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Today marks my 8th anniversary
at infinity interactive, which is the longest I've stayed with a company in my life.

Here's to (at least) 8 more years...

Hey I wrote a thing for work's blog about making better tickets. Maybe read it and let me know what you think?

Plus: puppy pictures!


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How techbros sound rn 

I don't really feel strongly one way or the other about renaming "master" branches to "main" but I'm here to comment about how I'm doing so begrudgingly and making the process as unnecessarily exhausting for all involved as possible just the same

I just kinda like it when things that help other people are a little bit painful for them, and I want to let you know that I will do as little to help as I can possibly get away with

You know?

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FFS people, put dates on your tech blog posts so I can know if they might be out of date.
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Oh dear. Yup. Second graph actual data from California.

Rational expectations is utterly dead to me.

I have an appointment to renew my drivers license! Yay!

The South Salem DMV (which is the only one open in the area) is currently scheduling appointments for the last week in JULY! Boo!

I can now stop worrying about needing to visit a DMV for like seven weeks! Yay!

TFW you've spent the last couple of months using a keyboard layout designed to force you into using the "proper" (i.e., opposing side) modifier key for shift, control, command, and option ...and then you get a 60% keyboard you kickstartered 4 months back that only has left-side modifier keys.

(-___- )

I'll blog about this probably tomorrow, but I just published an plugin for generating a for your blog:


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