Last week we released Kirby 3:

It's a massive update with lots of cool new features. You can find an overview here:

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I’ll be in Berlin in less than two weeks to run a Kirby 3 workshop and there are only a few seats left. Would be great to meet you there:

Only a little more than 3 weeks left until we meet in Berlin for the next Kirby workshop. There are still a few seats left:

Kirby boosted is built with Kirby, an amazing php, flat file CMS @getkirby

The next issue of our monthly Kirby Kosmos newsletter is going out in 15 minutes. Subscribe now for lots of interesting news about Kirby and the web:

Find all past issues here:

Andreas Nymark create a very nice case study + video for his latest Kirby project for Good Guys Brew: Make sure to check it out!

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‪Just finished migrating the @getkirby Focus plugin to Kirby 3. 🎉 Still some documentation and testing to too, but I already have a pretty good feeling 😊‬ If you want to check it out, make sure to be on the latest nightly build. It will also work with the upcoming Beta5.

With Vue.js and our own UI component kit, our developers have so many more options to build great plugins. What we've seen so far is simply amazing and far beyond what we've imagined. I really can't wait to show you some of that stuff.

A few first facts about v3 for now:

We've rebuilt v3 from scratch to leave a lot of legacy code behind. As a minimum requirement v3 will run on PHP 7.1+. This gave us so many great new ways of improving our code and make use of PHP 7's fantastic performance.

The panel is now based on Vue.js and our own REST API, which can be used for your own applications. This turns Kirby 3 into a very slick headless CMS out of the box.

If you are curious and you want to join the beta, you can still sign up for our supporter program: We can really use any form of help!

We started the first alphas at the beginning of this year and we are currently in a private beta. There's still a lot of work to do to get the last famous 10% ready. It definitely wouldn't be possible without our supporters who help us test and already started developing plugins for v3. I couldn't be happier about all this and yet I can't wait for the launch later this year.

Mastodon might be a cool chance to "leak" some of the things that we are working on step by step.

We've been very quiet in the last months, but actually it is currently the most stressful time in Kirby's history. We are very actively working on a major release for almost 1,5 years now and it has been an amazing ride so far. More than 300 supporters joined our Kirby Next project so far: and a super active Slack has formed over the last months.


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