use a time machine to visit Dresden where I will build a cell tower, give everyone a nokia phone, explain what the green button does (in German!), fly back to the U.S., and then phone bank them all to say “Hey! Get out of Dresden!” (in German!) the day before the allied bombing

fourteenth wedding anniversary, twenty-fifth year together uwu

every morning I convert scrambled eggs to muscle by doing one thing and every evening I convert IPAs to belly doing another thing, in dialectical terms, this is what we call “a contradiction”, *sniff*

there is a specific plot of children’s books that is all about how the parent will be there for the kid over the next forty years of their life and then die and i could absolutely do without it

one cut flower (long stem) got enough water, the other (short stem) did not, same size vase.

one misspelling in every post, that’s the gravely garuntee

in which Roland Barthes has bad opinions about The Brittish Bake Off’s Showstopper round, what a low down bummer

incredible duck-rabbit phrasing here

who is “someone”
who is “they”
whose “hard-earned” money?

if every example use is a return to capital, how are any “stimulus”


tfw the invisible hand isn’t simply your own hand, made invisible to others (simpletons, rubes, the undeserving, etc) by your innate confidence and cunning, like it was in every previous situation

lemon-line emotive forces shape the gestalt of the brand identity

ah, people sure do seem to be talking about things lately

luckily, being a thinker, i can simply wade into this discussion with a dictionary, my rationality, and a few handy first principles

other people’s priors and theories are simply bias, ideology, things of that nature

finished left wing communism over the weekend, lotta fourth wall stuff outta Lenin in this one, by which I mean he could have added “and that goes for you, in the present, now, too. jerk.” to a few bits

I give it four stars, it could have been shorter!

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