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Martin Splitt

I'm livestreaming some coding funsies on Twitch right now, why not join me :D


Really, use the hashtag so stuff like this is findable.

Will tune in.

I'll start livestreaming my tinkering session with the Arduino in ~30 minutes! Tune in and join me!

I'm now spontaneously livestreaming a coding session with the TI83+ -

Somehow I ended up starting to learn VHDL. I have the vague feeling that a life without an FPGA is possible but pointless from here on out...

Well, this is great! Chilli infused vodka, orange, lime, passion fruit =hot Russian 🔥🌶 Zürich, I found my new favourite drink! /w at Raygorodski

Alright, y'all - I've scheduled my first proper Twitch stream for tomorrow. Kinda excited to get back to tinkering with the ! Join me tomorrow at 7pm UTC!

So despite the original idea to be tinkering with the Arduino, I'm live on stream... configuring my Twitch streaming setup :D

OH: "When I was younger and wilder, I used to have a spreadsheet" - I swear that I didn't expect to ever hear a sentence start with these words 😂😂😂

This data center agrees: The golden age of cloud computing is upon us :P

Well this isn't too hard, is it? Respect, equal opportunity & pay and being treated as a full human being! 💯✨🙆‍♂️

Good bye, Kyiv! Thanks to everyone at for the nice event =) (@ Gate D7 in Бориспіль, Київська обл.)

Okay, time to overcome my "blankly-staring-into-the-webcam" issue whenever I wanted to do streaming on Twitch. What would you wanna watch me do? RTs welcome <3

Great after a conversation about German kids cartoons with my brain keeps alternating between the theme song of "Die Sendung mit der Maus" and reliving memories from Pitiplatsch episodes 🙄😂

Every time I get to see speak, I get inspired! It's fun, inspiration and some educational information gets snuck in, too 🍻 Thanks Feross!

Starting the day with editing the english version of a Wikipedia article on a retro computer system made in the GDR (paging & for some Robotron flashbacks from RO/IHS) 🤩💯

The Ukrainian Mc Donald's website tries to adapt to English. It's... a little odd.

So the workshop that and I did at ended up as a robot meetup in the retro wave universe 😂😂😂 /cc