I know what you are here for and I'm happy to deliver. πŸ‘

Alrighty, getting ready to broadcast live on @InLinks@twitter.com panel on !

Join us at youtube.com/watch?v=nULP33sflA

Small snapshot from MC'ing @ReactSummit@twitter.com on Friday with the great @elibelly@twitter.com, @KennethLafrance@twitter.com and @mettinparzinski@twitter.com - that picture very well encapsulates my nature, tho :D

For the Halloween edition of the web Zurich online meetup on Oct 30th, we're looking for web developer horror stories, max 15min each. If you are interested in sharing yours, go to webzurich.com and submit the proposal form please! πŸ‘»

Me: "Oh November looks calm, only 3 conferences I'm speaking at"
How did I get here? 😳

+++ Breaking news +++
+++ End of bulletin +++

Oh my! Today we get a double-feature!

πŸ“Ί 5pm CEST the live-premiere of another Webmaster Lightning Talk on SPA + live Q&A with me at youtube.com/watch?v=l-JWN2x_Na
πŸ“ž 6pm CEST the office hours are happening on youtube.com/post/UgxjL7iKHVOn3 - join live or post a question

I'm livestreaming on twitch.tv/g33konaut right now - join the chat, say hi and watch what's going on in Rendertron today :)

Back to twitch! Today at 5pm CEST, I'll livestream on twitch.tv/g33konaut while I go through pull requests and the release of Rendertron 3.1.0 - join us in the chat! 😊

Good morning, y'all! πŸ‘‹
What a week that is ahead of us:

⁉️ office hours are back on Wed - youtube.com/post/UgxjL7iKHVOn3
πŸ“Ί Twitchstream on Tue on Rendertron -twitch.tv/g33konaut
🍿 Live premiere Webmaster Conf Lightning talks on SPAs on Wed - youtube.com/watch?v=l-JWN2x_Na

So I've been asked a few times "What about CLS [Cumulative Layout Shift - one of the Core Web Vitals metrics] and cookie consent banners?" and I have looked at a few sites and libraries to implement those.... and have seen performance impact, but not really impact on CLS. 1/2

So, Among us game is ON - code XTYJXQ (Europe) and I am streaming on twitch.tv/splitti_plays

Anyone interested in a game of Among Us in an hour? I'll stream on twitch, too for those who prefer watching =)

cc @WilsonUponSea@twitter.com @Maria_Amelie@twitter.com @Japsimrans13@twitter.com @Optimisey@twitter.com @setily1@twitter.com @SebasTorres2310@twitter.com @tobmaster@twitter.com

This month's online meetup is about to start on youtube.com/watch?v=qqud9k09_I - why don't you join us? 😎

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