PeerTube 1.0 released.

PeerTube is a free, decentralized, federated video platform that uses peer-to-peer technology, developed by Framasoft.

To provide an alternative to centralized, now censorship infested platforms such as YouTube.


Sailfish OS: Sail2Play +Jolla Store

Android: P2Play


After the G+ debacle I’ve lost all remaining trust that I had in Google therefore I’m creating a prelimenary list of alternatives for Google services that I use(d). Feel free to add more. #nomoregoogle #abandongoogle

Google+ β€”> Mastodon, Diaspora*
Blogger β€”> WordPress
Google Drive β€”> NextCloud
Google Search β€”> DuckDuckGo

Celebrating KDE’s 22nd Birthday with Some Inspiring Facts from its Glorious Past!

oh no, time to play catch-up! here's #inktober day 10 ~ flowing.

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This last week has been a complete mess, and my work schedule is crazy, but it's time to draw.
Let's catch up on #inktober today! Let's see if we can make 3 drawings and get things back to status quo.
See you in 30 minutes!


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