@gordon There exists a HTML to markdown converter: github.com/domchristie/to-mark

Were you looking for something like this?

I would like a tool that converts web pages to markdown. I am going to build it.

results of asking my divination students to write a javascript/p5js function that generates random numbers (without using built-ins like random() or Math.random()) mastodon.social/media/mUrd6N7K top one is Math.random() for reference. (a few students cheated and used the noise() function in p5js :smirk:)

I like how when I click a link in Mastodon it opens immediately instead of taking me on a world tour of 5 different redirect servers on 3 different continents


1x LOT SUBSCRIPTION lot2046.com/


I've written 'toot', a very simple command-line utility to allow Mastodon posts to be sent from the command-line: npmjs.com/package/toot

i made a tiny thing for curling the API: github.com/decklin/tusk

the cli ux is very preliminary, suggestions welcome

ppl may be interested? all my twitter bots use basically this level of wrapping, not a high-level-language lib.

(inspired by @tinysubversions' web page tool... thanks!)

We've got a second shot at making Twitter a shared piece of social infrastructure... An API for news and bots and emergency response systems and messaging and anything else we might dream up.

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Alex Payne, (engineer who helped scale Twitter), way back in 2010: "Decentralization isn’t just a better architecture, it’s an architecture that resists censorship and the corrupting influences of capital and marketing.

"At the very least, decentralization would make tweeting as fundamental and irrevocable a part of the Internet as email. Now that would be a triumph of humanity."


For kicks I booted an instance of mastodon for running bots. It's at botsin.space/

I made a bot too. I wanted to make something that broke past Twitter's character limit, so I made a bot version of Strachey's LOVELETTERS botsin.space/@loveletter

@gordon nice! might also check out botsin.space, looks like there are a couple bots there

Registered generative.design. Tempted to stand up a Mastodon instance just for art bots / generative bots. WDYT?

@Syluban @Gargron Yes, that's what makes this extra interesting. You could have an intranet/Slack style instance for the company or project but be able to follow external people as well and post to the outside world. Sort of a federated Facebook Groups?

@Gargron Just to get my head around this federated stuff. Could an instance be started around a common hobby, country, interest, company etc? And can you choose to leave it open to read so users are findable and you can remote follow them? Or are they private by default?

Encouraging distinct neighborhoods could also help overcome network effect. If you can spin up a neighborhood for your group/subculture/friends, you bring the network with you.

@bcrypt brought, like, the whole infosec world with her to Mastodon yesterday.

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Support moderated signups: e.g. "this neighborhood is for my university/team/company".

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Ways to provoke distinct Mastodon neighborhoods: allow easy customization of app colors, signup page. Repaint the walls = the home is yours.

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Distinct Mastodon Neighborhoods also encourage federation.

E.g. "this is the neighborhood where we talk about art. This is the neighborhood where we talk about infosec."

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