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Martin Splitt

Good start: Report violations without blocking things... on

"CSP is well supported, no excuses!" says 😁

Whoops, someone injected content into the CIA website! Now shows us how CSP can help us *not* to become a victim too!

"Winter is coming" - about her demo at

The top challenges with VR now... great talk by

"The cardboard basically dominated the market 2016" by

Now we're taking a history tour of VR with

And now for some with at

"Test your animation" - DevTools help finding performance problems with animations, says

"Give browsers a moment to think!" - 🙆‍♂️

Now we start off the last meetup of the year with talking about in animations

Today we are setting up our Acer headset that we got from our friends at

Thanks for sending us the gear!

if you've got time tonight, join us at at 18:30 for VR demos, a CSS quiz, give aways and amazing talks!

p.s. bring a laptop to participate in the quiz

It's three years old, but I still love the peacefulness of our 3D xmas "card":

Anyone looking for a good open source issue for I've got one quick one:

So, anyone interested in me streaming some WebVR / development?

Could we all, as in WhatWG and W3C, maybe spend time joining forces rather than having discussions on twitter and the like? I understand the history behind the solution why is nobody talking about reconciliation? 😭

OH: "Oh yeah, Polymer!" /cc @anialdam

If you can boost, that'd be great: I'm still looking for work (Can't seem to find anything and it's killing me) I do freelance work and I'm looking for a job that's tech-adjacent at least.

I am compent with SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python(mostly 3, but I can do 2.7) and UI/UX Design. Also good at research, and non-fiction writing

Freelance or Full-time or Part-time work is fine. Need something.