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Martin Splitt

I'm into day 3 of my month of Firefox as my main browser. Follow the journey on (other days linked on the bottom)

Introducing Mavo: Create Web Apps Entirely By Writing HTML! > an alternative to big CMSs for small websites?

Yay, Polymer 2 + polymer-cli + web-component-tester + BrowserStack works fine. I wonder if I can get that into polymer-cli, so no manual setup is needed 🤔

So, time to get some coding done I guess! Chromium sources, here I come =)

Yay, file descriptor leak fixed.

Hm, gotta re-read these specs once more. The behaviour I see right now doesn't quite match what I'd expect:

class MyThing extends HTMLButtonElement {
connectedCallback() {
this.textContent += ' XL'

<button is="my-thing">Fun</button>

Expected: Fun XL
Actual: XL Fun

Holy shit yes! It doesn't crash any more \o/ :sunglasses: :grin: :dancer:

Ahhh another evening compiling Chrome to implement extended built-in custom components :D

Gotta say, the mixed crowd here at Codecamp in Cluj is really friendly :)

@ppk well that and a whole lot of exploring input / navigation in VR

Fascinating - boids is a quite old concept for simulating swarms... it's from 1987 and still amazing:

I hope this'll work out. Twitter is showing they don't care about their users...

Hm, GIFs must be smaller than 4 MB... damn.