songs the cramps taught us collections a huge huge hit with the two year old—mostly the yelling but all that old stuff has also has a beat you can dance to

since when do puzzles accept upside down pieces? it is too early to confront this face

making my two year old pull permits for all the digs he does with his toy construction equipment for posting clout

[anyone posts cabling photos]

now check out what the lowest priced bid looks like! some of these didn’t work and the paper on the wall wasn’t useful so we had to tone every run on the floor to number it all

these dweebs at think it’s not about the digital realm


Ravi Shankar

Philip Glass

Wyld Stallyns

i will never be ready to give grammarly a try and I will never visit grammarly dot com

everloving wife took our two year old down to san diego for the weekend so i got to pick this pre-dad joy up for what feels like the first time in two years.

dee lish but the dad stuff is honestly better. maybe with a proper amp and a band it’d be a fair fight

i’ll never forget the day that they added :stoat: to the forums

made my fav spaghett recipe and now it’s steamy as heck in my apartment but I can’t open a window so I’m spinning the fork and sweating through it and posting

they say, in california, that the god damned boomers have finally managed to paint even the sky “beige”

almost done Bullshit Jobs, the second two thirds is way better than a GBS thread

anyway this little section opener i’d never read before is a fun little ditty in a pagliacci way

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figured i’d catch up on this (r i p), having enjoyed the bullshit jobs essay when it was published, book kinda reads like GBS thread, which is fine

where was when yahoo! acquired tumblr

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