Weeeeell, I lost my recovery keys for this account. If I log out of this app, that’s it. I’m an idiot for not making backups.

Some older, inactive Mastodon accounts are being turned into spam accounts.

Every account I've checked has been in the haveibeenpwned.com database, i.e. the spammers are using breaches from other websites and randomly trying e-mail/password combinations to get access to those accounts, insert spam links in the bio and start following people.

An exceptionally simple defence against this happening to you is using two-factor authentication. Check your account settings to see how to enable it.

College football has finally started, and I am happy.

“People are people through other people.”

        — African Proverb


But wait, there’s even more. shouldn’t be prescribed, in my opinion, especially for long periods of time. I should know.

“Withdrawal symptoms... may last for years.”

This stuff is poison.

WHY YOU NEED TO STOP USING GOOGLE | How Google monopoly threatens everything

#don'tbeevil #news #freespeech


me: “I’m gonna work on this app”
also me: <writes 14 lines of code, quits, watches Rick & Morty>

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Admins will be able to set announcements that are displayed first.

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