Great Red Spot. The Bermuda Triangle. Acid rain. Packet loss. Refillery. Landline. P-zombie. 23114, 584, 46931

What on earth have I browsed that has led Amazon to advertise at me with... I don't even know, ear condoms?

V excited to discover that Ted Chiang has a new collection of short sci-fi out: "Exhalation"

Given he only publishes a short if it's *perfect* and his previous (and only other) collection came out in 2002, 17 years ago... I have high hopes

Hilariously bad marketing. Not just sanctimonious, but guilt-tripping people to engage with the brand with a faked-up campaign. Not a great look
Dads, it’s time to disconnect to connect. Share this graphic on Father’s Day to announce you’re going screen free for the day.

Excellent day out at the cricket -- our first time at the wonderful Ageas Bowl in Southampton, and Stella's first England win

"people shouldn't object as we progressively dehumanise them"
WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg stands by Boris Johnson's right to compare Muslim women to 'letter boxes'. Tells me "people shouldn't be snowflakes."

🤖📢 18 new jobs posted in the last 30 days, at, and more ⚙🌱 Visit my personal job board

... perhaps it's best to support the most bonkers, most hard-line populist candidate, on the grounds that this will accelerate the apocalypse, and if this can be brought about before October and Brexit then maybe we can salvage something from the ashes 🤷‍♂️

In terms of Tory leadership candidates, I can't decide whether I'd prefer the "least bad" option, given they are still awful but might do less permanent damage than the others as Prime Minister, or ...

Thanks Anne! I'd much prefer late night beers and setting the world to rights too, but the blog will have to do...
Under ideal circumstances Matt and I would try to hash out this whole "problem with meat" thing in the living room over beers and well into the wee hours. But now all I have is this blog post. I like the way he thinks - take a peek?

🤖📢 15 new jobs posted in the last 30 days, at, and more ⚙🌱 Visit my personal job board

Here's a pic of SBook. Not much to look at now, but my address book should work like SBook x Memos -- if I take a photo of a: biz card, or a corporate letterhead, or a person holding their lanyard up at a conference, it should JUST WORK. It's 2019!


I'm reminded of SBook:

you paste in names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. The app uses A.I. to recognise what's what, differentiate b/w people and companies, etc.

SBook is from 1992!! 1992!!! Yet today I'm still having to type into database fields!! smh

The privacy policy is clear: all processing is on-device which I ❤️

But Apple should do OS-level permissions for this kind of stuff. I wish I could grant access to all my photos but HARD BAN network access. Would help build trust.

h/t for posting about this app

Memos for iOS is insane and awesome: full-text search across all your photos

So now I can find+copy autodetected text from adverts on buses anywhere in my 19 years of pics. (Also more useful things like bills but I'm not showing you that)

Stochastic terrorism. Hauntology. Spontaneous human combustion. Fnord. Ghost Work. Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior. Mushroom suit

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