Everybody from to have built their own branded frontend to @haveibeenpwned . Kinda weird they wouldn't just direct people to the source material.

This is your occasional reminder to encrypt everything. Thumb drives? Encrypted. Storage drives? Encrypted. Websites? HTTPS only. Messengers? E2E encrypted only. Encryption is our most powerful tool to force overzealous government agencies to respect our .

One huge mistake I made as a kid was when I joined the Army I thought normal life was basically over so I gave away my OG , , etc. The perfectionist and in me keeps me from buying new ones because the wear marks and scuffs made by other people would bother me.

After trying again to use Backblaze as my off site , I finally bit the bullet and picked up another 12TB external. It's going to be married to my existing 12TB external, that has been my off site, in an RAID 0 group. Self hosting is expensive.

Observation. When under heavy load for an extended period of time, is more reliable and doesn't cause my router to crash like it did with the factory firmware.

Observation. is far superior to the factory firmware for my WRT3200ACM. Not only does it have a ton more options, but it reboots crazy fast as well.

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An explanation of the Palestine-Israel conflict from the Arabic perspective

Compressing, encrypting and uploading 12TB of data takes a long time for an initial , especially when it's being read from an already encrypted partition so that it has to be decrypted, compressed, encrypted again and THEN uploaded to the off site backup.

We're all being hopelessly dragged into the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. The long term survival of our species won't be guaranteed by going to the nextdoor planet in our solar system, we need to be looking at younger galaxies altogether.

Tried to check my social security account since I do that once a year and I forgot about this; the "My SSA" website actually has business hours for some strange reason. I wonder if that means actual people read the server logs.

If you host your own Talk instance and want to ensure as much traffic as possible is when routed through your TURN server, here's how you can set up the coturn service to use your TLS certificates.


And it's that time of the year again where those of us with have to constantly reassure people we do not have .

You'll never hear about a buying your groceries for you. Once you die of starvation though they'll eat your corpse, 😛 Team ftw.


What if reality is all just a dream and God is the dreamer?

The solution to using my full time might be to get Anbox working so I can run apps on .

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Your computer system is uniquely configured—and thus identifiable—even if you are using privacy-protective software. Learn more with EFF's Cover Your Tracks. coveryourtracks.eff.org/

Scouting for ogres. To be as old as it is, some of this game's visuals still hold up remarkably well.


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