Hahah! "Open source is basically walking into a room full of strangers and saying "Hi, can I touch your stuff?"..." - @jlengstorf@twitter.com at

Mmmh, 🧀 cheese 🧀. Join me to see how we can build a cheese store SPA with and still be doing well in terms of ! Sit down at 3:30 in Toronto II at and join the ride 😎

Jeez, @zoecodes@twitter.com talk about signs, signifiers and signifieds and JavaScript is amazing and absolutely hilarious!

Ooh, this talk at really struck a chord with me 😁

Junius Gunaratne took us back to the era of Hypercard 💕🤩

Enjoy lunch - and join me in Toronto II at 3:30pm to find out, if and can be friends 😂 buff.ly/2AkRN1S

Alright, Toronto! If you're in town (maybe for ) you should join our Technical AMA meetup on Tuesday: eventbrite.ca/e/meetup-with-ma

I'm happy to discuss , crawling, rendering & indexing with y'all 🤟

Good morning, - join me at 3:30 in Toronto II to learn more about and technical and how YOUR website can avoid my terrible mistakes 😱


"While I'm on a video call, I can turn off the camera. Developers give me that option because they acknowledge that I know best if I want to be on camera right now" @getify@twitter.com inspiring us to think in terms of choices and options.

I really, really, really like the idea @getify@twitter.com just talked about. The idea of designing around the fidelity the user accepts *at the current moment*. Let's start this conversation!

Now @getify@twitter.com takes us back to the beginning of the web

Now watching the "HTTP headers for the responsible web developer" by @stefanjudis@twitter.com

This is an amazing journey through @cattsmall@twitter.com's game design process

Games can have impact, great job, @cattsmall@twitter.com 👏👏👏

I love how @HenriHelvetica@twitter.com walks us through the network tab in the devtools, unlocking performance insights as he goes along the information that it exposes.

Hey, @umaar@twitter.com - @HenriHelvetica@twitter.com just casually quoted you on this great statement 👏

The man, the legend, the great @HenriHelvetica@twitter.com on stage at talking about busting bad performance with the devtools (aka )! Finally meeting him in person! 🥳

Listening to the great @MinaMarkham@twitter.com at talking about art direction on the web

I timed my sleep and wake schedule on the flights right and am, after 30-something hours travelling, relatively rested and well! 💯💯💯

I have a hard time not to laugh at the two old, white guys who disagree on the choice of meat.

A: "Listen, listen, I have been living in Israel for 35 years.."
B: "Listen, I have been in the US for over 25 years and.."
A: "This is getting out of hand! I have..." (Repeat)

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