We flipped our creative roles on this one. The kiddo wrote me a script, and I did the art.

Austin is full of tributes to the late Daniel Johnston's "innocent frog" but this might be the best:

Make sure to smooch give ur computer a gentle smooch to thank them for all their hard work

i've come here to avenge my father *holds up spork* your days are numbered, scoundrel, my name is katie, but you may refer to me as your d00m

a lot of mastodon.social accounts are being compromised right now. please make sure to change your password every once in a while or set up 2 factor authentication if you haven't done so yet! mastodon.social/settings/two_f

New tooters best get some fuckin toots under your belt before requesting a follow.

@glassdelusion @tewha I think Christian Mothers need to shut the fuck up and let women pleasure themselves as much as they want. Holy shit.

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