oddly enough i have a second one because the printer forgot to include the mounting cleat, so when i told them that their solution was... a whole new print?? not sure what to do with the second one

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got a new print up. the walls upstairs were totally bare until now.

shout out to the man who chastised me for doing plumbing while pregnant. re: the scotus leak, the new plan is to just plumb all day until an abortion happens that way, since apparently that's how things work

I've got a sparkly blue spiral galaxy for you all this morning. It's called NGC 7496, and it's from @janiceleeastro@twitter.com's PHANGS-HST program. :)


is there some reason these jwst observation files aren't public and accessible yet?

i'm driving. to my left is a rocky terrain. above it, i catch a glimpse of the moon...no, wait, that's jupiter, and it's the size of the moon. "oh, hell no" i'm in full freak out mode, but no one else seems to care why it's such a bad thing. luckily i woke up before the world end

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here's a recurring one: i look up and there's a completely awesome view of the moon undergoing an eclipse. "oh crap, i forgot all about that" i go to get my camera. annoyingly, the eclipse is already done. argh

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last night i was a hot air balloon hobbyist. i got transported to an alternate dimension where hot air balloons did not exist. i joined a team hunting down an undead version of [redacted man]. we're using fancy forensics. abruptly, i must explain earth has the best atmosphere.

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astronomy has made my dreams oddly pedantic. like, here's a weird, nonsensical dream in all other details, but when something astronomy comes up? oh heck it's time to make sure it's *correct*

Joining in HST's anniversary celebration. Happy Birthday, HST! 32 years of wonder.

if i may offer some pointless conjecture it's as if someone put almost all of their eggs in the jwst basket. but also hst keeps breaking.

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just downloaded this year's fits files. i mean, this is a really cool group of galaxies (HCG 40) but there's only a couple hours' worth of basic cosmetic work to do. and the h-alpha filter seems pointless from an aesthetic view. oh well

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the last two years' of hst anniversary images have been pretty... unambitious? i am both confused and concerned

Pat and I were having a discussion about barberries, which he thought were spelled burberries like the brand name, and suddenly, during the conversation, I got a spam call from Burberry, New York. WHAT

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