Rumoured General Election feels

Interesting feeling to have a networked camera in the house--but one that can't get on the internet, and running my code so I know what it's doing

Brings into sharp relief my (normally unnoticed) mistrust around smart home gadgets.

In addition to, today I also made a little box to create timelapse videos out of a Raspberry Pi Zero and a camera module. Here's the test output

YES it is possible that I should get a job.

Inspired by Brexit, I made a bot. Tweets every 3 hours though that doesn't seem like nearly enough

May has a really unpleasant habit of acting as if it’s other people’s fault for not working together when she’s been caught out being divisive, and speaking as if she’s got a huge mandate when she’s just received a shoeing

First sourdough loaf! Rye and wholegrain with a little white

Taste is good though possibly too sour? Hard to tell. But dense crumb (without being too heavy). So for next time I need to remember more water and more stretching

No comment required
Cameron then says he supports the PM and it's not going to be helped by him giving a running commentary, then runs off

This should have been done by Cameron the day after the 2016 referendum. Build consensus, find a way forward, don’t create cliff edges in negotiations because that creates bad deals. Instead he ran away

Now there’s no time. The govt should stop the clock by revoking Article 50

Whitehall meeting this morning to discuss how cross-party brexit talks might be structured. Possibly led by David Lid…

At this point I’m convinced that it’s all just a drinking game at last year’s Bilderberg that got way out of hand, and now the lizard that secretly runs the US and the lizard that secretly runs the UK are competing to see who can make things most dysfunctional to win a stupid bet
Maybe this stupid, stupid thing will go long enough that there’s enough blame for Tr**p AND McConnell. https://twitter.c…

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Forgot to say

- the path to a good consensus Brexit wouldn't be started until it was complete and agreed by all parties. No more cliff edges
- obviously I would be as happy as Larry if Brexit were to simple disappear. But lots of people see things otherwise, so we need consensus

But goodness knows what will happen in the vote tonight. I'm terrified.

Anyway, that's what I would do

But the priority is people over ideology, and because of that the govt's Withdrawal Agreement MUST be defeated tonight, and "no deal" absolutely ruled out -- with enough time before exit day to figure out what to do instead

Ideally part of this path to exiting the EU (to one of multiple states from associate member to 3rd country) would be so well-understood that it would be adopted by the EU itself to replace the vague Article 50 route

The goals would be consensus, changes now to reflect the underlying views in the 2016 referendum, careful avoidance of pain and uncertainty, and a rolling mandate using our regular democratic mechanisms

It would also be tasked in finding legislative changes that could be made right now that would narrow the gap to any future Brexit -- whether or not we leave the EU, changes have to be made because the concerns of Leave voters are real and mustn't be ignored

If it were up to me, I would revoke Article 50 now and immediately establish a cross-party body to transparently (and with the EU) find a path to Brexit. It would have its mandate refreshed at every General Election, just like any big infrastructure project

For what it's worth, I'm not a huge fan of having a second referendum (I voted Remain in 2016). If it advises to now stay in the EU, is that really a mandate? If it repeats a leave result (which I suspect it would), does it move us closer to a good consensus Brexit? So instead...

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