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On the day Boris Johnson launches his new three word slogan "crime crime crime" a tory MP is arrested on suspicion of rape, you really couldn't make it up...

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Bret Devereaux on nuclear escalation risk: "if you aren’t worried, you haven’t been paying attention" acoup.blog/2022/03/11/collecti

hah! interesting point:
"It will not be easy for many miners to keep up with the ASIC systems needed to stay relevant, but I predict many will and it will become a generational business." readmultiplex.com/2021/02/08/w

A "listening circle" would be a good counterpoint to team standups and enforced social groip calls in remote work...

"Roughly 40% of beauty brands use a sequential numbering system to organize their foundation shades. Yet only 4 out of those 130 products ordered their shades from dark to light." pudding.cool/2021/03/foundatio

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Three new monkeypox virus cases have been detected in London, with all patients infected through community transmission. The UKHSA said the new cases do not have known connections with the previous patients - who were infected in Africa. londonworld.com/health/monkeyp

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The final dance in Dirty Dancing, but they’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme tune.

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TIL "The Renault Twizy can be driven without a license from the age of 14 in some countries."

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43C in Spain in Mid May. These temperatures are not normal. How long before crops become seriously impacted by thermal intolerance and drought.

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