.

“They only want us to see what they want us to see, and hear what they want us to hear”

“In the future there will be only good news, and no bad news.”

today went to do the groceries... again ¥800 (didn't buy any meat). So it wasn't a fluke and prices are really up about two-fold of the normal price. Especially fruit is very expensive

Seller on purposely sent the wrong product as he knows you can nearly not return it during this period! there is no express that will pik it up... or will not even be covered by the return policy due to increased cost for express.

Happy Birthday...

... all I wish for is good health for all

working from home now became house arrest; the community started to distribute 'permits' to leave the community.

We rent out two of our appartments. So today the intermediar/agent called. Both appartments have no people in them. They asked us if we would take a loss by not getting paid for both for one month. Clearly they have a cashflow issue.

things are tilting on absurdity now; sure, a person on each floor who asks where you are going, temperature measurement on entering the community... BUT, asking me to open my package because 'some books' aren't allowed?!? If you have Winnie the Pooh at home you own banned matterial

according to them, they aren't lying about the numbers; they just have a different definition for each of the sets they have. what is shared is 'confirmed', but what is 'unknown' or 'unconfirmed' is not included in the shared set.

the propaganda never stops; my son had to start school, but they do from home and by internet. the first class was all about 'what does to contain the virus', 'how strong the people in China are', etc... plus 'do not forget to watch Xinwen Lianbo' (state's news broadcast) *ugh*

cost of groceries in Beijing went up in a short time from spending ¥300 every 4 days, to ¥400... and today even ¥999 (no kidding!)

They rewrite history. Slowly it will be like there never was a ...

a lot of people around me keep saying this: "They are lying. We know they are lying. They know we know they are lying... and still they keep lying"

the first 4 sentences were all about father bear... they will never admit

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