One of the greatest crimes a fast food place can commit against me (and I think we can all agree this is important in the grand scheme of things) is give me diet coke instead of coke

Today I was outside when a door to door salesman in his twenties rode up on one of those hoverboards with the knee steering thing and asked if I was "King of the castle"

Now that everyone has flashlights on their phone, houses don't really need lights anymore

I took a bad picture, but this mural in Lancaster PA is captioned "Under the skin / we are all bones", and depicts a raucous skeleton band performing in front of a skeleton crowd

To be clear, this was not a mask he had just dropped or something

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Just watched a guy pick a face mask up off the sidewalk and without hesitation put it on his face

Dreamt I was getting a tour of a mid century motel - the center court was a 24 hour gas station with basketball hoops above the pumps. Patrons had to make a basket before it would start pumping

Tiki bar by the river. Stone landscaping, market lights, grill your own meat. Building is a former strip club. Very glad to be living outside the city!

Sad to report that the sidewalk on this bridge going out of downtown Fort Worth just goes underneath the road and forces you to walk back the way you came. Despite literally passing over a pedestrian trail that goes along the river. Once I was able to get onto the trinity trail system it was nice though

Chimney was even more screwed up than I thought. Only re-pointed the top row of one face because it was so crumbly and I wanted to firm it up before I ground any other mortar away. Back at it tomorrow.

Turning the pedals but the wheels don't move. Pressing the button but it's not connected to anything.

Me, to our dog: Buffalo, desire leads to suffering
Her: That's fucked up, don't tell our dog that

They also had a "behind the song" feature and the guy was like "this song is about that moment in worship where you're feeling the holy spirit"

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In a Lyft and they're listening to a Christian radio station. Interstitial echo-y dj voice: "Feel better... every time you worship!"

Dreamt I was invited to make a guest appearance in a viral Broadway show. It was created by a youtube basketball coach and involved four people, including the coach, on stage slowly rotating and taking shots while he gave a two hour monologue

I know when that hotline bling
Glory to the newborn king

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