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Patrick told me he made me a "chocolate Hubble" and it confused me for a bit. Then I discovered on the dinner table two Reese's laid on their sides stacked into a cylinder flanked by two fun size Kit Kats. Definitely pre-SM3B solar panels.

Depression: eczema for the soul.

I had a nice and successful family gathering tonight, but it itches, and I just want to scratch it tonight.

My kitchen 3-way switch was only working as a regular switch, and it turned out and someone had attached the ground wire to one of the travelers? I put it off all this time and it was a 1-minute fix? 🙃

Hubble observations by @_sublunar_@twitter.com of an amazing strong lensing system creating a nearly complete ring that is comprised of a single background galaxy positioned directly behind (if I understand correctly).
h/t to @dstndstn@twitter.com & @AFJonkeren@twitter.com

The Steam Summer sale minigame is going on, and I noticed a familiar point spread function and pinkish color of the stars in the background... can you guess which Hubble image it is?

Answer: hubblesite.org/image/3893/cate

Things are wrapping up here soon. Hoping to get back to astronomy images when it's quieter. Need to take it easy on remodeling... weary of living in a work zone.

On small victories: Designed this diagonal tile seam weeks ago, unsure whether there would be any issues since apparently it's rare. Usually the tile gets run all one direction or a straight seam will divide the two sections. It worked great, and that feels good.

For some reason I can usually ID insects of varying morphology down to family with one look, but a human being cuts their hair or puts a hat on and I'm not sure who they are anymore.

Maybe I can make up for all the Aspergersy things I say around my husband's extended family by recovering some sun-faded memories with some Photoshop magic.

I went to Ceres yesterday to dispose of some batteries. I'm pretty much a spacecraft.

(Ceres is a town just to my south. I could walk there. I've wanted to make this joke for months.)

Six years after participating in a @HUBBLE_space@twitter.com contest, and winning a few posters, I have finally acquired some wall space to hang some space. This is NGC 3603. It looked bigger when I was putting it in the frame... definitely need some more space in my space.

Super cute by Enrico Novelli.
"Here Dr. Mather is reimagined as a cat."

(I confess that for a second there I thought that was Walter White as a cat.)

Charon is never visible from Pluto's "heart" but if it was visible in this image, its magnificent crescent would take up just a bit under 1/4 of the sky's width. There aren't any other places in the solar system where a moon reaches truly SF/F proportions in a sky.

I have looked at mountains, but I'm not sure I have ever seen them. Trying to get dunes a little more dune-like... Assuming sand-sized particles of methane ice act similar to actual sand, except maybe with more sparkling.

Finally convinced Blender to render this. For some reason it was making my GPU all loopy, but the CPU did it (much more slowly).

Looks subtly natural, though I think I made it a little too dense May need to tone it down a bit, even though I love how it looks like this.

Different options for scattering. Rayleigh or Mie? Maybe I need a version with both (Mie close to surface, Rayleigh higher up?) I don't know! Never been to Pluto. Long cast shadows in some images tell me a haze is probably present and easily seen at ground level, though.

The tiny, slightly floating monolith near the top of the closest dune is about the size of a human being. You may or may not be able to see it depending on the image size. Don't get lost in Pluto's dunes.