+ 10.5 has been released. This does not constitute a new version of Debian, just an update rollup.If you're already using Debian, just install available updates. Download links should be available soon at the usual locations.


End to end should be standard practice for every service. @signalapp has set the standard every other messenger should follow. You might have nothing to hide now, but that might not be true forever, and you never know what might get used against you in the future.

My 6 year old: I think Jesus is a ghost, or maybe a wizard.
Me: Walking on water, turning water into wine, coming back from the dead, yep, ghost wizard it is.

Good thing we're atheists or this conversation would be awkward instead of hilarious.

Got myself a new Windows VM going. Opted for Windows 7 this time. For what I do it works fine, and is more responsive than Windows 10, especially in a VM, and especially since, most of the time when I open it, I'm doing so in bed on a laptop running a mobile Ryzen 5 2500U.

Just posted a maintenance update to my YouTube downloader. I just upgraded the included version of youtube-dl to 2020.07.28.


Finally got around to fixing my Windows VM and compiling a Windows version of the last update to my checksum/hash verification script, PyCheck.


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Facebook employees are starting to realize they're working for an evil organization that's actively harming humanity.

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I may not even bother with a binary Windows version for now. The 2004 update has totally borked my Windows VM and reinstalling hasn't fixed it, so it's a Windows issue. Color me surprised... None of my PCs run Windows anyway, so not sure I feel motivated to fight with it.

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Your spouse is the most important person in your life, emotionally speaking. When somebody else is doing your job after you retire, when your kids are grown up with their own families, your spouse will be the one there waiting for you. Don't forget to treat them that way.

Has anybody else's 10 VMs had broken graphics since upgrading to 2004? In the graphics aren't working correctly, things that should just be transparent are now completely invisible, the frame buffer doesn't seem to update unless I resize the window, etc.

I've updated PyCheck so that it converts entered checksums to lowercase if they're not already. Had an issue where two checksums matched, but I got a fail message because the Microsoft provided checksums were all uppercase and Python was lowercase. The Windows binary version will be available a little later, but if you're running Linux, OSX, or have Python installed on Windows, you can go ahead and use the tarball version.


I'm learning the usefulness of having a program/script sleep for a second or two. Introducing an artificial wait period of just a second or so gives the user time to absorb what's happening, read output and error messages, etc.

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While we all at the moment, you can get this awesome shirt so it's even more fun. 😀 Enjoy your weekend! 🥳 shop.spreadshirt.de/tutanotash

Iranian Spies Accidentally Leaked Videos of Themselves Hacking  | WIRED 

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