I'll be migrating to my new home at graffen@infosec.exchange in a short while. Stand by for mass-follow from there and then I'll be deleting this account.

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We believe the European Commission should be leading the charge to regain control over their citizens' data. Read our opinion piece on joinup-eu: joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/regai

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#LimeSurvey is a free open alternative to Google Forms.

They've just joined the Fediverse, you can follow them here:


You can find out more about LimeSurvey on their official website:


It's free of charge for people who want to self-host it, and there's also a paid service for people who want managed hosting instead.

#GoogleForms #DeleteGoogle

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Hey developers & ActivityPub enthusiasts!

@GetTogetherComm is a free open alternative to MeetUp.com.

The lead developer needs help with implementing federation, either coding or better documentation about ActivityPub.

There's an open issue for it here:


There's been discussion but no code contributions yet.

Can you help?

(It would be *so* cool to get this kind of service federated, imagine every town having its own instance :blobaww: )

#ActivityPub #FLOSS #FOSS

Finally found the time to get my recently acquired AS no. and IPv6 prefix online. So welcome to the internet, AS209616 😁

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OnionShare 2 adds anonymous dropboxes, supports new Tor addresses, and is translated into a dozen new languages micahflee.com/2019/02/onionsha

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! As active members of the open-source community, ProtonMail supports open source projects like Mastodon. Mastodon’s decentralized nature reminds us of the days when the Internet was free and not under the control of a few monopolist giants. Our followers can look forward to toots about service updates, new projects, and news on privacy.

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! The Swiss no-log VPN has officially joined the open source, federated social media network. As an organization focused on giving people greater control of their data, we wanted to join a social media network that respects this. We’ll be sharing toots about service updates, new VPN projects, and news on privacy.

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Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!


Nice to see that Github now allows unlimited private repos for free.
Even better if you ditch centralized services and either self-host or team up with your local hackerspace or friends to run e.g. a gitea server or the like.

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Just testing out this Nextcloud Social thing :)
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does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose 

I can't get my @nextcloud Social app to work. It keeps saying that .well-known/webfinger isn't configured correctly even though I can hit the endpoint from my browser with no issues. I'm running my NextCloud instances in Docker behind a reverse proxy so I'm guessing it's some server-side check that fails because of that.

Hvornår mon der kommer et opgør i homomiljøet omkring rygning? Det kræver selvfølgelig at alle de populære steder står sammen om det og tør tage skridtet, men det ville muligvis betyde at sådan nogle som mig begyndte at lægge mine penge der igen 🙄

Jeg var ude med nogle venner i går og endte med at besøge flere af byens homosteder. Vi måtte droppe at gå ind på de fleste af dem fordi der simpelthen var for tilrøget. Så vi endte på Oscar som dog er ikke-ryger men til gengæld spillede vildt høj musik så det nærmest var umuligt at føre en samtale alle fem af os samtidigt. Nu kan jeg i hvert fald huske hvorfor jeg foretrækker en god flaske rødvin derhjemme

@nextcloud I'm trying to get the Social app to work but I keep seeing ".well-known/webfinger isn't properly set up!". I'm running my NextCloud in Docker if that makes any difference. I can access domain.com/.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:account@domain.com with no issues in the browser. Any ideas what I should look for?

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