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Ich so: „Für Februar ist es hier ganz schön warm...“
Zürich so: „Hold my beer.“

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Have a great week Mastodon !

The dark side of the Moose...

Yeah, I know that's a bit silly but I found that funny :)
Though there's probably already tons of lame pun like this one, I still felt motivated enough to draw it ;)
And that's one of my favorite albums.

- #mastoart #art #illustration #lamePun-
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I just couldn't pass this up.
--- Thrift Store Score ---

Canon EOS IX APS with Sigma 28-80 lens, film, charger and batteries and camera bag for just $5.95 from the local thrift store. After charging the batteries - it works

#photos #photography #film

After many months of work, v0.10.7 will be released in the next hour!

- Stories
- Newsroom
- ComposeUI v4

And much more!

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