Locking down my Twitter. Will be figuring out how this works with Mastodon crossposting.

J’ai toujours un peu l’impression que le tic typographique qui me date le plus c’est « XD ».

Le thé me donne énormément de bonheur cet été — donc je partage avec vous mes 5 thés préférés de l’été 2019! gersande.com/blog/mes-5-thes-p

Tea gives me so much joy right now so here is a blog post of my 5 (+1 bonus) favourite teas of summer 2019. gersande.com/blog/my-5-favouri

Oh my gosh I found the diary entry from when I was 9 years old on the day of my first communion and oh my gosh you guys the spelling mistakes are WIIIILD “diarry” “comuneon” “sencibelle” (sensible) “anewase” (“anyways”) I am ded u guys

Is there an intuitive way to export a Spark document to Photoshop or inDesign? Ideally in a way that conserves layers.

Wait is today more like fall rain or more like summer rain?

Today was a bit more stressful than I prefer. But it’s not yet midnight and I’ve successfully crossed off every single darn thing off my to-do list so I’m taking that win. Now to crash into bed and hopefully sleep.

Does anybody remember the 1994 Lassie movie because little me was obsessed with that movie

More nonsense with Montréal Pride… “But organizers held firm, leaving him feeling the parade organizers cared more about having a “happy parade” and protecting “political big shots” than the inclusive values they espouse."

Has anybody successfully clicker trained a cat who is not food motivated at ALL? What worked for you?

I can probably return the keyboard at least, even though it will be a pain to wait for a new one to arrive. UGH.

Two things today:
* Found my motiv ring which I used pretty successfully to track my heart rate last year. Thought I lost it—really, really happy I didn’t.
* I have an ergonomic keyboard that broke. Bought new one. It’s not Apple compatible.

Win some, lose some, apparently...

I just spent 15 or so minutes playing Roomba Quest on itch and it’s incredibly adorable. st33d.itch.io/roomba-quest (Thanks @EnricLlagostera@twitter.com for sharing!)

portland / cops / raids / more info 

I am having such a slow day, brainwise. Brainfog is a trip.

so i take it the revolution is happening right about now

I'm really into this whole "I will accept your award while rightfully bashing it" thing. More of this please! "‘He was a fascist’: Hong Kong author slams US literary legend" scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-cultur via @scmpnews@twitter.com

Callout for Indigenous translators! Head & Hands is looking for someone to translate our indigenous solidarity statement from English/French to Kanien’kéha and Inuktitut — 0.30 cents a word — email foodsecurity@headandhands.ca for info! Please RT!

(Those networks also include, by the way, a lot of women. A lot of white women in particular.)

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