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Moody: the works - A list of links to all my non-tech writings: essays, travel writings and novels. They may pass the time...

‘An abomination’: the story of the massacre that killed 216 wolves - revolting; these weak, pathetic cowards are the scum of humanity

Exhibition tells story of Spanish children used as vaccine fridges in 1803 - "Balmis’s technique was to infect two children every 10 days with the bovine version of smallpox & then take the serum from their pustules to infect two more children, and so on"

The finite brain - can we run out of memory? if not, why not? another weekly essay from my

‘Seriously ill’ young people in current Covid admissions, expert warns - young people need to get vaccinated: this is serious

Food bosses say ministers are making England’s Covid ‘pingdemic’ supply chaos worse - gosh, it's almost as if can lie & cheat their way to a referendum "win", but are utterly incapable of running a country..

Sage adviser claims ministers trying to get as many as possible infected with Covid - most of us had already worked that out: it's Herd Immunity 2.0...

Stonehenge may be next UK site to lose world heritage status - really making us a shining beacon to the world - of what not to do

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My next project will be based on blockchain… is something you will never hear me say.

World Heritage Committee agrees not to place Great Barrier Reef on ‘in danger’ list - pathetic cowardice that condemns reef to mass die-off

Church Says TV Channels ‘Extremely Aggressive’ - that's their job - speaking truth to power and all that.

unlike the church, which is supposed to be compassionate and loving, not bigoted and full of hate...

Chinese tycoon gets go-ahead to build vast central London ‘palace’ - "property will have a triple-height ballroom, and a two-level basement for Cheung’s collection of luxury cars."

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