So, Mrs G was watching the NHK morning news. I got up and she asked, "What is going on in the US?" and I really had no idea what could have gone wrong now.

Turns out I just had to explain the Electoral College before I'd had any coffee.

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Now serving: Flat, medium-thick noodles in mild Kobe beef bone broth with barbecued pork. Served with cucumber salad.

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I used Pincelate (a machine learning model of phonetics and spelling I've been working on) to name the deadly sins in between the other deadly sins


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oh, everyone remember to order in some rum, it's the 50th anniversary of black tot day next week

(the Royal Navy issued all sailors a daily rum ration up until the 31st of July 1970, the rum ration was called a "tot", and the day of the final rum ration was called "Black Tot Day")

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Would you like to attend a presentation at #SummerSchool?

Sign up on the form below!

We will email you the day before to remind you of the panel that you signed up for, along with the link.

Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

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Snack time. Instaramen with a small can of tuna, a bit of the ramen packet soup, and fresh sansho leaves.

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*Cranberries "Zombie" voice* baking breaaaaad, baking breaeaead, baguette, baguette, baguette, ette, ette

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Gave myself a little gift and deleted my FaceBork account.

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irregular notice that the Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan are very different.

Satanic Temple are the ones using weaponized first amendment protections to promote anti-conservative political goals.

Church of Satan is stodgy and libertarian and generally gross.

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THis looks good. "Tomita will be showing new works at Maho Kubota Gallery in Tokyo from Oct 18 – Nov 22, 2019. This exhibition, simply titled Tokyo, will also include several landscape paintings similarly rendered with meticulous care using thick slabs of oil paint."

E and I have a couple of his smaller paintings and we love them.

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There's a good question for the #fediverse:

What, if anything at all, is still being made at heirloom-worthy quality yet targets affordability for "middle class" families?

What could you purchase today anticipating handing it down to future generations (and having them not thinking the acquisition sucks)?

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"Austerity is the idea that the global financial crash of 2008 was caused by there being too many libraries in Wolverhampton."
Alexei Sayle

#politics #austerity

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The nice thing about burning brush is that you pretty much have to sit on your ass contemplatively for a while, but it totally counts as meaningful yard work. Plus you get to poke a fire with a stick. 🔥

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