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message only for trans people 

you’re all valid and I love you

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💌 do not follow if ur truscum, terf, transmed, ddlg, map, ect

💌 i am 19! if me following you makes you uncomfortable lmk

💌 dm me for discord

💌 ok thats mostly it bye <3

sometimes I just check in on mastodon and I feel like I'm walking through a fine art museum but I also feel like I'm walking in on a clown society that's been left in ruins for a while now and only on occasion will you see traces left behind by the remaining clowns

markiplier has had such a GRIP on my mental stability the past five years and not in a good way

no one on twitter likes my off brand gucci george washington shoes

I miss mastodon bc when I'd post everyone would laugh and like it and be like "haha good one sunny" but when I post on twitter everyone just boos my pussy and no one likes my art

the best thing light has ever said ever is " pb and j call it peanut butter n jelly sandwich put peanut butter and jelly on ass call it peanut butter and jelly ass sandwich but ur gonna be calling it lunch"

all my friends say that jerma with facial hair makes him look like a dilf but jerma has a face too similar to my dad's esp w facial hair so I cannot agree

turnip and burrito's long awaited meeting happens tomorrow.......

I opened up my phone and mastodon was just there for no reason ??

I forgot I made like 2 or 3 other people I didn't even know make markiplier accounts somehow and we all formed an iplier alliance

everyone was blaming light and maya.... light is literally the most respectable person I know I can't believe they thought I was light

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