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Recurring offer reminder: I'll help / mentor / teach / tutor / troubleshoot with anyone who wants to learn git for basic version control, collaboration, managing personal projects, or for a day job. I'll work to connect people with mentors other than me if they prefer - no need to explain why.

Same for bash, command line tools, and so on.

I want using & contributing to FS/OSS to be easier for way more people.

Boosts appreciated!!

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A customer is recharging his wheelchair in my shop because the medical place down the street wouldn't let him. He offered to pay for the electricity, but I figure it's no different than customers charging their phones or laptops or plugging in their sewing machines, which was very common back when I had in store seating (the sewing machine thing less so since the fabric store across the street turned into a beauty salon, but I used to have people doing their homework for classes last minute).

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🚨🚨🚨 ALERT! ALERT! 🚨🚨🚨
New word does not mean what you think it means: important update from an actually-Scottish person.

*** It seems that there's a word going round this gig economy to describe a pastime that's become a paid gig. By using it you will be pointed at and laughed at by Scottish people forever.

The word is a portmanteau of job and hobby: *jobby*.

Unfortunately, that's a Glasgow expression for a large turd. Don't use it. Thank you.

~~~ alert ends ~~~

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Which DOS error code are you today? I'm a bit 'Too many commands' and always a little 'Not ready'

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New user PSAs 

3) Choose an instance that fits you, and don't worry about moving if you learn that your current one doesn't. The tone of your home instance will make a big difference to your experience, and there's wide variation in moderation policies. We run the gamut from those (like this one) which are quick to take action on bad behaviour and block other instances that don't, to those that do no moderation at all. Finding the right place on that spectrum will give you a better experience.

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New user PSAs 

2) If you think you might want to follow or DM someone, take a moment to read their bio and pinned posts first. Some people have specific requests, e.g. "DM before follow" or "no DMs from strangers". Reading and respecting those will help you not alienate people you want to talk to.

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New user PSAs 

Some quick things that won't be obvious if you're moving here from any of the monolithic social networks:

1) I strongly recommend starting out with a locked account. Locking just means that you have to approve new followers. You can still make public posts, but it means you get to control who sees your private ones. If you later decide that this is too much hassle, you can always unlock. But if you start unlocked it's a pain to go through and curate your followers later. (1/2)


Brown Derby

- 1.5oz bourbon
- 1oz grapefruit juice
- 0.5oz honey syrup (1:1 honey / hot water; stir until fully dissolved; jar & chill)

1. Shake hard with ice for ~30s
2. Gate pour into chilled coupe
3. Express grapefruit oils over surface, wipe down rim and stem
4. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit peel, optionally a drop or two of angostura bitters if you have them in an eyedropper

Refreshing, very nice. Would work better with bitter white grapefruit, not sweet red.

cc: @nex3

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@pamela In light of the recent appeal of the Mandalorian, I heard someone pun about a time-traveling car made of custardy dessert: The Flan Delorean. I figured that if every there was anybody else who would appreciate the groaner, it would be you.

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accessibility, tech 

Is there a way to save images and its image description in a way it would appear automatically when you upload pictures somewhere?

I know you can add "comments" in jpeg, but's not really that. And I have had the annoyance that if I export it in GIMP and for some reason have to re-export it, it says "Binary comment" instead of what I previously added there [at least for my pictuers coming from my DSLR]

#accessibility #a11y

It appears that our household has a need for a C stand


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If you want to _quickly_ convert from an hourly wage to how much you'd earn a year doing 40 hours a week, just double the $/hour and that is how many thousand a year you'd earn.

Because 40*50=2000.

So $15/hr = $30k/year


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This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own

This unrepentant goober waited until I stood up to grab a glass of water, then immediately bounded onto the couch and stole my seat, and pretended she had been sleeping there for hours.

She was so pleased with herself that I could hear her purring before I even got back into the room. She refused to make eye contact.

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I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does #Mosstodon sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

#Moss #Photography

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ProTip: Remember to check your URLs for "utm_*" parameters

E.G. If I see:
"?" at the end of the URL you shared, I know you got it from Reddit

Or "utm_campaign=newsletter0120" tells me you probably copied it from an email sent in January of last year

These are never needed to actually reach the page you're sharing. They're just for analytics (UTM tracking modules) and will reveal where you get your information (to us and the site), which may cause privacy issues

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This is going reasonably well, given the sophistication of my tools. Those being a popcorn maker I bought at a garage sale for two bucks twelve years ago and a kebab skewer.

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tar tip [150GB later....]: If you want to exclude stuff, you have to put the --exclude **before** the directory you're backing up.

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sea shanties becoming heavily popular 10 months into a pandemic where we are all stuck inside and worried as fuck and things are dangerous and we all wanna engage in cathartic group activities meant to pass the time til u get to ur land loves once more is very much exactly on brand for sea shantiea

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