Here's a version without the narrowband data. Some may prefer it like this.

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really didn't want to lick that envelope so I utilized some baby drool running down my arm

Been slowly working on my own version of this year's anniversary pic over the past week. Used to only take a day. Still not quite done yet, but the baby cooperated today and I am really close now.

Second dose (pfizer) is in. Ready for my vaccine party... in two weeks

I spent so long carefully removing the tape from this cardboard box so that I can put it in the compost, and I feel so defeated after opening it.

why does it annoy me so much when astronomers mock all the nicknames people give the moon? git off mah timeline

Now I need a servicing mission kit to fix the wonky solar panels and the mirror

the coolest thing just happened! I was opening the shutter to let the cat chase a fly buzzing within, but found a spider already has taken care of it.

not to be outdone, I’m also getting the baby his vaccines today!

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I just want to say this thing is massive. Like way bigger than I thought it was going to be

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Because I don’t already have enough things to do around the house, apparently. Anyone want to send a lego sized Canadarm decal for the arm? They seem to have forgotten

sure, just try to cram five wires into a single nut and just add tape when they don’t fit. no ground wires attached here. how does the circuit complete? 🤔🤔🤔

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why is the electrical in my house so bad? was going to replace some light fixtures in a closet today and found the neutral wire attached to the ground. opened the switch box and am completely baffled at the hack job inside. how's it even work? great, now I need an electrician

Supermassive active black hole in a super subtle polar ring galaxy and accompanying possible super subtle overlap (at the lower left)

It has no name, it's just SWIFTJ1033.6+7303, and you can blame if you don't like this galaxy.

If you wanted to see more, the website is here, though it's also a store. Didn't want to seem like I was plugging an advertisement:

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Randomly decided to look at the Beksinski website today and found this piece titled Quarantine. One of my favorite artists. Also seems to be a bunch of things I've never seen on there before. Wish I could go to visit the museum in Poland.

I, too, would like to post something green for St. Patrick’s day... did you know the Cat’s Eye nebula has a lot of [OIII] emission, which makes it glow green? A lot of images show it s as blue or red, but it’s really a pretty green object visually.

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