TED, id Software's internal tile map level editor by John Romero. Pictured here is the Apogee version that was used to create maps for Rise of the Triad.

I always wanted to build a dedicated arcade cabinet for one of my games... so I did :D 🕹


@gizmo I saw it on Revision (stream) few hours ago!
I like the talking head screen between levels.

Walking through a hospital yesterday... saw dozens of windows 7 machines logged in and unattended in the halls and WEP encryption on their wireless.

I left with an eye twitch.

@gizmo @alkama @rez Well, to be fair, I use this handle basically everywhere. The good thing about it is that it isn't taken anywhere... With a name like 'gizmo' you have to act fast to grab it anywhere new... ;)

The best thing about mastodon? All demosceners have their scene-nicknames as handles! :) @rez @exoticorn @alkama ...\o/

like minded people will always find each other, I guess


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