I haven't played a new Castlevania game in a few years now.

*looks it up*

Oh jeez, the last one I payed was Order of Ecclesia. Ten years ago. About time for that series to be reincarnated, eh?

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Went for a night walk. The skunks are out in force. I startled this one by stepping on a crunchy leaf. "Hello, skunk," I said in my most soothing voice. "It's all right, skunk." It went back to snuffling around in the grass.

#parkdale #smallstories

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this is just to say
i have looked upon
your vast and trunkless legs of stone

which you were probably
for ye mighty
to despair

forgive me
their decay was colossal
so boundless
and so bare

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food $200
bulwarks against the ravages of time, made manifest by the desert sand encroaching on my works and empire $150
plinth durability research $6000
utility $150

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. nothing beside remains

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I'm honored to have been invited to speak at this year's Ancient Land Monument Symposium about my lab's latest research in inscribed plinth durability. *advances slide* Look on this pedestal, ye mighty colleagues, and despair!

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"Ozymandias" is often read as a warning on the hubris of desiring immortality but it should be read as being about how good Ozy's workers were at making durable pedestals

Yes, finally tracked down some katsuobushi and a plane! (Sanko on Queen West. Of course. I should have started there.)


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Monday marks a quarter century of classless routing, or CIDR.

25 years since Class A, B, and C addresses were the standard.

On #CIDRDay, saying "class C address" outside a historic/ironic context is a request for enthusiastic wedgies.

Otherwise: cider!

How will you celebrate? #sysadmin #netadmin

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I left my desk for FIVE MINUTES

My coworkers are abominable. ❤️

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using a twitter cross-poster and posting a bunch of stuff that people here usually put behind a CW out of courtesy is kinda the masto equivalent of having a loud public phone conversation in a cafe, please put a tiny bit more effort into your presence here.

Turns out that one full play-through* (spoilers) of The Legend of Zelda on the Switch NES emulator consumes about 2/3 of a battery charge. Show more

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Is there an open standard for sharing book highlights like Amazon’s proprietary Kindle highlight-sharing system?

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I like this idea for every city.
I think all the @toronto mayoral candidates should have to perform a commuter challenge. One week by bike (on Shaw), one by wheelchair, one by transit and one with a stroller. Then I’d like to compare their plans to fix navigating the city.

#bikeTO #a11y

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