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D҉̷̸A̕͞N̢G͞Ę́R̛͝ @girlfiend

Hey, FYI: There's a charity speedrun stream benefiting the Transgender Law Center this weekend!


The runners include GDQ alumni like PrincessProto and EnchantressOfNumbers, and the game line up is actually really unique with a heavy focus on romhacks and randomizers. The final block on Sunday night is runs/races of all three of the Zelda 1, 2 and 3 randomizers in a row.

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I miss a decent transit system too. Even though the rails were an overcomplicated mess they at least worked!
I have such a dream of living in a place where I can just hop on a train and end up somewhere beautiful, take as many photos as I dare, then come home and make prints.

Japanese snacks and drinks are so good. Having access to them wherever was such a dream! I can only get some of them at my local Japanese market here.

Is it weird that the thing I miss most from Japan is the vending machines?

I finished Japanese 1, level 2 coming up next month. Excited.

Whoever lives in Japan, got a couch / futon that's about me-sized?

Bumper sticker reads "I'd rather be in Japan"

Before Mastodon: I will never Awoo
After Mastodon: Join me in a hearty Awoo

Good awooning, Mastofriends! Let's fix problems and not make excuses today!