Do you find that there is a difference between a bad book and having a bad time reading a book?

All right, I’m changing my own strategy. Still got Bell blocked, but will be appropriating that hashtag tomorrow to tweet anticapitalist propaganda. Join me if you want!

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Well I’ve had two mildly catastrophic electronic equipment failures in the last 24 hours so I’m having a super fun morning on deadline!

It means I often don’t feel like a native speaker in any of the languages I speak. >.> That’s mostly imposter syndrome because objectively I’m continuously improving my command over both French and English (with an eye on eventually getting back to Spanish) to be a better writer.

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This is a well-documented phenomenon but being truly, painfully, torturously bilingual means that I have the oddest gaps of vocabulary, the kind that make native speakers stop and go… “Wait I’ve never had to define this word before”

I either have had too much tea or not nearly enough tea today.

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I just spent three minutes staring into space slowly repeating the word “sugar” and “sucre” and marvelling over how subtly and remarkably different those ’s’ sounds are.

I just remembered that Bell hashtag is coming back in a few days (where the fuck had January gone?!?) and Reminder: mute that hashtag. Block Bell. Fuck this noise that distracts from the real problem: our medical system doesn't give a shit about us.

Super cool and not at all devastating to find a thread where a handful of so-called mindfulness meditation “experts” making fun of someone with PTSD who has discovered that meditation triggers panic attacks.

also if you like billie eilish that’s super cool! i’m happy for you I’m just kinda disappointed xD

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I want to enjoy billie eilish because…but it sounds so similar to so much music that’s really popular right now: synths, a steady beat, very soft low voice, enough warbling i don’t know what the words are. it’s pretty okay as background noise but i dunno i was expecting more?

Friend showed me this video yesterday and I knew at least one American student at McGill who did this and it was so weird

Four hours from that tweet, and the pain is creeping in. Old damaged nerves on my ribcage making it hard to breathe, and the crushed nerve in my left shoulder acting up. So I am going to bed, but still so grateful for today.

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est-ce que byte c'est juste vine? je devrais peut-être me faire un compte...

This is a really, really simple pattern I think I’m going to go with.

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My next crochet project: legwarmers. I want a set for everyday wandering around outside (black or a dark colour, to go with whatever I’m wearing), one for around the house, and one I’d feel comfortable enough running/skiing in.

Watching these videos makes me think so much of my tailor grandfather. I wish I could sew.

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