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Bay Area artists! Want to know what is? Check this out, then visit our website for more info:


susan be anthony? well good for him, he's living his truth and shit

@Gargron I have a .lgbt domain and Masto doesn't recognize it as an URL! What can be done?

Site has been updated! Bay Area LGBTQ artists, join us for the 11th on June 2nd! More info: artsplosion.lgbt

11, coming Saturday, June 2nd! Stay tuned for more info, or get on the mailing list @ www.artsplosion.lgbt

We would like to apologize for last night's typo of "Pebis". We clearly intended to type "Pepis". Our sincerest apologies, we promise to do better in the future.

Sent from my iPhone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.



Sent from my iPhone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.

when a puppy is too cute, that's awwwooo

Limited edition run, only available to IMsL attendees this weekend. Who knows? If they sell out I may make more....

Sitting down on the joycon will hit one of the button on the controller which are mapped to all the joycons on the table. Table joycons sense the up motion.

Labo idea: Butt Dial
You put the joycon in your back pocket and sit down. A random joycon on the table will vibrate, first player to "pick up" the butt dialed call gets a point

danger days: colorful punks fighting against a monochrome regime
beat the champ: fighting as a way of life, knowing triumph but also exhaustion
fallout: new vegas: weird desert shit

The only custom emoji we need is :splatoon: , fight me