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What Oumuamua looked like last month on the 12th. A tiny white dot, near center. Each color is from one exposure. Multiple exposures were required for any meaningful signal. If it's too small to see here, there is a bigger version at Flickr: flic.kr/p/DB2QgP


Finished Black Mirror. Caters 100% to the pessimist who'd like nothing more than to experience some form of virtual revenge or "I told you so" moments in the context of a few major social issues. Why get up and do something about any of it when you can sit back and let the poison in. I confess a craving for more. Alas, there are only six episodes.

I spent the past week or so working on this. It's a combination of Hubble visible and near-infrared data, and Chandra x-ray data! I learned a lot about processing Chandra data. There's more about it over at my Flickr gallery:


My dad came to visit me and managed to be racist and homophobic enough to get me to stop talking to him, so he wants to change his flight because he "seems to be in everyone's way"

It's hard enough to entertain someone for an entire week when they aren't being obnoxious.

Neptune in near-infrared and red from Hubble. Same filters and similar processing as the Uranus picture from a little while back. ( mastodon.social/@geckzilla/989 ) mastodon.social/media/pkjqfoI3

Some people just disappear. I liked his music and wanted to hear more. Where is this man now? One can only wonder. youtube.com/watch?v=IRJBu5F88e

For Uranus, the line is the approximate equator. It's hard to see, but there are slightly brighter spots around the planet. Those are auroras unless a better explanation comes along someday. Interestingly some signal seems to extend out from behind the disk of the planet in some of them.

Couple of things. Reprocessing of the Cartwheel Galaxy, and gif animation of Hubble's observations of Uranus in ultraviolet. mastodon.social/media/_Ki9W1ap mastodon.social/media/zjhF9umn

Some old Hubble ... "cause unknown"

Data Quality: INCOMPLETE
Quality Comment: Cartwheel in WF3&4. Two smaller spirals in WF2. Data drop in WF4. Filter F814W, exp. time 500 sec. Datadrop hits wheel, cause unknown mastodon.social/media/B5wOxIix

Just a photo of a contrail casting a shadow through the atmosphere. I know it's nothing special, but small things keep me going. The atmosphere is full of tiny particles that reflect and absorb light, but it's hard to see without certain circumstances. mastodon.social/media/j7W5xWkw

Sometimes, I think I really would like to see the world* burn, and then me with it.

*of human concerns, civilization, etc. Not the whole Earth.

Sometimes when meeting people they ask me what music I like, but I never have an answer. For me listening to music is therapy for depression, and it's nearly all sad, and it's too heavy to answer for small talk. It took me a long time to even realize I was doing this.

Uranus from the Hubble Space Telescope in red and near-infrared. Something I made using recent imagery from the archive. mastodon.social/media/VEecgwNi

It's hard to find people I know here.