Sometimes i get a β€œyour stats are booming” message from wp and then i go in to see that there are a lot of hits on my hungarian homepage (not any particular post) from like japan. Not that I don’t appreciate japanese visits, but, you know, i wouldn’t build an ad campaign on this traffic πŸ™„

finally turned off Cloudflare on my nextcloud... and it became faster :'D
next step: my wordpress blogs (this one is trickier because it's multisite and not all sites are mine.)

Today’s boating (after a looong time) was a feeling of failure.

The new Post UI will be rolling out later this week!

Some highlights:

- Tagged People
- New Reply UI
- Improved Comment Threading
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Profile preview cards
- Live Comment Mode

what are your favorite lolcat pictures? send me some if youve got any good ones

Well, I did it. I went off and wrote my own emoji picker.

I never really wanted to get this deep into emoji, but I started this project two months ago and… somehow, here I am.

I wonder what happens when iOS UI Bug Airplane hits the clock there... getting awfully close!
(Note: The phone is *not* in airplane mode.)

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