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One of the shots also featured in our review video, starring the amazing Judith, in front of the camera for a change:

Ok let's do this again, correctly this time:

I just spun up a new @pixelfed instance for all of you showcasing your 3D prints.

It'a pronounced "printed social" inspired by slic3r. Te pun was, of course, intended.

You can register but please be gentle, I don't know anything about social media moderation.

@rosalind is of course on there.


Have you had personal photography projects? Or are you interested in starting one? We wrote a little something about our experiences and how to keep the motivation rollin'!

Judith fancied gingers and Jonathan sold himself cheap - that's how our personal photography project helped us improve our skills! What kind of projects would you have?

Setting up Linux on a laptop for my mum ATM and it feels the appropriate day for it. When I was a kid my mum brought our first PC home and taught us how to use it. Programming too. I owe my computing skills to her. Thanks Mum! Also, a happy to you all!

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