My indoor cat was following one of the neighborhood outdoor cats around the house, but mistook the fireplace glass for another window to the outside, and was baffled when the other cat did not seem to follow the projected path. A lesson in pattern-recognition and assumptions.

I am enjoying everyone's photos and eclipse fun tonight. Alas, all is dark and gray outside for me. Naught but a city light to illuminate the underbelly of the sky.

Sidetracked from Photoshopping to read about the man Herbig of Herbig-Haro object namesake, as written by Reipurth.

Here's a link to the Wikipedia article for Herbig-Haro objects. It explains waaay better than I can, even though I really, really like HH objects.

if you wanna know more, definitely do click the hubblesite link. the short of it is a star is busy forming, and while all this gas and stuff is falling into it, some falls out the ends of the protostar/disk REALLY FAST, because physics. then the jets collide w the outer nebula.

The brighter one looks brighter because a wideband filter was used, so more light got through. The darker one is some narrowband data I'm working on a color version of. It will be like this but better in some ways:

Westphal's 1994 observations of HH1-2 compared with Reipurth's 2014
20 years to watch these jets move

Ironically, the other closest tornado to me happened while I was in Queens, NY

Had my fair share of bad weather in OK, but the scariest thing that ever happened to me there was baseball sized hail.

foolish alarm system, I come from OKLAHOMA

this might actually be one of the closest tornadoes to me ever, but right now I'm in Modesto, CA.

just had the ever living crap scared out of me by my house alarm
apparently there is a TORNADO WARNING.
and this apparently sets my burglar alarm off. I'm going to go clean my pants up now

sometimes astronomy folks don't reply to emails

sometimes their mail hard drive fills up, and you can't even send an email 😆

"Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

something I think a lot about lately

This thing is awesome and perfect for me because it provides such nice ambient lighting and is totally customizable. I think it might also be hackable, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.

Can't really tell from the video because the camera keeps normalizing the colors, but it starts dark orange and then moves on to brighter orange before getting to lighter orange and into the blues.

Got one of these Nanoleaf canvas things. Trying to figure out space themed patterns for it. This one is inspired by Titan’s atmosphere. Nine squares gradually fade between colors. Eventually I’ll put it on my wall

UPDATE: cleaned out gutters today, found 20 more lemons in various states of decay. decided maybe not to keep them, but let me tell you, that section of gutter smelled fantastic.

is anyone else's kitchen overflowing with citrus or is it just me? they're just...everywhere.

signed, a resident of central valley california

These are from Hubble's ACS/HRC camera, which doesn't work anymore.

JWST will take some great pics, but they'll basically be the infrared equivalent of this.

If you want to see better pictures of Uranus, send a robot. please. any robot will do, just send one

Here's some moon labels. As the question mark implies, I'm not sure that's Puck, but it would make sense. There is at least one more faint moon, but it's too faint to label.

Here's a super overprocessed version. The behavior of light is really a pain to deal with sometimes.

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