I'm not the best at what I do, but what I do isn't very distinctive

I'm beginning to think we won't solve all the problems before I am old.

Walked past a car with license plate: BRO-UMAD

4chan was a mistake.

To go into a cafe without a laptop is an easy way to feel naked

Tfw you are halfway through writing a goodbye message & realize you have erred but it's in ink.

@going_to_maine these are, of course, problems that I want to have to wrangle with. See also: the pain of losing privilege.

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The singular difficulty of being in a workplace that has good gender parity after existing in a bunch of workplaces without it is that virtual commitment to gender equality bumps up with the risk of being a creep. See also: workplaces with racial parity.

Got to comment on that thread before it closes. Suspect it's too late.

I am now officially a staff writer with Autostraddle :D

The rare experience of giving a copy of portal to someone who has never played it

One of the strangest things about Hamilton is the assumption that Hamilton's lack of satisfaction makes him exceptional. But it seems to me that most people are dissatisfied and want more.

Shocking news about an ad in a Mastodon client 

I was using a Mastodon client on an iPad and suddenly between two toots, an ad appeared 🤔😱

I should go to pride because I'm in a major city. But this armchair is comfortable and transit costs money

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That's why I toot on company time.

It was when I decided that speaking clearly was a virtue that I became truly bad at communicating.

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