Parabola GNU/Linux-libre: ath9k wifi devices may not work with linux-libre 5.7.6

You should postpone upgrading to Linux-libre 5.7.6 :freedo: :gnu: #gnu #linux-libre #parabola

people talk about weather permitting but i tried to file for a sunny day and the clerk at the county permits office didn't have a freakin clue

Wordsmithing of the day.....

"There has been a 169% rise in commercial robbery of units which are mostly closed."

Darn, can't you just say looting?

I was gonna tell you a joke about UDP…

…but you might not get it.

@phel I reckon every development shop working on user-facing software needs to have an ancient, low-powered device (eg a 10 year old netbook) for testing their #UX, throughout the development process. If their UI doesn't at least gracefully degrade to work on a device like that, it's not ready to ship IMHO.

I just stumbled upon this old webpage:

The full content of the page is "*", with the title

> attention low bandwidth users: the asterisk you ordered has arrived

I believe it is a joke, but I'm either too young to get it or wasn't paying attention to Internet culture at the right time.

Can anyone explain what I'm missing?

(Just how old? The page didn't have a date, but the content is rendered with this HTML:


Another episode of Debian trying to be smart.

How do you configure a vlan in /etc/network/interfaces? well...

iface eth0.42 inet static
address ...

Ok how does it know which VLAN id it is? well, it takes the trailing digits and treats it as a number.

And how does it know on which interface? well, it takes the part before '.' and treats it as an interface name.

But what if you don't want your subinterface to be called eth0.42?

This is a recreation of a BBC Micro programming environment. It is worth the download. If you want to teach kids how to program, this, plus 20 dollars of a raspberry pi zero with power supply and an old USB keyboard makes a nice programming teaching tool.

I can also recommend a raspberry pi A 1.1 if you want full sized ports.

I don't know how many hours I put in on this, but it made me itch when I see people hunt and peck. It also caused me to have to reassign every f'ing game I play because wasd feels sooooooooooo dirty to my fingers because my index finger is not where it is supposed to be.

Amiwin 2.0. X server for Amiga. Installed in the mid 1990s, still working great today.

#xwindows #amiga #retrocomputing

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