Suddenly finding yourself working from home? Pressured to buy into a bunch of new Cloud services that "everybody else seems to be using"? Most of the hype is just that. We've been working from home for years, and our entire tool chain is open source software: You, too, can maintain your personal & organisational autonomy and avoid being sucked into future proprietary cloud lock-in (which is what the hype merchants are hoping you'll succumb to).

Hey @sleslie - you still giving this space a look now & again? See your Twitter handle is gone - want to be sure I know how to best keep in touch.

""The nature of friendships, our ability to find and hold somebody around the world in some type of cognitive or emotional embrace, to really connect with people. We take all of that for granted."

“What you say about his company is what you say about society.”

BC government is looking for feedback from the public on a new draft set of principles for digital change in the Government of BC. Nice to see open licenses included in the principles

"Socializing the land, not the suspect technological wizardry promised by ecomodernism, is the key to solving our problems."

"As the internet moved toward homogeneity and passivity, once-vibrant art communities became casualties in social media’s rapid, obliterative rise."

"What might the work we do in our classes look like if educating for community were our primary goal? What might our research look like if we really valued connection over and above personal accomplishment? Among other things, we might find that our work, and the work of our students, becomes more collaborative, more open and more publicly engaged." .. ‘Are we in hell?’ everyone was asking. Not hell, but some fluorescent room with eternally out-of-date magazines where they waited to enter the memory of history.

"We are the image. We are the viewer and the viewed. ... in the absence of a clear understanding that we are now the only source, these images cannot help but return to the expression of magic and fear proper to idolatrous societies. This in turn facilitates the use of the electronic image as propaganda by whoever can control some part of it."

John Ralston Saul ~ Voltaire’s Bastards

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