I'm so, so, so grateful for the opportunity to have a virtual hang out with @BermanHale@twitter.com, @azarchick@twitter.com, Cherry, @dannysullivan@twitter.com, @methode@twitter.com and @JohnMu@twitter.com and that the amazing @TerryEdnacot@twitter.com kept it all running smoothly. Thanks to everyone out there who submitted questions or said hi πŸ₯°

Woohoo! Time to do some more Rendertron work at 5pm CET today! Join us live on twitch.tv/g33konaut and say hi in the chat :)

πŸ“Ί Livestream announcement πŸ“Ί
Today, 3pm CET I'll be back on Twitch for one more round of work to get the next version of Rendertron released!

Join us at twitch.tv/g33konaut and say hi in the chat!

Come one, developers - what would you like SEOs you work with to know and understand about your work?
What would you like to ask your SEOs?

Hit me up in this form πŸ‘‰ forms.gle/3T5p6GoT2Acs7VV46

I do hope for a good, interesting - Mahomes is a versatile, skilled QB, but Brady is a machine!

πŸ“£ Where are my web developer friends at? I have questions!

πŸ₯Έ If you've ever wished SEOs knew something about your work, what would that be?
πŸ€“ Is there something you want to know from SEOs but were too afraid to ask?
Fill in this short form, please! πŸ‘‰ forms.gle/anuiDVL6HzCLoQD49

Alright, alright - my dear SEOs and web developers - if there's something you'd want each other to know or if you have questions you don't dare to ask each other, fill in this form and we may address that in an upcoming video series!


PSA b/c reasons: Strokes are really, really dangerous and you need to act QUICKLY if you spot the symptoms. Here's a helper to remember what to look for: FAST

In case you missed it: The Web Almanac 2020 has lots of neat information about the state of the web. The SEO chapter by @aleyda@twitter.com, @Jammer_Volts@twitter.com, @iPullRank@twitter.com and lots of other amazing collaborators is a damn good resource!


When you realise you haven't answered an email for two months 😱

How is it February already?!

I just used this GIF in a work email. This day is going well!

Aaaand I'm streaming live again from the cockpit of - join the live chat and hang out with us virtually at twitch.tv/g33konaut

πŸ“Ί Tomorrow at 3pm CET, I'll do another livestream on twitch.tv/g33konaut πŸ“Ί

Join us and say hi in the chat!

(giggling) @myriamjessier@twitter.com and me just did a silly thing...

We're doing a video series for shits and giggles where we tangentially talk SEO, but super informally, improvised and lots of sidetracking.

Final final final version (1): Glowing Platypuses

I am so very grateful for my Twitch community! @Maria_Amelie@twitter.com, @davewsmart@twitter.com, @UlrikaViberg@twitter.com, @KorayGubur@twitter.com and all the others are amazing people and I'm so lucky to be able to put myself out there, vulnerably and authentically and still have their support! βœ¨πŸ’―

Thank you all!

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