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Here's my for my new account:



I'm an analyst for a co. I spend most of my days looking at reports and wrangling my servers (CAs).

Outside of work I enjou and modeling.

Also hugely interested in , , and I'm a huge advocate as well.

Currently been immersing myself into all things and learning .

Say what you will but I trust Google a helluva lot more than I trust Facebook.

There are some fun and awesome alternatives to Facebook.

If you are actually serious about taking back your privacy, hit me up. PM me. DM me. Tweet me. Hell, email me! and I'd be more than happy to show you the wonders of the Fediverse.

I don't care what gender you are, what chromosomes you have, or what you have between your legs, or even what Country you come from...

If you want to fight and defend my Country you're more than welcome to in my eyes.

Provided you can pass the physical. :-)

RT This is an American disgrace.

So apparently if you have the Facebook app installed, Facebook has the COMPLETE CALL RECORDS of everyone you've talked to on your phone WITH THEIR NAME.

For over a year.



RT Download your Facebook account .zip off their site, unzip it, then go to the HTML folder, open the contact_info.htm file. See records of who you've talked to on your cell—not with the app, just on your regular cellphone—and for how long.

One can only hope.


RT This time, Facebook really might be fucked

The single greatest thing that pisses me off about Android is when apps ADVERTISE using the App notification feature. Please fix this

Hey;; -

Let me know when any of you decide to come out with a plan that lets me pay only for the channels I want to watch (no "bundles") and you'll have my business. Until then, there are other means...

Elon Musk deletes own, SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages after

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If the Russians did hack the "US Power Grid" I'm *pretty sure* I would have heard about it, and I'm also *pretty sure* it would be the only thing my office would be talking about right now. Instead, we're talking about traffic and the weather.

Just received my Surface Dock for my Surface Pro. You know, for as much money as Microsoft charges for the Surface tablets, they should include the Surface Dock. It's a much better power adapter #1, and #2 ... well, there is no #2.

RT THIS is the Google Docs alternative you've been looking for—no ads or user tracking, 100% open source, and end-to-end encrypted. 😍

Fuck yeah!
RT The word I think you’re looking for,, isn’t F*CK but FUCK.

I bet kinda wishes they had a and process right about now.