Customs passes to be allocated as part of no-deal Brexit planning - "Even with a customs pass there is no guarantee the EU will recognise Eori numbers after 31 October should a no-deal Brexit go ahead." why should it? "no deal" = throwing away everything

EU citizens in UK demand clarification of status as no deal looms - "How will a UK border control officer even know which EU citizens are resident in the UK and which are not?” shameful

Ivanka Trump's embrace of nature sparks cries of hypocrisy - it's *not* hypocrisy; it's merely a foretaste of the future where the rich 1% live in environmental heaven, while the 99% live in hell, largely driven by her father and

Donald Trump’s UK trade promises are hot air – his aim is Brexit chaos - "While a post-Brexit UK is still likely to be one of the world’s largest economies... it will be less important to US national security and economic interests."

Cruise ship nightmare: After measles, norovirus outbreaks, why does anyone still set sail? - "a mere 10 viral particles is enough to make someone sick". why I would never go on a cruise...

Canada's election watchdog: ads saying climate change is real may break law - is not a matter of opinion; @ElectionsCan_E are irresponsible idiots

Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled - we need to impose high taxes on anything that can't be recycled

Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live - or, you know, US government could tackle the like any civilised country...

Brexit free-movement cutoff plans worse than Windrush, says Abbott - UK is “heading for a catastrophe that would make Windrush seem like a minor blip”

"Boris Johnson has written to the EU suggesting the backstop could be replaced by some form of commitment" - because nothing suggests "commitment" like repudiating a deal you have already agreed...

Boris Johnson 'confident' EU will back down in Brexit talks - of course, announcing this publicly will make it much more likely to happen, ...?

FCO Speeds Up Planning to Move UK Embassy to Jerusalem - "Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Scott Morrison, Benjamin Netanyahu and now Boris Johnson – constitute a distinct and extreme right wing bloc."

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