Released version 1.6 of MessagesHistoryBrowser - easily browse through your macOS chats :

We can argue on how Freddie Mercury’s life is depicted in Bohemian Rhapsody, but the final sequence is incredibly well done.

The bass speaker of my Harman Kardon Sticks has just fallen off the chimney mantle it was laid on, while I was playing Peter Gabriel’s “Secret World” live on it at high volume (“Shaking the Tree”). Thankfully no apparent damage, but Tony Levin’s bass is something.

I wonder if one’s ability to read facial expression is correlated with the speed at which you can cull (select keepers/rejects) portrait photos 🤔.

Just used iTranslate to help an old Ukrainian lady check her boarding gate at the airport. How sci-fi is that 😎.

Anybody has recommendations for a good adblocker for macOS Safari ? 1Blocker is not working so well.

Internet equivalent of entering a room and realizing you’ve forgotten why you entered it : opening a website to look for an info, being distracted by some other content on that website, and then realizing you don’t remember what was the info you wanted to look up.

Y a-t-il des traitements homéopathiques pour les personnes électrosensibles ? Ça serait approprié 🙄…

About 15 years ago when I was still an active member of the Free Software / Open Source community, I noticed how conservative it was, both socially and technologically, contrary to what it proclaimed. Watching , it seems, unsurprisingly, this hasn’t changed.
Also, guys, please cut down the grandiose libertarian/randian references. You’re only making even more of an embarrassment of yourselves with those.

Those tvOS 5 screensavers from the ISS are absolutely marvelous.

Indice nº1 d'une app faite avec une toolkit cross-platefrom pourrie, le hamburger menu latéral plutôt que des tabs (EDF, SocGen, Milleis...). Et la navigation devient n'importe quoi.

Nice shot against so-called “planned obsolescence” 👍

The amount of engineering that must have gone into this ECG feature, that will be overall rarely used, but will sometimes be crucial or life-saving. Apple’s mindset is still something different.

So finally an “official” release : MessagesHistoryBrowser 1.5 - Mojave support (including support for dark mode coded during the night for better quality), and much improved performance during import :

I wonder if Netflix or Amazon Prime won’t eventually hire some youtubers to produce exclusive contents for them…

So I thought I was all done with MessagesHistoryBrowser 1.4 and I spent most of the w-e doing heavy refactoring, moving the parts accessing contacts to an XPC service. Apparently this seems to run properly on 10.14 Mojave (at least I can launch it on Xcode), may be another release tomorrow.

That new release of MessagesHistoryBrowser has now turned into a major refactoring due to moving the Contacts accessing part to its own XPC service, in order to hopefully be able to run it in non-sandboxed mode on Mojave.

Good yak shaving y'all.

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