Can someone tell me why the Animal Crossing sneak peeks always look like they’re looking through a gimp mask. I find this troubling

@genmon Galileo (European GPS equivalent run from its own network of satellites and ground stations) has been offline for 4 days

Google/Google Cloud, Apple, Facebook, Cloudflare, Stripe, Slack, Twitter -- all individually huge, and all individually with major downtime in the last few weeks

Somebody is running an engine test.

Can someone explain to me why NZ are playing so defensively?

Did anyone else get an email from overnight asking them not to use a tweet-to-toot bridge and explaining its negative effect on the community?

I’ve turned off the bridge (I hadn’t thought about it but I agree with the points in the email), but also I’m thinking I should be more conscious of the policies of the Masto instance I use as my home. Anyone know of a good way to compare+contrast a few together?

Sourdough starter pancakes that went down the hatch too quick for me to get any photos 😋

The track in the endgame sequence is called The Descent, and if you have time this weekend you should do a playthrough and crank the volume when you get there
Just completed a playthrough of SPACEPLAN and once again blown away by the story, pacing, intricacy, and above all the set pieces. Highly recommended. Keep the volume up, the sound design is very special

That feeling of frustration and suspended joy when you're in the middle of a 💯 short story but it's your stop on the bus and now I'm going to be holding my breath until I'm reading again

how have I only just discovered A Winged Victory For The Sullen. why was I not informed

You know what... I'll just start with a Google Map list of refilleries near me in south London

🗺 👉

There's a Google Form in the map description for suggestions. Also here -- pls add if you have a fave zero waste shop
What's the simplest way to have a custom domain with

📍 a full-screen map with certain places labelled
📥 a "suggestions box"…

What's the simplest way to have a custom domain with

📍 a full-screen map with certain places labelled
📥 a "suggestions box" for new places and an approval system


This is for a map of refilleries/zero waste shops in the UK.

Just use Or Examples pls :)

I am excited at having a refillery open a few minutes walk from our house this month.

Is that the correct generic name? A place where you refill your own containers with spices, flour, pasta, cleaning products, etc. Zero packaging. I hope that's the correct generic, it's catchy

🤖📢 15 new jobs posted in the last 30 days, at, and more ⚙🌱 Visit my personal job board

Still rooting for him to give Johnson a shoeing though

Johnson is either racist because he's racist, or he's racist because he thinks it will get him power. Either way he would make a destructive and shameful prime minister

Look this Rory Stewart guy may or may not be any good but we have no idea because he hasn't been around long enough to be scrutinised

He's Etonian, then PPE at Oxford. That's how come he talks with that casual but insistent confidence. It's not vision, it's training.

Lizards or Etonians?

Douglas Adams on the wrong lizard getting in. A parable for our times from So long and thanks for all the fish.

Mucking around with favicons
A homage to Dopplr, doing something they did first back in 2007 (Week 63) by @genmon

Sensible Object becomes Niantic London, official acquisition announcement 🎉

We're proud to announce that Sensible Object has been acquired by Niantic. Our t@rgaventures@twitter.comng a new studio, Niantic London. Here's the full update from Sensible Object founder @Ammonite here:

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