I've cancelled my @amazon@twitter.com prime subscription, as the word "amazon" has started making me nauseous. And I'm not even really pro-union. bloomberg.com/news/features/20

Ah, it feels good to be able to re-follow @WhiteHouse@twitter.com

Thin objects, Øystein Linnebo: philpapers.org/rec/LINTOI "For I take singular terms and their reference to be more fundamental than quantifiers and their ranges."

"In those studies, … diffusion terms are used to model the movement of the human population. … we assume human populations are living in discrete communities along the river …"
royalsocietypublishing.org/doi @drjeffmorgan@twitter.com

In ordinary times, I love stuff like this. It reminds me how batsh¡t people can be. But in the face of a pandemic, not so much: youtube.com/user/firpowerminis

There are things I'd like to buy at @Fred_Meyer@twitter.com (aka @kroger@twitter.com). But I don't suppose I'll be shopping there any time soon!

"So don't tell me about low levels of unemployment. You're counting the wrong things. You're not counting dignity of people. You're counting exploited people." -- Winnie Byanyima

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