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D҉̷̸A̕͞N̢G͞Ę́R̛͝ @girlfiend@mastodon.social

being funemployed is difficult. Having fun getting back into my self-motivated workflow. Too in-between things.

First day of my new life and ... it's food and youtube time.....

already brimming with ideas for what's next. If you like enamel pins but wish they felt more hand-made and less samey then I have something exciting to show you soon.

Last week of work then I start streaming and making art full time! Excited, scared. Keep tuned for more =)

All the 3rd party Y carriage upgrades were sold out, but someone on the thingiverse forum made a bunch and they're selling fairly cheap. Saved!

getting a serviceable raft out of it after the 10th level attempt. Printing a dial indicator bracket so I can more accurately assess the problem.

the more I've tried to fix this printer the worse it gets. I don't exactly have 800 bucks to throw on a new printer but I sure wish I did.

Is my Y carriage just too warped? I flat out all the corner screws, make sure the X assembly is level, then begin leveling my bed. Some screws bottom out, others are at their length, and the bed is still not leveled.

Printer is functional again but still exhibiting weird behavior. Extrusion seems strained, can't quite figure out where the blockage is.

Toriel packed me lunch today. Snails again.

you bet your a** I'm thinking about Toriel.

even if I'm not posting I'm always checking and reading masto.

I'll tell you fine folks on Masto, before I tell my main account.

I quit my job. I'm planning on doing the art thing again, taking classes, traveling and taking photos. Expect much, much more from me next month.

It's a good day to awoo. Please awoo responsibly.