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bad news everyone knzk was too powerful so the government shut it down, admin is currently swordfighting through cyber soldiers to retrieve the server data. i believe in him

Thank you😂
I am aiming for recovery today👊
I want to give a celebration with KNZKGANG after restoration🍻

Serious admin stuff 

Since it's still a thing, we won't be suspending any instance because someone tells us too. Obviously, if there is an instance causing trouble throughout Mastodon, I will talk with my co-admin for a solution. As of now, it's going to take more than accusations for us to take any action like that. What I'm saying is you won't get us to mute/suspend an instance because you hate someone on it.

People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

When you get to Target on a Friday night ready for a good employee screaming and you realize they're already closed

Eugen on 🅱️il 🅱️heaton: he shouldn't have been sanctioned because a lot of people reported him, mob rule is bad

Eugen justifying his mute: a lot of people were reporting them so I had no choice but to mute


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Man every time I remember Jet Black from cowboy bebop is supposed to be 36 it just blows my mind. Guy is supposed to be a hardboiled ex cop and he's 36? Lots of that as a bounty hunter?Naw, sorry.

Let's say 6 years bounty hunting and then factor in some ideal entrance into the pd at 18, so that's only like 12 years on the force and lots of that in the beginning was probably stupid bullshit work. So basically he poked his head in the pd and he's now a bristled vet cop lol no. He's 56.

Mastercard is selling anonymized data collected from users' purchases.

If you own a mastercard or maestro card you can opt out here:

The wording is confusing, as it sounds like you are deactivating anonymization, but the page title is "Data Analytics Opt-Out". It must be Mastercard final attempt at preventing you from doing it.

if a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, is a sufficiently mundane technology indistinguishable from its context?

ex: nobody thinks of language as a technology but here we are with a decentralized system of overlapping transient protocols that we use to hack each other’s brains because we literally cannot imagine a society without communication

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pol. racism. 

maybe just one two more shitposts stealing jokes right out of my internal work Slack out the door...

it sucks they let my tormentor, the despicable el zilcho, have a mastodon account and it sucks my hundreds of appeals to eugen to have him branded an untouchable have all gone unanswered

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