It is interesting to imagine satan secretly becoming pope and changing the day of the sabbath without telling anyone. What a good prank

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This quora question about christianity reminds me of a quora question about lord of the rings in that they both obsess over details that sound nonsensical to casual observers and ultimately don't matter

What TVs need in addition to a mute button is a half mute button.

Me, to our dog: Buffalo, desire leads to suffering
Her: That's fucked up, don't tell our dog that

For me the appeal for Tiny Desk concerts is amplified by all the good memories I have of playing music with friends in an acoustically similar setting. To the point that I actually thought it was recorded in Boston (where our band hung around for a time) for no good reason until I looked it up just now. In DC apparently.

I like when there are u-haul trucks selling Valentine's day stuff at the gas station. It does capture that "oh shit it's Valentine's day I have to get something, anything" vibe

I took this picture of a car jacked up from some kind of neighborhood accident on Dec 27th, and I saw today it's still there, like a month later. Trying to decide if a drunk driver fled the country or it belongs to a neighbor who can't afford/be bothered to fix it.

Watching the inauguration, pumped overall. One complaint - on occasions like this I think performances of the national anthem or this land is your land should be opportunities for everyone to sing together, so better not to put such a spin on it that people can't sing along

Just got another good used book on biblio. Last one was $1 plus $3 shipping. This one $4 plus $3 shipping.

What about something like the creative commons or MIT license but only free to use for democratically controlled entities like cooperatives? So much of what we do wouldn't be possible without open source software but a lot of the profit coming from it goes to undemocratic businesses.

Youtube auto-played this "rockin new years eve" song and JLo has been put in face jail

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