Sexy content: facials 

The very act of writing this post took my brain to a very facial-focused place from which it may be impossible to escape until I've had one...

Sexy content 

As ever, Jen remains the absolute boss of 'introducing interesting kinks'

"I couldn’t know where my desires were, or when they would get to where they were going. A truck, a plane, a state, a border. Wherever they were, they were safely away from my body, which allowed me to feel safe that they had been in my body." Gorgeous new guest blog about the art of sexy letter writing...

Sexy stuff 

I'm back! Why? Maybe because it's and if you say that 3 times in a mirror I appear. Here are five short filthy stories...

I don’t know if a muse is a good thing to be, but reluctantly I have to admit that he probably is one. And it's my fault.

Sexy pic and blog post 

"Now she knows what he wants: the pleasure of making her vulnerable. Of doing something no one else has done. Of touching and kissing and tonguing her, knowing he’s the first to give her these sensations." NEW story, all about ... (also accompanied by )

Incidentally if you ever get the chance to see Salena reading her work aloud in person, take it. She's amazing.

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Erotic writer Stella Fosse was prompted to write an erotic story about her hysterectomy after a conversation with a colleague who told her "at your age, I’m sure relationships are all about companionship."

Read and share - older women’s erotica is a joyous revolution!

The problem here isn’t that this woman’s friends have kids, or that they withdraw from life when they have them. The problem is that we live in a society where the first thing we tend to do in the face of an emotional issue is to point to the nearest woman and tell her what she’s done wrong.

New blog:

Todays blog was written in response to a reader suggestion - they asked me to write a 'jealousy fuck' as part of the emotion series I've sporadically been adding to. It was REALLY HARD to write because I foolishly gave it a tone which doesn't come naturally to me. But I massively enjoyed it so if this message hasn't been far too waffly to sell it to you, pls do check it out:

"At the recent poly-meetup I attended, there was less discussion of whether or not non-monogamy is the relationship model of the future and more about how people find the time to see their partners." This week's guest blogger would like people to know that is not all about orgies, thanks very much:

Adult content, NSFW pic 

He can’t come, but I don’t care. I just want to feel his dick inside me.


"I found myself in the surreal position of crouching on the floor of a sex dungeon, signing a book, about to be soundly beaten with it." This week's funny, sexy guest blog is all about impact play:

NSFW, Nudity, BDSM 

Sultry sexy in a tight #rope #hogtie #bondage #barefoot today at! Or purchase individually on our eStore at:

My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.

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