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D҉̷̸A̕͞N̢G͞Ę́R̛͝ @girlfiend@mastodon.social

Private Internet Access, a VPN provider, takes out the full page ad in The New York Time calling out 50 senators... hostux.social/media/AvSkNnTVhD

Seems like one of our performers has the flu! Guess we'll just play a few more rounds of Quiplash for their set.

My ultimate goal, if I stay in Japan, is to help with LGBTQ rights, so I am interested in knowing everything I can!

Still looking for folks in Japan who are on hormone therapy! Any Japanese trans folks on HRT out there? I know you exist and I want to talk to you =)

Wasn't able to log on yesterday, but I'm back today.

Looking for folks living in Japan who are on hormone replacement therapy. Need advice.

I awoo'd so much this weekend it isn't even funny.

I'm applying to the JET program to teach English in Japan.
I'm queer, trans, pierced, and in a poly relationship.
How much of my non-traditional life should I admit to in my essay?

Psst! If you've signed up for the mailing list you should check your inbox =)

@girlfiend still worried my name/gender stuff will get in the way. Still worried I won't be able to get surgery stuff done soon enough. Gotta get on that ASAP.

getting shaky, deadline for the Japan program is in 3 weeks and I can totally make it happen. Too real!

i've recorded a ghost story and i'd love for you to hear it. gum.co/itbreathes

I printed a cool fidget spinner last night but I handed it to my GF and now it's gone. RIP (rotate in peace), dear fidget.

the next is an evening concert! Come party in San Jose on November 17th!