@puellavulnerata @maradydd saw your mentions a while back of a 'neo-Usenet' concept you'd batted around. I'm haunted by similar ideas, mostly to obsolete Twitter – though a suitably generative system could replace Reddit et al as well. Would love to compare notes, at any level of roughness, if ever interested...

MATRIX (2017): Set in a world like ours, one where everyone has seen THE MATRIX (1999), except that afterwards everyone became viscerally aware that film was true—all of humanity is living in a simulation.

More a documentary than an action movie, MATRIX captures the effect of this revelation on society. There are three kinds of people: those who didn't care; those who wanted to escape to reality; and those who fell into catatonia.

Spoons are an object of ridicule and dissent. They are banned.

I am not an account number! I am a free instance!

petnames + crypto
domain-hierarchies & n² trust-borders

federationalism, a nationalism of the noosphere?


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