"I think a poem, when it works, is an action of the mind captured on a page, and the reader, when he engages it, has to enter into that action. His mind repeats that action and travels again through the action, but it is a movement of yourself through a thought, through an activity of thinking, so by the time you get to the end you’re different than you were at the beginning and you feel that difference." -- Anne Carson, interviewed in The Paris Review

I know I should have been alt-texting my pictures all along on IG and elsewhere, but I love the way it’s encouraged/made easy on this network. It also has me thinking a lot about text.image relationships and usability vs. aesthetic enjoyment.

I'm interested in , , , , , the idea of home. I'm , so hoping this works by way of an . I live in the Hudson Valley after a long time in Brooklyn and a childhood in the south.

I just learned about (American) carpool lanes and like... Wtf they made that for real?!?!
Just. Build. A. Damn. Train!!


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