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D҉̷̸A̕͞N̢G͞Ę́R̛͝ @girlfiend

Zarya main who gets frustrated playing Zarya and ragepicks hanzo.

#Mastoverwatch I'm girlfiend#1769 please serious folks only.

Good Awoo'ning, here's my favorite version of Drop Pop Candy youtube.com/watch?v=9eyyhtOrKP

So apparently Japan has spiders that are really freaky looking and they're ubiquitous.
This makes me seriously reconsider my plans.

the pronunciation of "coyote" in America sucks.

@jennatar GF2 is gluten intolerant and we have to do similar.

@jennatar and isn't tamari soy-based? AFAIK it's just soy sauce without the added wheat for brewing.

@jennatar Aah I thought it was mostly pepper! We had an easy time finding gluten free ones, at least.

@jennatar perfect use of green onions! You can also make green onion kimchi really easy!

@jennatar and Maangchi's cookbook fucking rules.

@jennatar here's my fav quick snack:
Cucumber, sliced thin
Gochujang, just a big 'ol helping
Sesame oil
Honey to taste

Sauce those 'cukes, top with sesame seeds, EAT IT

Put gochujang in everything I eat, thank you.