Petit mise à jour après près d'un mois sans nouvelles sur le blogue... (oops): «Mes voyages d'été et un atelier sur le thé japonais traditionnel» via

Quick Friday afternoon blog post update, as it's been almost a month since I last updated the blog... "Summer travels and a traditional Japanese tea workshop"

Funny how “I love you just the way you are” is such an alarming and terrifying threat to queer and trans children, yet it’s a statement upheld as extremely loving or even romantic outside queer circles.

wear backpacks only

nothing else!!! put all your clothes in your backpack!!!

I think Freshbooks lost all of this last week’s timekeeping data haha haaa hAHAAAAA no big deal no big deal I’m going to go for a walk and when I come back I hope this is not going to still be broken hahahaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa

Je viens juste de faire une petite contribution financière à un nouveau projet de radio alternative féministe francophone à Québec. Partager SVP!

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

De nombreuses personnes m’ont recommandé ce livre mais en lisant le résumé j’ai vraiment peur que ça va être absolument pénible à lire…

hey humans if you have binders you don't use anymore, you can send them here for rehoming:

looks like they're out of stock of used binders so it'll be good to buff their inventory!

(i just unearthed a couple that are gently-worn and they just didn't suit me so i'm shipping 'em over)

#ftm #trans #transmasc

I find the moon in the southwest quadrant of the sky completely breathtaking tonight. It’s sitting low on the horizon, looks nearly full, giant yellow ball of light, completely breathtaking. I love big spooky summer moons.

The day stops working properly is the day I stop using twitter. Anyways, find me on Mastodon at:

While walking around tonight a stranger stopped us and asked if we found Luna, recognizing us from last September when we spent 10 days howling her name in the streets to find her. He was genuinely delighted to hear we found our cat. Nice little neighbourly moment!

I don’t quite know how my brain can adore thunder without hesitation and find it thrilling, yet I've always had a total fear and anxiety response to fireworks. The fireworks festival on the Champlain bridge in Montréal is extremely loud, and grating my nerves, unfortunately.

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