FYI Doxy (my site sponsor and makers of amazing wands/butt plugs/other things) has a summer sale on. If you want anything Doxy, now's an amazing time to get it cos you get THIRTY PER CENT off and FREE shipping. Here's my affiliate link: Use code SMMR.

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New blog: one for people who like being begged for it. A searing insight into my needy seduction style.

Please please please put it in me.


Ever considered inviting someone into your bedroom to photograph you and your lover fucking? Exposing40 did just that, and tells us all about in in this fabulous guest blog...

Threesome, NSFW 

"We need to use your mouth."

The maelstrom of fuck couple came back to wreck me again <3

Depp/Heard, abuse 

Now that I’ve sat down and read the full judgment in the UK case, and watched the closing arguments in the Virginia one too, I am ready to offer an answer to those who ask me to comment on Amber Heard’s character.

My answer is as follows…


NEW : a fiction piece from aaaages ago now recorded in high-quality. For fans of public sex and listening to your girlfriend get banged by a stranger... cuckolding on the night bus...

Pretty bored of people saying Johnson should resign too. He literally won't! It's so obvious he won't! At what point are you gonna stop asking him to resign and start asking how else to get rid of him?

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Sue Gray report just dropped. Shocked to my core to learn that we're governed by a bunch of overprivileged teenagers, getting puke-drunk and fighting and being rude to cleaning staff. SHOCKED.

Remember the other day I asked you if you wanted backstory? Thanks to those who chipped in - the answer was an overwhelming 'yes', so here you are: Backstory on The Bracelet Game Guy, who I just started seeing again and having a LOVELY time with. How we met, why we broke up, and why I got back in touch early this year. (some of the post is NSFW but not much)

Sex, Crossrail 

It's Crossrail day!!! I'll get some pics of it up later when I've been (almost did the first train, but decided against because it would have involved a very long cycle in the pouring rain), but for now here's some porn I wrote about Crossrail back in 2017.

CN: NSFW lots of shagging 

NEW blog: extremely fucky. This is one about exhibitionism/voyeurism in a library, so have at it nerds ;-)

Also... illustrators! Fancy drawing some sexy artwork for the site? I've just put out a call for subs here:

NEW! I've just put out a call for submissions - if you're a sex blogger/erotic writer and you'd like to have your work turned into audio porn (and get paid a license fee), check it oput: Also, find out more about why making your site more accessible is REALLY GOOD FOR EVERYONE! Pls do boost if you can, I'd love to get some new ppl on board!


Anyway I guess there's a question in here somewhere which is... how much do you care about (for want of a better word) 'characters' or 'plot' when you're reading a sex blog?

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Current dilemma: there's a guy I used to fuck who I've recently got reacquainted with. He's extremely hot, very fun, and I'm hoping we'll get to keep shagging for a while. But in order to blog about him I need to give Backstory, so instead of lovely fucky times, all the posts I've tried to draft about him read like a fuckin 'last season on Gotn Dot Com' recap. How much do you think people care about plot?

A long time ago on Patreon, I did an interview with one of my best mates - she is funny, wise, extremely kinky and very cool indeed. Ever since then they've been asking for more of her, so here's part 1 of another long chat, in which we talk kink, toys, relationship comms and more fun stuff:

Brain: Tired
Me: Sleep?
Brain: No Sleep! Only Tired!

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