Boris Johnson 'on brink of Brexit deal' after border concessions - "The arrangement was rejected by Theresa May as a deal that no British prime minister could accept." er, and the DUP...?

Rise of renewables may see off oil firms decades earlier than they think - remember: anyone investing in fuels is holding , and will lost massive amounts of money

Britons in Europe face citizens' rights 'lottery' in event of no deal - UK is of course to blame for mess, but I have to say EU countries aren't exactly shining here...

Preserving ’s Cultural & Literary History through the Palm Leaf Project - such great news; what would the world do without the @internetarchive?

Kurdish forces in Syria will no longer prioritise guarding Isis prisons - and really, who can blame them? trump has set back the fight against islamic state by about 10 years...he deserves a negative Noble peace prize...

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