"Let us start this video at a familiar place and then get increasingly weird."
Ah, classic Kurzgesagt...

I have added a header picture finally.

These are screenshots from a few games I made for js13kGames game jams.

Poor doggo stuck outside for, like, forever... It was almost a minute and a half.

Just noticed this, I think I should stop here.

Oh wait...

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As it turns out, watercolor cats might be my true calling 🐾

Here's my baby, painted with Rebelle 5

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@silvermoon82 The support structures that hold the secondary mirror make the stars look 8-pointed. Here's a neat image that shows how the apparent look of stars changes with the actual optical design of the telescope.

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Prototype 33mm Fibonacci128 Pico touch demo works! Using the new APA104-1212 1.2mm², and an
@adafruit QT Py with @MicrochipMakes SAMD21

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If you look carefully you can even recognise some constellations. Due to the way the ball projects the image, the constellations in the background and within the ball are symmetric relative to the center of the ball.

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Can you trap a galaxy in a crystal ball? I tried! Back in 2018 I took this image of the Milky Way through a crystal ball from ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

#astronomy #astrophotography

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November 2020, i drew some more airplanes 🛩️
I love experimenting with cross hatching techniques back then!

Wasp, secured 

"Hey, you think I was inside by mistake?! Let me back in!" - wasp, probably

So after filtering out the bigger chunks of resin from my IPA bath I thought curing it in UV would make it easier to separate the IPA from resin.

After a few minutes I took a look and... what was that forming in there?

I'm still not sure if it was eerie or cool.

But... it reminds me to the cosmic web (a simulated image attached), so I will file it under "cool".


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Well, time to start over.

Hi, my name is Karv and I'm a Spanish pixel artist, as well as a game developer!


When it started raining Yoshi ran outside and jumped in his comfy and dry bed. He watched the rain for about an hour. I love this little guy :)

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A little selection of inktober 2020 that got me back into drawing. It's very old but is still like them as they make me think of this time I found joy in drawing imaginary worlds again.
It's all colour pen on paper, photographed with my phone 😅
The prompts where "animals", "smoke" and "campfire"
The 3 of them picture very early designs of my #OC Jonah who is a water wielder, a person born with water #magic basically 💧

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Think of instances as mail providers : you can have a gmail account and exchange mails with a hotmail account.

Same goes for you and me, different instances but we’re still talking.

I recently came accross an even better analogy : instances are cities. You living in New York doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with people from Paris.

So your local timeline is only New Yorkers like you, the federated timeline is all the cities New York knows about.

Feel free to ask, most folks around here are pretty kind !

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Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

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