Say I want a program to read my fedi feed… what terms should I google?

Specifically, I’d like to write a post (maybe with a specific tag) and have it automatically written to a file. Linux required, Perl preferred.

New tumblelog is coming along well


Subscribe (atom and JSON):

I've included some content from my gemsite, as well as a whole bunch of tweets.

While I am slowly disengaging from Twitter, I’m still there, and a new heuristic for followers has appeared:

If you boost or admire Failon Must, unfollow

Adding this question to this august forum. Basically, if I want a simple page of small entries, what's the best format for semantics / sharing / indieweb?

Format: think toots or tweets, i.e. doesn't have to have a title.

installed the Mastodon app, was confused I couldn’t log in. Turns out ≠

Two questions:

What's the best mobile client for Mastodon (iOS)?

Is there a good way to parse the data dump you can get from Twitter to extract previous tweets? Perl module preferred

Oh hey, maybe time to dust off this old account...

minus one molar, I'm gonna miss that little bastard...

Google+ is the /dev/null of social networks

first step in problem solving: find the right terms to google

"It's a one time thing
It just happens a lot"

In retrospect, I think my fav Gibson series is the Bridge Trilogy. Mostly it's the characters that stick in my memory, and the depiction of Japan.

The price of Civility is Eternal Moderation

once again, my procrastination in updating to the latest OS version is rewarded!

Speaking of Iain (M) Banks adaptions - I'm aware of the "Crow Road" TV series.

Any other adaptions?

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