My friend gifted me this succulent a few months ago and another little plant sprouted up underneath it, and I swear that the big succulent is trying to block the light to the little plant that popped up… is that a thing plants do?

Just realized I uploaded the image without the curves adjustment to it. 🙃

Well, it's not *too* different, but here was the one I meant to upload... a little bit better color balance and brighter.

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A screenshot of the MAST Portal astroview to help orient you. The white box is where you're looking.

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You want stars? You got 'em. Nothing but stars and a few background galaxies in this close-up view of Messier 110, a satellite galaxy of Andromeda. (From Prop 15902 /

Noticed the start time histogram skewed heavily to the right, like a bunch of really old entries got added... turns out it's a time traveling Kepler photometer. Guess I'm emailing the archive again

Here's another view of just the center with some much heavier processing to help bring out some more details.

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Guess what time it is again? That's right, it's time for another spiral galaxy. Sure, there are a lot of spiral galaxies, but look at how different they can be. (From Prop 15654 /

Sad to have found what appears to be a window fatality on my back patio. Not sure what species.

Had a dream last night that I held a tiny walrus-like creature, no more than a centimeter in length, and was like, wow, convergent evolution was amazing with this one, and then released it into a freshwater pond covered in a mat of plant life.

You'd think it'd be Flocculent Friday, but no, it's actually Barred Friday. Barred spiral galaxy NGC 4548 from Hubble. (Prop 15654 / PHANGS-HST /

anyway this is the content you get when I'm sitting around waiting for spouse to come home because he's probably off intubating a covid patient or some such. we had a nice break, but now it's getting bad again. wear a mask, don't do a social thanksgiving, etc :|

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they do not even have a strong flavor at all, despite their appearance. I remember thinking they looked putrid the first time I saw them, but now I think they are neat, and I look forward to finding them in the spoon.

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anyway, into the congee they go. not super appetizing to anyone unfamiliar but i promise they taste like eggs

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some still images. wasn’t sure if a video would show them better. i need some softer lights

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century eggs have salt dendrites in them that I quite enjoy

here's me with a blue ice cream. I'll post another pic of myself in ten years maybe

A new image of spiral galaxy NGC 4571 with a lot of bright blue clusters of stars in its arms. They seem extra happy today. Again, from the PHANGS-HST program. ( / Prop 15654)

I think NGC 4571 *might* be a low surface brightness galaxy... heh. Look at that teeny, tiny little bright spot in the nucleus. (WIP)

It's spirally. It's flocculent. It's NGC 4298. Another in a series from the PHANGS-HST program.
(Data attribution: for Prop 15654 / for Prop 14913)

Looks like you need a spiral galaxy. NGC 4254 / Messier 99 from's PHANGS-HST program.

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