The "duplicate finder" is a useful app for decluttering your system. My mom really needs to sit down and go through hers. It's nowhere near finished syncing, it hasn't even finished the "Documents" folder yet...

Setting up a new PC and new server for my mom. Syncing her files to the server. This explains why her old computer was so slow...

Question. When connecting a PC to my TV, the image randomly flickers static, as if the HDMI cable is loose. Wiggling the cable does sometimes reproduce the behavior. HDR is turned off. The same PCs running at the same resolution works just fine. Thoughts?

Pretty sure the copy of I got off is a home-made pirated copy. The DVDs are only 4.7 GB discs and the paper inserts look like they came out of a Walmart inkjet printer. The discs are pressed, but there's even bubbles between the layers on some of them...

The longer this outage continues, the more suspicious I become. Awfully convenient it happened on the same day that postponed its policy change and rumors started about censoring posts that mention Signal. Federated my and my brother's servers for the moment so he, I and my wife can all talk securely, but I still hope Signal fixes the issue so I can talk to everybody else.

is down so I created a handful of private rooms on my server so people can still communicate securely using Nextcloud Talk.

Kinda suspicious, saw a post on this morning where a guy tried to post about Signal on and the post got removed.

If you're looking for a good, viable alternative to , check out /#Odysee. It's a based video and content platform with lots of interesting stuff. Here's a referral link that will get me some $LBC if you sign up, enjoy!$/invite/@gerowen:4

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That Zoom shut down accounts and calls where people were talking about Tiananmen Square is bad enough. But you need to understand the subtext: Zoom says that their calls are encrypted and private, and yet they can monitor them.

Those two things are mutually exclusive. This entire video chat system is built on a foundation of lies and backdoors.

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Between my and , are non existent. Problem. Instead of skipping ads it can't load, YouTube sometimes just sits there spinning and doing nothing when an fails to load until you refresh the page.

Thought. In when auto mounting drives with a key file, a good practice might be to store the key file on an external drive, like a small thumb stick, so that in an emergency you could just remove and/or destroy the thumb stick in order to protect your .

One positive side effect of being ousted is several of my non-technical friends IRL got scared and installed on their phones. Mega corporations dictating what you can and can't say scares people, regardless of whether they're conservative or liberal.

Observation. I help my brother maintain his home server. It's using a self-signed TLS cert because his ISP blocks port 80, so I can't use . blocks the page outright and says "You can't add an exception" even after I imported the cert. doesn't.

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Noticed that rather than relying on Google , uses their own in-house "privacy preserving product analytics".

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Ooops. . . .

Now we will know what all Trumpsters and Insurrectionists said.

Every Deleted Parler Post, Many With Users' Location Data, Has Been Archived -

#Parler #Trump #insurrection

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