I could rant about this, but I'll try keeping it short. The terminal is almost the place where blind and sighted people are naturally on a level field. Almost. But no. Wherever sighted people can make a GUI or make things unnecessarily "pretty" they're gonna take this inch and make lightyears out of it. Ah well. Hopefully this kind of stuff doesn't catch on too much.



Seriously. Don't support Web3, Web2 is already pretty bad and needs some rework.

#Yesterweb #indieweb #FightWeb3

web publishing opinions 

Medium is such an utterly garbage experience for readers. WHY do people use it to publish? Does it have some amazing backend, and they hate the people they expect to read their stuff?

I'm very excited to announce the release of Ratman, a userspace, decentralised peer-to-peer packet router. It's developed as part of the Irdest project, aiming to build easy to use infrastructure tools for decentralised mesh networks.

Read the full announcement here: lists.irde.st/archives/list/an

Check out the project website: irde.st

awoo :boost_ok:

The maintainer of the backend in LLVM has set up two sponsorship pages

You can now use Patreon and OpenCollective to support the
development efforts.


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Je lis des articles sur Elyze. Pour l'instant, pas un seul pour souligner le risque à ce que 2 inconnus sans encadrement aient en leurs mains l'une des bases de données probablement les plus puissantes de l'histoire politique française. Que des partis payeraient cher pour avoir.

C’est une nouvelle fois acté qu’une DCP est une DCP non pas parce que vous pouvez identifier l’individu, mais bien parce qu’il existe quelque part sur la planète un moyen (dont vous n’avez pas forcément connaissance) de lier l’information à l’individu.

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J’aime assez la décision récente du DPA autrichien pour invalider Google Analytics. On y trouve des choses extrêmement passionnantes pour une fois.

So apparently Humble Bundle decided that it would stop supporting macOS and Linux in two weeks, leaving two weeks for people to download their game for those platforms, not getting updates for them anymore, and also shutting down ability to download from the site, forcing you to go through their new Windows only launcher.

So I'll take this opportunity to make a casual reminder that there is nothing humble about humble bundle anymore.

mettre son hostname en tant que Simone.
faire la commande "sudo systemctrl suspend"

ça y est, Simone veille.
#astuce #debian

Universal Audio's official forum account said they would add Linux support if "tens of thousands" of people signed a petition.

Here is that petition!

And here is the forum post

Apparently these aren't as well known as I assumed they were, so here is some tech that I think would make a good #web0 . (like #web3 but more actual #decentralization and less bullshit)


#Spritely (and #OCAP in general)

#Yggdrasil (could cooperate with NDN)


Invest in these instead of NFTs.

« Le but étant de proposer un fil chronologique, affichant les contenus publiés par des comptes auxquels l'utilisateur est abonné, sans qu'une publication plus radicale ou plus sensationnelle ne soit mise en avant. »

Parfait, Mastodon est déjà compatible :-)


J'avais dit que j'en reparlerais ici quand le temps serait venu.

Ma compagne et moi avons monté une maison d'édition. Nous travaillons dessus depuis 2019. Notre premier livre vient tout juste de sortir.


This #Indieweb principles quoted verbatim by Bruce Sterling in 2013, hold up pretty well…and I think apply to a lot of #Fediverse and #Web3 efforts, too….


This #web0 / #SmallWeb "manifesto" strikes me as some hippie crap, to be honest.

Decentralization as it's manifested in #web3 isn't some great leap forward for humanity. We're not going to have a spiritual awakening or destroy corporate capitalism because people are hosting their own small websites. It's just a consumer revolution happening as an inevitable consequence of technological progress creating more affordable and accessible tech coupled with increasing bureaucratic corruption.

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