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the TMRC hackers believed that curiosity and learning and free information were ***so important*** that it was a moral *imperative* to violate social norms and MIT policies and state laws in service of those things

the hacker ethos is also a hacker *ethic*, a moral stance

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this is where the term originates in its modern usage, in the deconstruction of equipment into parts to be reconstituted into new cool things that the parts were never intended to be used for -- model railway control, in this case

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Congressman and future President James Garfield contributes an original proof for the Pythagorean Theorem. (1876)

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“…the truth is that when you develop those techniques, you are at the whim of those in power and whatever they next decide to call a crime.” wired.com/story/surveillance-p


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Google snippets suck so bad. We have an entire article on why women watch horror and it chooses to excerpt the part that is only included to say "this is what people used to think but it's wrong and based on poor research."

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These people genuinely do not believe that what they are doing is harassment or acting as an occupying force, because the trainings tell them the communities are full of “bad guys” who deserve what happens to them. So why help this same exact community through a mass-shooting?

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Being a cop is being told that it’s your job to look for “bad guys” (their preferred term), “bad guys” can exist anywhere, they especially exist in the neighborhoods we force you to patrol, and “bad guys” are inherently bad, a product of culture, and must be killed if need be

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Thinking about “a safe place for children to be unsupervised” as a metric. Are there any situations like that? And are they desirable? twitter.com/Pluto1437/status/1

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School shooting drills seem like potentially wildly effective psychological warfare. Hard to imagine they save many lives, but they have to traumatize & instill a deep sense of danger in at least some kids twitter.com/mskellymhayes/stat

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would be a cool time for "fiscal conservatives" to gut police departments that only exist as daycare for men

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this is gonna make me have my villain arc

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Each failure of surveillance technologies results in the calls for more widespread and invasive surveillance by those in power, never for rethinking the flawed beliefs that these systems will make us safer.

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Good morning to everyone but especially low poly fox from Mega Man Legends 2

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UX designers should be refused service at restaurants

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this is a brutal thread (from February!) that rings familiar after this week’s events twitter.com/the_cleric/status/

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This infuriates me because you were a prosecutor, knew how much the officers were prone to lie, but 100% still prosecuted people and put them in prison based on testimony from those same officers. How many people are in prison now because of you and the folks you call liars now? twitter.com/Miriam2626/status/

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