there’s a red house over yonder
that’s where my baby plays

libs are gonna be intolerable for like three hours. then? back to explaining to everyone why a better world isn’t possible, on account of the complications

“YMCA by the Village people then blared from the speakers as the first family boarded Air Force One. Wheels up was at 9am.”

I love a good wedding reception. guess i’ll just keep seeing these damned honeybears everywhere and not thinking “well at least we struck back” even


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an adbusters style take consisting of a single illustrated bottle that doesn’t wear a disguise or boss you around confined to a single installation like the waldo you can see from the SFMOMA that somehow doesn’t violate poe’s law is probably impossible isn’t it

weirdo, rando, and friendo are all based on the same root word

also, 20 years ago when i had mcjob, one didn’t simply flip burgers, the clamshell grill mechanized that work already, just put them on and take them off, flips were mistakes and inefficient

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real gamers know that “unskilled” intentionally obscures skill ceilings and floors to tilt the dps. pretending like all work has the same skill floor is not gonna win any arguments, the point is you’re on the same team and the jerk who invented “unskilled” is on the enemy team

the minimum wage should be so high, and so free of phoney exceptions, and so well enforced, that worker demands for a minimum antiwage (payment for not working) hits equilibrium and becomes the demand (incoherent, i just liked the idea of antiwage)

quick, eat yer winter leftovers outta the freezer, or save it for next year

rigatoni boscaiola

every picture of 70s and 80s offices with open staircases to a mezzanine above (not even necessarily escalators), i’m like “oh that’s The Mezzanine”

the following day I got mail from the “neighborhood” anxiety list thing that it joins you do, which was a “hey this guy tried to break into our place, does anyone recognize him?” creep shot of someone and learned I had to unsubscribe from that mess separately

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our new apartment place has a ring camera and motion light, so I got the landlord to transfer it to me, I installed the iOS app and put it on my wifi, then I turned off every single feature (even the light), pointed it at the wall, and changed my wifi password


wearing houndstooth shirts that moire in video chats is the new old scrolling Mac OS 4 pixel checkerboard tile on higher resolution displays dumb side distraction during this difficult time

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