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hi. i’m crylo. i’m a blender of a person. not only am i mixed in race, (african-american [i use AAVE] and caucasian) i’m mixed in the braaaain

im autistic, i got adhd, i got ocd, i got depression, i got anxiety.

my entire viewpoint (demsoc if you were wondering) and personality has been shaped by the internet, which is a blessing and a curse. if i ever say something that makes you feel bad, don’t be afraid to tell me - i’m still learning.

if this is your first time here, strap in for a ride.

mom is hurt. a keto YouTuber went vegan, and then went anti mask, and then went anti vaxx, and is now "pro freedom" all in the same month

very funny you can't join the fbi if you owe child support. who would they even recruit

For the musicians, Nils’ Kawai K1V is a free super accurate emulation of the Kawai K1 from 1988.

Despite it being that old and it being a ROMpler, it still sounds great, has over 900 single + 300 multi presets and the VST file clocks in at under 6 MB!

Did I mention it works on Windows, Mac, AND Linux natively?

I love this. Definitely
my new sauce. Kudos to this dude.

@greenprocyon this toot is partially based off a real experience where I ordered a hyperx dart and then 2 day later lose the dongle to my shitty wireless mouse

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tired: losing your wireless mouse dongle and realizing you need it so you search for it
wired: losing your wireless mouse dongle and realizing you have a spare wired mouse so you use that instead
admired: losing your wireless mouse dongle and realizing the mouse was a piece of crap anyways so you order a new one off amazon

fake woke mfs get one paycheck and become the patriarchy

Mozilla: "How can we improve Firefox? Perhaps add frequently requested features? Or maybe we can squash some old bugs? What about improving load time and browser response?"

Mozilla: "Nah. Nobody wants that." *removes tabs and view image*


me (libertarian): the free market says you don't get to have a place to live

me (authoritarian): rent control baybeee

@greenprocyon “he got his body blown up in a war”

“he got his body blown up in a war”

“sir I think you need to leave now”

“sir you think I need to leave now”

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the virgin Atlantic Ocean and the chad Pacific Ocean

what do you mean going to bed at 13:37 isn't just an early night?

Oregon fucking sucks cuz one minute it’s a clear sky the next it’s pouring

just facetimed and got my number leaked by vic mensa how is your day today

best thing about mastodon is that nobody has said i look like the grinch

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